February 13, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 18 (2018)

Cosmic Rays – Cognition

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  • Caroline5765

    Thanks Ben. At our fire/EMS station we cringe when the geomagnetic storms are in effect, and I also am beginning to believe that the number of drug overdoses, accident and domestic calls we get correlate as well, just hard to control for in research/comparison. I always appreciate these deeper looks. If only more scientist would join in on “deeper looks” into our Star and space weather effects on humans… thanks again. Enjoy the conference, I know it will be grand!

  • Gaia

    ‘Enjoy the conference’. Yes, I’m sure it will be fantastic. I wish I lived in the States. I would dearly LOVE to attend such an event!

  • erectusmaximus

    My father passed away Aug 2017 ..
    His cognitive functions dropped so fast he went from President of his HOA in early 2015 to full on dementia , loss of memory and died as a result . He was type 2 diabetic but he refused to let us test blood and just all so fast . I was looking at assisted living but even that was not going to work , he couldnt feed self by 2017 . In same time period I took over guardianship of my disabled younger sister. Life never gets easier it seems.

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