February 21, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 20 (2018)

Observing the Frontier 2018 | Eugene Bagashov: Atmospheric Structures in the GEC

Eugene’s 2017 Presentation:

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  • Caroline5765

    Eugene… you rock! I could listen all day. So full of information… thank you!

  • Rob Mattedi

    Very well-done talk. Thanks for covering your definitions and keeping it all tied together. I expect your hypothesis will get more attention and others will follow your investigation with papers of their own in the near future.

  • Deriv

    Interesting talk, reminds me of a deeper look put out last year I believe about the South Atlantic Anomaly moving NW from it’s current position. I already think that the west Atlantic get’s less hurricanes compared to the west Pacific with their typhoons. Feel like this will become more pronounced as our poles continue to migrate and the SAA moves NW. Bad news for the Philippines and surrounding areas, good news for the Caribbean, SE and eastern US. Could also be why that side of the ring of fire seems to get lit up more frequently. If none of this is worth mentioning, I am at least grateful for a better understanding of jet stream oscillations and atmospheric structures. Thanks Eugene!

  • kadam303

    Thanks ! Fun and informative 😉

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