FOTW October 6, 2019

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  • Sunny Bono

    The way that “woke” is being used seems to me like anything else that goes “mainstream;” Those flogging it simply want to look “enlightened,” which is hip (to the truly un-woke). It allows them to push back on people who are truly in earnest and unplugging from the Matrix (i.e. actual woke folks) and in doing so, gives dullards, cowards and lazy oafs a way to say they’ve refuted things they don’t want to face. All just part of the bread and circus. Anything “real” gets scooped up by the powers that be to ultimately denigrate it and steal its thunder…and most of the sheelpe, being too busy, too tired, too dull, or too afraid to look more deeply and challenge their assumptions (to the point where it hurts).

    • RacerX29

      I agree with you. Being woke is becoming a cliche, as you stated, mainstream. Being “woke” doesn’t really mean that the individual is enlightened and is open to new ideas.

      It is just a badge to tell people that “I’m a good person, don’t hate me.” But what is more sinister is that if you don’t identify as “woke,” then you must be anti-woke and therefore a hater, bigot, racist, bad person, etc.

      • Don Joseph

        ^good thread
        SunnyBono & RacerX29 describe the “woke” over usage quite well.
        It appears to me that each group that is using or pioneering the term is applying a different meaning to it. Plus it was introduced in a derogatory manner and is being used to mock any underground communities that don’t adhere to the group identity. Just another linguistic term that was hijacked and repurposed, anything “trending” will be beat down peoples throats until they puke money at it.
        The way the term is often used nowadays immediately introduces polarity to a discussion, creating an enemy group of “un-woke” outsiders who won’t be deemed worthy enough to have an opinion or add anything meaningful to a conversation. It appears to me like a brain worm virus that spreads through the flock and settles in the weak-minded.
        -grateful to be a fly on the wall with this community,
        * Maybe the earthquake droughts are a stepping or revving/shifting downward toward the GSM? * Earth EM field weakens as the Solar Cycles weaken? *

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Re: woke: I engage minimally with social media platforms and never heard of the trending woke usage until today’s FOTW. It’s interesting that a past tense form of an “action word” is chosen as an (?) adjective or descriptor; the word signals to me a ‘was-and-now-finished’ concept. Woke is distinctly something other than “woke up” which implies conscious continuation of a change of state, and owning it.

    • sativarg

      OK then I should have read this before writing my comment because this is much better… still I’m OK with my simple contribution to the continuum.
      Thanks for the clarification in-depth and with proper terms that my comment lacks. and where is the delete button ::blushing:: LOL

  • sativarg

    “Evidence for Oscillating Two-stream Instability and Spatial Collapse of Langmuir Waves in a Solar Type II Radio Burst”
    Well, I can not help but think of the Ghost Busters and ” Don’t cross the streams” when hearing today’s news… LOL

    Cause they had plasma streams? get it?

    Any way reading the paper I am reminded of a little crustacean with a big claw that lives in Earth’s sea and can make a very tiny powerful noise. Some believe that he can perform cold fusion by collapsing a tiny bubble some how. Could the collapsing of naturally perfect spheres result in fusion when…
    “threshold condition for formation of collapsing solitons, and (4) they are accompanied by their ponderomotive force induced density cavities with $\tfrac{\delta {n}_{p}}{{n}_{e}}\gt \tfrac{\delta {n}_{b}}{{n}_{e}}$, where $\tfrac{\delta {n}_{p}}{{n}_{e}}$ is the level of ponderomotive force ”
    If so then that could be useful when trying to develop usable fusion reactions in Earth based power experiments?

    or am I smoking the wrong pipe?

  • sativarg

    Woke… is too cheap or cheapens the concept of being awake as we are and have been… because if I am correct wakefulness is a struggle rather than just a state of being or the result of a one time event

    being awake is much like life in that it is a journey and not ever a destination… see?

    Woke is too cheap?
    does that make sense?

