FOTW September 30, 2017

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  • Dave Posh

    On the last subject, we’ve (US, GB, Fr, etc) have been messing around with other countries for over 100 years.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. We are certainly living in an era of wonder and discovery… not to mention the air of potential. All through the earlier years of my life it all seemed so stable and predictable, here and now is so far from that I juxtapose everything that has to do with general survival, weather and space. Things seem to have gone from being able to comprehend a person about to clap to deciphering what was just a finger snap. Most people think that being prepared means being scared… I think they prefer to stay in the stable-predictable as opposed to the changes at our door. Thank you for the diverse topics once more. Make it a great week.

  • Ragnarok


    Is there no place I can go without having to listen to some political narrative?

    Come on guys…..

  • Wade F Hutson

    OUTSTANDING discussion! Thank you guys!

  • David Droescher

    If shuman resonance would be the spin rate of the core then the subduction zones would be the brushes in the dynamo

    If I am understanding correctly this large commit is returning from a scouting mission out in front of the stars direction of travel. Its vastly different state of charge could be an indicator of the charge that is awaiting in our not to distant future.

    How many years dose it take for the star to catch up to the outer limit of a comet’s orbit?

  • Ryan Harlow

    Gratitude for the flare away from us.

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