FOTW September 23, 2017

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Monsanto Mine Article
Carbon-Climate Bombshell
Sun and Cyclones
Biotech Risks
(Bonus Link – Existential Risk)

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  • KittyMac

    1) It’s not the earth quakes that concern me about fracking, it’s the displacement issue, in the form of chemical-laden saltwater, which has been seeping into water wells!

    2) The price of silver has been so low these last few years, that I doubt very seriously that the Idaho earthquake up-tick is due to silver mining.

    3) Thanks, guys…enjoyed!

  • Roger Kemper

    My comment is on the man made climate change debate.

    First of all I feel the government, elites and especially the left count on the man made climate change narrative is a huge revenue maker. The idea of taxing people for energy usage is a great way to take in money for then to spend any way they want. Mainly to redistribute money. Look at the Paris Climate Agreement. Much of the whole agreement was rich countries to give money to poor countries.

    Secondly, man made climate change narrative means we as humans can fix the problem. Now if it is a natural cause to climate change man won’t be able to fix the problem and knowing there is no hope would scare a lot of people.

  • Spylegion

    Roger; Hope should come from within, not from a false naritive imho.
    And from a idealistic point of view; wouldnt the Fact that we all as a mankind face the same issue be exactly that motivation to bring people more together, making ourselves again the most important instead of profit maximalisation?!
    Just My Hope.

  • Caroline5765

    I would never be able to guess even one of the upcoming topics in FOTW they are so diverse, nor would I be able to comment in an intelligent manner on any one subject because I never seem to be well educated/informed on any given subject discussed. However, I do enjoy the discussions, which often raise as many questions as they answer and do appreciate each one of you. Kind regards.

  • Lois Rasmussen

    Isn’t it interesting that the 23rd of September 2017 went by and again the Earth was not ended. I am fascinated to see the new “end of the world” predictions pop up. How dare they make people anxious like that.
    So love the fun you guys have and the thought provoking conversations that lead to some interesting research papers.
    Heh this year I am writing a science fiction novel including the premise of the electrical universe…no worm holes, black holes and dark matter at all. 😉

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