    • Johnathan Jones

      We the awake believed we perceived correctly when we were asleep, yet now we think we perceive correctly, so are we now sleep walkers? Or are we open to the idea of further awakenings and looking for them. It is one thing to say pollution is bad and another to realize so much of the plastic wrappers and bottles are burned and thus thrown into the “airfill” dump of the skies so much that stewardesses flying over such areas get sick with headaches and miscarriages as well as sensitive passengers. What would you do if the recycling and garbage trucks did not come to your house yet the mini market down the street strafed your neighborhood with a machine gun fire of non-recyclable plastic products from such calibers as .223 pepsico and .30-06 coca-cola and many many more guns out there ablazing??? I had not been aware of just how wide spread world wide this practice is to calculate in atmospheric composition change estimations. But those “OMG” awareness elevation moments do come. Or ships carrying veggies to our markets 24-7 like revenue aircraft flight never stopping except for maintenance. Our cities like parked cruise ships running and dumping night in day, you just can’t believe the state of the oceans or the creek out side your door. This just can’t happen this fast, or can it? Sleepwalkers peeling the infinite onion of awaking…..

      Earthquake drought, or is it a more plastic crust and mantle mushing by it’s plates with a bunch of little quakes in it’s wake. It’s when there is a drought of small earthquakes, then I would estimate a bind that may break loose big… The plates are like conveyor belts moving , the routine little scrappings are reassuring, but speed and belt temperatures do play a factor and the things that cause those…

      • sativarg

        Dear Mr. Jones,
        Your comment is said to be a list of one under my comment; said by my screen reader. Does that mean that you are commenting to my comment?

        If so then interesting… I say that awakening is not an achievement but a continuum. Woke implies the woke having gone back to sleep… or that is how it feels to me now.

        Quakes in Earth are often following the rules as we are observing but I feel that in some places some odd things are happening. I can not reconcile the lack of large Quakes on the west coast of the United States of America with those to the north and south unless I consider the possibility that one or more sorts of manipulation is happening. If large scale underground installations have been built any where near the major faults in the continental United States then I believe that it is logical to expect that large sums of money are being spent to avoid Earth quake damage to them.

        thanks for contributing

  • sativarg

    at time frame 16:41 or so OK no then… I do not think so

    Not like cooked chicken is our wakefulness. Because being awake is hard work and I have fallen back asleep many times. It is all to easy to convince yourself that … “maybe “they” were right after all” to clime back into a sort of comfort and blissful blindness where things are easier… see?

    The woke is all that sort of dead chicken and our sort of awake is a struggle; a wakefulness that is hard work and is too easy to lose without constant diligence and learning and adjustment. Like a journey and not a destination. If you sit still to long you have to run to catch up… see?

    True rebirth is also a forever journey in my opinion. Like fighting addiction is dealing with a condition that requires careful attention?

    the dead chicken rots and so does all progress when we fall back into sleep? No?

  • sativarg

    RE time frame 28:11 Is “it” new?

    Is the whole use of any fear a new thing? Have we not seen this before?
    Those who strive to control have been using one or another fear to achieve that control for as long as there has been religions in Earth in my opinion. When the people get used to one scary thing the manipulators move on to another monster or so it seems. The latest Godzilla is cLiemat $Lience?

    The control infrastructure is very good at what it does? Those of us who see are labeled and marginalized as the manipulators play god from behind a curtain and cloak of deniability as tough as any Kevlar laminated armor; armor made out of centuries of time tested techniques and technologies that we have been calling magics and religions?
    science is full of rituals; careful little rituals that work because they are based in reason and observation. The Occult is real and works because of such deniability as we our selves provide?

    ??? just my perspective

  • blackhole

    u watch bill maher .lol sad . but great pod cast

    • sativarg

      Real Time with Bill Maher – Official Website for the HBO Series?

      are you saying I watch or I should watch or not even writing to me?
      I don’t recall ever watching that or witch should I watch or never mind…?

  • sativarg

    time frame 28: 05 or so: a slippery slope indeed…
    What is also happening along of the declining reputation of main stream news is the declining expectations of those seeking answers in all media, in my opinion. People who hear “Wolf” over and over again from the Left and from the Right and from the firing line every day or so are just not listening any more… No?

    Even as greater chaos is all around it comes gradually enough for most people to get used to it. Even now as change seems to be escalating the escalation itself is becoming the norm and people are less and less concerned… or are they? It seems to me to be so. The slope is nearing free fall and that’s OK as long as we don’t look down, sort of thing.

    Could that sort of apathy be useful to any one? Is the Wolf crying Wolf?

