FOTW September 28, 2019

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    Dude, first time I see the fly on the wall. I think that’s amazing Bro.

    pura vida family, looking forward seeing you again

  • olduglycarl

    The division of society, the intrusions of “intersectionality” is Cultural Marxism being used by the Post Modernist.
    Simply, Useless creatures wanting to take over the power structure that, believe it or not, dumber than the dumbest
    that are in power now.
    Plus, no one can take over the present Kakistocracys of the world with our causing divisions between the populace.
    This goes beyond the wish for one world government. This is a push to disempower the average value producer/creator
    on the street to continue to work/support, for the worst and least qualified because they could not survive otherwise.

    A part of me wonders, if they know about the coming of the next catastrophe cycle and all this is a distraction that might
    last right up to these events, catching us all by surprise.

    How does one get an advantage over another?…having information that the other doesn’t?

  • epeeb1

    Back as I grew up and in my youth , every few years you came upon the ” End Of The World”! Strange thing though was it never did (?) Nixon never nuked Chinese Communists and Vietnam went on for years until it was over . The USSR took care of itself and went Broke ! These Days , We are faced with a new menace and it’s not Global Warming which is in the same class as Trying to Catch the Wind , some things Happen and that’s the way it is !
    The UN today is a very Socialist oriented Organization and The Socialism that is Being spread is cloaked in Global Warming…We are going to lose all rights that we now enjoy for self determination and Personal WEALTH , We will all become proletariat…

    • davidwebster

      Thanks Ben and panel for the fly on the wall. It helps us all understand our place in this world. I am leaving links to your channel, thunderbolts and relating channels websites as well. Your helping to bring the truth out about our world and the universe. We all appreciate you guys and where are the sweatshirts and other warm swag wear you had?

      We are moving to Colorado next month, my 2 sons and I were looking at hoodie sweatshirts and other winter clothes. If you still have them Ben please put them back up! Peace and harmony!


      You seem a bit confused stating everything you did. Everything is based on Energy E Frequencies F and Vibrations V! Everything is based on EFV all matter and life is all about ONLY spirituality and Consciousness.

      Separation is an individual thing, only the people who embrace politics, religion, economics, military and governments. Only those who choose to be separated from our creator are the lost people. You sir seem very lost if your pointing figures and not looking inside yourself for the answers.

      One day you and all humanity will wake up to what everything is about. I woke up 2016 March 20th and now understand the universe, spiritality and God, our place in this chaotic environment. Earth is a classroom, the real world is the plasma based spiritual world. Our bodies allow us to interact in this world. Spirit world we have no physicality whatsoever! lol

      We are here for one purpose, to gain our light bodies. We do this by finding out who and what we are. Why we are here and what our divine purpose is here on earth. The classroom lasts 60480 years, we are at the end of the classroom, it is commonly referred to as The Great Harvest of Souls.

      The cycle ended 2012 in case you wondered and I am for real. lol We are all spiritual entities having a human experience for one purpose. Too gain our light bodies by understanding who and what we are. We use many tools to do this, but one of the best tools is avoiding TV, magazines, unplug from the main stream and navigate life with like minded people. Spirituality does that if you actually research it. I am 64 years old March was my birthday, I receive information from a divine source often during meditation, sometimes while doing things in life.

      I suggest instead of trying to point out what is wrong with the world, to look inside and see what is going on with you only. You will NOT solve anything acting out like this my friend. Blessings to you, Love, peace and harmony always.

      • snooky12

        Rose coloured glasses, don’t believe everything your spiritual entities tell you, many have caused irreversible harm to others , believing they have the truth. If we weren’t meant to use our life experience, human intellect and animal instincts to inform our thoughts and actions, why come here?. We are meant to live as physical beings in the real world.

  • John Mallary

    Yeah, the craziness is crafted.
    Perhaps by those controlling the vast US subterranean infrastructure, are setting up identifying the irrational or unstable potential US citizen candidates for underground inhabitants, when the crust shifts.
    Either the mindless or the mindful, depending on desired criteria…
    Sheep or pragmatic freethinkers?
    Seems like sheep genetics, would be less valuable, if continuing a constitutional representative republic were the goal.
    Mouse pushing won’t be a profession, when the water recedes and the doors are unsealed. Farming, manufacturing, mining, physical labor.
    Which group would survive?
    The progressive, socialist, anarchist, blind following the blind?
    Or the rest?

