February 20, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 19 (2018)

Observing the Frontier 2018 | Ben Davidson: State of the Sun/State of the Observers

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  • kiwishane

    Awesome Ben & Kat. Thank you for making this available for Members.

  • Billy Rogers

    Our way forward in the fundamental working/s ,if the latter is even a word is plain old inertia, that is where we will find the roots of how everything is functioning “S0” 2018

  • drewbrophy

    Thank You for posting the videos of the conference, we could not make it this year, I look forward to checking it all out.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you, always enjoy the deeper looks, but especially enjoy the deeper looks that spawn from S0 conference. ๐Ÿ™‚ Onward to the next one and I am grateful for the upload!

  • John Mallary

    I love this stuff. I really do!

    The last seven-ish years have been so free of stress and uncertainty, precisely because of the message and revelations put forth by the 0bservers and those responsible for all the S0 content in all the websites and YT vids.

    There’s a universe of chaos and confusion surrounding us all. Thousands of dogs in the fight for hundreds of nefarious agendas, for funding, etc. All pushing and pulling at us, like those reversing solar polar magnetic fields do on earth.

    But there’s another parallel universe where the only agenda is understanding. Where egos, agendas and disingenuous purveyors of fearporn are not welcome. Where the goal is to pull back the curtain and rise above the chaos, thru the serene powers of knowing, learning and evolving. Where no longer depending upon others to inform, turns chaos into rationality.

    I’m no scientist but I’ve learned enough to listen to one and read their work, and consider not only what they say but what they see. To not only assess and consider and conclude for myself but how to gage grandiose and sometimes scary claims, based on classical, fundamental, understanding.

    AND I’ve a place and people, where experience has shown me, all value these qualities as much as I, if not more. I enjoy knowing this stuff and using it in conversations. Being able to calmly raise an eyebrow on someone hitherto completely unaware.

    Through fundamental understanding, a black hole can be a portal to that parallel universe. The campfire Sun, the disconnected and isolated blue bubble we live on. Coยฒ warming, the big quakes of random settling, hot ocean water caused hurricanes.
    All these have complex and convoluted explanations in the funded mainstream consensus science which, we are exclusively presented with from childhood, by schools and the media. All possessing of a tipping point, where too much math and too many syllables, render clear understanding beyond the capability of us mere mortals. It can be intimidating to question anything, when told by a lab coat and shiny PhD.

    We are not constrained by ignorance and intimidation. We are not accepting of explanations beyond our understanding. If something matters, we apply our lessons and find out for ourselves, directly from the source if possible. So when faced down with parroted fearporn, there’s no Deer-In-The-Headlights reaction. Usually a balanced process of considering both how that could be possible, and why it may not.

    That’s a far far cry from where I was in 2010. From Alex Jones and the CNN-FOX network. It’s kinda like Neo, flushed from his pod and into the real world. Scary at first but once you get used to the same old goop every day? You’ll discover that it holds far more nutrition than an imaginary filet mignon steak in the matrix.

    Yup. What’s coming through the future at us is real and serious, and with potentially serious and for some, dire consequences. For this 0bserver, being able to discern what the future could actually hold, as opposed to what Alex Jones or NOAA tells us it does?

    • Kinkajoo73

      Hi John
      Might want to check back on fox and Alex. Their message has changed somewhat. Now we’re watching Fox expose the corruption on a daily basis. It’s not just the 0bservers’ community that’s waking up, finally ๐Ÿ™‚
      I truly believe that the people will actually dismantle the self-interest biased impositions on freedom of thought this time around. Remember the whole solar system moved into Aquarius back in 2012. New energy state. Have you not noticed how previous sheeple are now willing to listen?
      Help keep hope alive and smile people

    • Happystrings

      What John said. Perfectly put. Thank you. And Thank you S0 peoples.

  • Billy Rogers

    I would Believe that in the samethat fields from the sun that block energetic Galactic rays from busting in toward our solarsystem are/is the same field that protects the earth most of the time from CMEs hurling loose from the Sun toward Earth

  • Kinkajoo73

    Thank you Ben & Kat.
    Great presentation and a fantastic conference. I learn every day with the S0 community. As the interesting Freshtastical said in his YT vids: This is the time to be alive. When our thoughts, hopes, and dreams can reach so many people, so quickly. This is the real beginning of the global community Not the global state.
    Proud to be an 0bserver ๐Ÿ˜€

  • doug

    Ben and Kat, all- observing the annals of human interaction, Iโ€™m appreciative your recognition that the head speaking is connected/same as the heart that powers itโ€™s voice. While many here slave to the economics of the system we have not forsaken the beauty of the view celestial. Our thanks for running with the flag, held high! ????

  • Stareyedskeptic

    Is there an RSS feed for the audio of these lectures? I am usually moving around and can listen but don’t like to sit and watch content… I’d love to follow FOTW and the OTF material by podcast!

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