  • Johnathan Jones

    well, while some want to study Global Warming , (the model of extremes and all the weather in between) by hanging out in Colorado, My old lady MoonBaby (Diane) and I are going to jump on a big boat out in San Juan Puerto Rico (The Rich Port) and see the Hurricane and recent Earthquakes our selves. It will be interesting to talk to people about the different theories of what is happening and what they think is most likely and probable. I like the water as a heat pump model myself. Sure it could freeze and reflect energy but to really get down and haul off heat from our surface, hot water vapor floats my boat! (see what I did there?) Any way Observers and CEO, would not the next conference after Denver be AWESOME on a boat? We could get group rates! And do it when the weather gets really cold! Be thinking of you all sibling Obsevers and will post on my Fb account and perhaps the Daily! We are gone till the 7th! Ciao!~

  • Johnathan Jones

    And of course comparing Prepper notes in a true working model will be interesting. You know Solar panels and the Electric cars makes big dollar sense on a island as well as other on location energy devices. Why rebuild with built in obsolesce? The sweet spot for the Oil burners is going the way of the sun never setting empire of the 19th century and that the was the 20 th century. The 21st century belong to those that have the never ending energy for it and that also =s economic and political influence. Military (China renewable powered Navy for example) goes with out saying.

  • Sunny Bono

    Their retraction being the day after was preplanned, IMO. Didn’t everyone see the clip of Schiff (aka Schitt), “reading” the Trump phone call transcript. He later was called out and retracted a day later, but the lie goes 1/2 around the world before the truth get’s its boots on. This is their method of spreading bold-faced dishonestly. I’d be willing to make a large bet that they knew how crappy the paper was before they released the “study,” but knew they’d accomplish their goal of spreading lies and that few to none would be aware of the retraction…or what it even means for the “study,” I fear these arseholes are actively seeking destabilization…and that it’s gonna get ugly. Fug them.

  • Sunny Bono

    Story from Winchester, MA about Islam being right about women:

  • Norton

    The Dem>s are having their Jim Bakker moment……. Just sayin

  • Charles

    MOVA = super simple. It has solar cells inside, a motor, and a super magnet to anchor it to the planetary magnetic field.

  • Linefeed

    Ben, if you want a great Youtube video on Greta and where she comes from this is a great one. If only this approach was used for more of those “climate warriors” perhaps their parents and teachers would stop allowing it.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen. Interesting topics as always.

  • jschro1

    Been watching you on YouTube for a couple of years now, but what pushed me over to becoming a member was your climate forcing video. This makes a lot of sense, but there is so much information out there that counteracts these findings, such as “The Electric Universe is debunked.” I think that for a future FOTW call, it would be interesting to develop “counter arguments” to what was once was accepted facts. I would love to see an area/paper that would cite the new current research that shows how the understanding of solar activity effects earths climate has changed. Your video was great, but I need more details, so I can learn, but also so I can open eyes of those who cling to the old climate doctrine.

    I think there would be a number of us that would benefit from such a paper, and I would be willing to assist in this cause, but don’t want to nessacerly start from scratch.


  • Curtis loew

    The way these reports are issued- firstly, allowing the disciples to upgrade their rage- then secondly, retracting the same report ( but quietly) seems to point to some sort of calculated process designed to continue the cult regardless of the science- this is disturbing and with so many precedents in our human history of similar manipulation of the population- there would have to also be a desired ‘end game’ especially when you consider the way children are being brought into this now- along with the ‘pap’ that passes for news on the mainstream….its imperative that the truth is maintained!

  • Curtis loew

    I was born in Scotland in the 60’s….the threat (fear) of nuclear war was very real and front and centre for the times (every town in the UK had a bomb shelter for the local council) we moved to Australia when i was 12. My father looked for homes with bomb shelters….(surprisingly there were a few as well) as I was growing up in the sun, the threat (fear) was the hole in the ozone layer…it was front and centre for those times…when this threat reduced…. the next fear was AIDS-(for a young lad growing up in his late teens…being told that anyone male AND FEMALE could be a carrier…it occupied a fair bit of thought!) next came H1N1 and the list goes on, each time the ‘people who seek to control the population’ generate a global fear, in full knowledge that this is the most effective way to control people…the saying ‘ The truth will set you free’ has never been more true than right now!

  • sativarg

    RE:Time frame 31:39and trauma based mind control?
    The technologies and techniques of mind control are as old as religion and based in time tested observations; a science and discipline that works as well now as ever. Now, however it is coupled with artificial intelligence, psychology and our massive electronic control infrastructure… No?

    It works now to divide Humanity in all directions; fracturing Human Unity as all sides learn to control with malignant methods so powerful as to be poisons deadly to Humanity and even Earth?

    spam? sorry but passion pushes me… see?
    See the Beast she rides? It is so beautiful and Horrible at once… it is made of us and comes from us; it eats and fills us… Uses us to chew up our very sovereignty even as wee do sleep… see?
    Proxy Wars do render us; U.S. a hammer and Russia a pestle grinding nation after nation; tough and resistant nations so as to make ready a meal? … ending Human sovereignty in Earth and maximizing exploitation of Her.

    Just my vision and passion from a Grave perspective says Sativarg darkly

    But S0 inspires and light does rise as reason prevails…
    Build a fence around the predator and fire place for a fire so the master is safe and the house does not burn?
    The Wolf domesticated is mans best friend and a fire a tool when in a fire place… see? But capitalism unleashed is like both a fire and a beast unleashed who is consuming all and burning Earth down.
    Business law? Justice? Democracy? I don’t think so… not as long as Lies rule.

    the end a reckoning
    the beginning a reconciliation
    As the reason for treason is the irony in Tyranny.
    As the riot in patriot changes lies and debts into light and wealth?
    passions dispersed but not diminished
    Paper Heroes on big screens do passions dissipate
    a sin against justice
    another night in white satin and more useless energy spent?

  • Curtis loew

    Governments anywhere in the world are simply the puppets that are used to control our world. The puppeteers intent with all these ‘political stories, such as Russia gate, Trumps impeachment etc etc is to divert our attention from what is really going on..
    The actors on this stage are the members of these governments…the audience are those who choose to believe what they see in the media.
    Whilst everyone is fulfilling their roles, these puppeteers are busy working on the plan that has occupied them for centuries – aka global control, to achieve this they are continuing an agenda of invasions, murder and misinformation….there is simply no reason to waste a single breath on this ‘pap’ if Trump is impeached or not, its all part of the plot…

    • sativarg

      Dear Curtis loew,
      I agree that manipulators are using nations to achieve their goals. Down here in the sand box we play with toys that are not connected to real power, in my opinion… But, those toys kill real people and perhaps the only way to slow down the manipulation’s agenda here and now is to engage the toys and puppets in ways that cause them to struggle and fail? To stall and give us enough time to untangle webs of lies and disarm mine fields that fill the world stage so that we can facilitate meaningful change?

      Right now I see and feel a heavy frame around the United States built of decades of manipulations; an iron clad frame with a 9/11 corner stone that hangs heavy on the necks of every United States citizen. Unless we all see the garden path we are on then we are at risk of being used as scapegoat and sacrifice in a great global ritual that would exonerate the Manipulators and work to unify all nations into the New World Order… see?

      thanks for reading and for your contribution

  • sativarg

    RE: Time frame 56:56 and there is not investigation or… there is
    The only real investigation of the conversation demands all three transcripts?
    One from the unfiltered United States file…
    One from the Ukraine unfiltered file…
    and the one no one will ever see that would be from the leak source(s)s?
    Who is in charge of our phone security in the United States?
    Who builds the parts of our security infrastructure… who controls the builders of our security?

    also open access to the sound recordings as heard in the United States and the Ukraine?
    and the one from Israel?

    are those messages the same? Language differs from culture to culture and now in the age of AI and bruit force computer power real time alterations in communication needs be considered?

    One can not sort of investigate as one can not be kind of pregnant? and either there or there is not… Security?

  • Curtis loew

    With all of this fighting for control of the people…using AI and digital manipulation…these fools have not factored in the CME event which will most likely reduce the digital control to nought….only the impression of our time will affect the future generations who survive. perhaps fragments of the official narrative full of lies might become the basis of a future religion…maybe though, just maybe we will survive with the m,memory of the truth and how wrong this world was getting under control of these greedy puppet masters…

  • sativarg

    On Trump and suicide politiqu…

    I see a sort of sacrifice play. From the election and inauguration it felt like Trump was ready to take a dive, to me.
    the game: TarotEarth
    1) Groom Donald the Trump card supream
    2) set Michael Richard Pence as your hold card in a hand full of Trump… see?
    3) use Donald who’s mask is the Fool card and special trump but also is master Thief; Tarot Fool and Seven of spades respectively…
    4) Trump Donald’s time is precisely chosen and only he will do to take the stage Earth and hold open the door for the home runner and touch down bringer Michael Richard Pence

    Michael Richard Pence would not and could not be elected but is the manipulators real choice and Donald can set off all sorts of traps and pitfalls even as his role is the sacrifice player?

    the Fool card is a powerful and useful card and Donald can play the fool even as his real nature is the good thief?

    Who is playing the game? perhaps there is division even at the very top?

  • D58

    SO should be about science. I don’t really want to hear your political views. That is not why I am here.

  • D58

    BTW my above comment was directed to the FOTW gang.

  • sativarg

    September 30,
    Is planet X a black whole? and LOL
    I cringe when I hear the name Nibiru. In fact from the perspective provided by the
    s0 community I fail to see any reason for there even being a planet X. The so called anomalous behavior of objects in asteroid belts could be the result of all manner of normal processes in our star. If Sol emits mass on large scale as part of His life cycle then those who can not or will not consider this input can not understand what they are observing in a meaningful way. If our star reacts to changes in his environment as he passes through diverse regions of our Galaxy then persons who do not allow for this behavior are not equipped to predict what is and is not happening or what is or is not in Sol… in my opinion.

    speculation and uneducated guesses some times lead to results even when nothing like a correlation was involved?

  • kmiklNINJA

    crooks radiometer spins with light

  • kmiklNINJA

    guys if voting changed anything it would be illegal

  • kmiklNINJA

    Nixon was never impeached. He resigned before they could. Andrew Johnson was the only other president than Bill Clinton to be impeached.

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