  • sgj

    Woke in today’s parlance to me means being politically correct and as somebody on the call said, it is a derogatory term. @BEN Relax, the social media folks will get tired of woke and move onto something else.


    It seems to me it’s a sub-culture of the blind leading the blind. In the late 70’s it was ‘aware’… they are very ‘aware people’…. meaning that some ‘tripping’ had been going on, philosophy had been listened to and acted upon…. today its mind control, social media, media, college …..etc

  • Curtis loew

    Must be a US expression….I have to say Ive never heard it before….here they still just say those who are aware. I have to say I dont have any Social Media though…NIL. and life is bloody good as a result.(at least in comparison to what i see the majority are getting ‘sucked’ into) must be cos Im ‘woke’ :))))))
    Seriously….social media is taking the individual away and replacing it with a kind of ‘remote’ sense of what is acceptable and what is not. People discuss what is on the social media the risk with this is the ‘external’ control or manipulation of what is being discussed.

  • Abuzman

    Awake. Woke. These words can both be abused. If you are awake you are obviously not asleep and in another sense you are alert, inquisitive and/or informed. The word Woke is often used to affirm beliefs or exclude those who believe otherwise. “You better get Woke” If you are not “Woke” you are excluded or being criticized for not believing the same as the “Woke” people or in short “you better believe what I believe or you are ignorant, not Cool”, behind the times or something else negative. By the way I do not use woke in that usage. If I use the word it is in a sentence like “I woke up early this morning”. By the way thank you for this podcast. It deals with a wide variety of scientific findings and world views and I look forward to each podcast and also your daily YouTube videos.

  • love616

    So GLAD You brought this up!!! Its been a long time for me to bite my tongue on this, (tired of the people thinking I am crazy) especially when you are “Awakened” almost 25 years ago, Now I am aging myself!
    My Life has always had been a huge question for me, from my earliest memories of being a strong willed (stubborn) child. Always questioning the Bible & adults oops! and never taking anything for truth that my Instincts in my gut told me something was not true or more to the story…. I call this amnesia now and I don’t think I am special by any means, I am just like everyone else.
    But for some reason I always felt like there was 2 worlds, One that was Hiding called the Truth (Awake) and the other one that was always sleeping and no one ever asking “But why?” “How do we Know this for sure?” Because its in an old book ( with Lots of things left out) Its called Amnesia <Like Instinct for Animals Know this and never question it right? I guess that is why I have so much in common with them feel so much more love from them than human animals. Animals Know because they follow it and LOVE unconditionally because those are the Two most Important part of this world WE have just some how lost that and its time to get this back….

  • love616
  • Charles

    In an attempt to rope in more people, “woke” has been stolen, cheapened, and is now associated with a world of left wing political propaganda, racism, and social justice crap. If you tell some random person that you are ‘awake’ or ‘woke’ they will perceive you as a radical deluded lefty that has been taken in by the biggest lies in history. It might be wise to start using the term ‘aware’ or something along those lines. Maybe the phrase ‘situational awareness’ would describe our mindset better, as in “I have become situationally aware”. Its not catchy, which means it is unlikely to be stolen.

    The AGW story pushes many fears and makes many nations and groups dangerous. They are promoting a mindset of scarcity which drives wars. This years scant harvests worldwide are only going to aggravate that preconception. I hope everyone is learning to grow your own food.

    Layoffs at the media outlets that are pushing lies is a good thing. Obama repealed two laws relating to this, 1st the the media is no longer required to try to be accurate, and 2nd the government doesn’t have to be honest either.

    Who wants to bet that Warren Buffet is saving some pennies to invest after the coming crash? He might even be cashing out of the market and contributing to some of these dips we are seeing in the DJIA.

  • Deriv

    I think the thing that separates the awake person from the one who is asleep still stems from authority or rather a distrust of such. It started at a young age when I realized my parents wouldn’t know something and just give me an answer to shut me up. This continued in so many facets as I grew up from school teachers, to dealing with management within businesses. The thing is some people trust authority just because they are told that’s the authority and some people, the awake ones, only trust authority when they’ve proven themselves trustworthy. That is why we are here Ben, you have gained our trust and for some it was just as simple as seeing those links to research papers in the description box every morning.

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    Some times you say some thing profound that gives me chills…
    RE time frame 2:21 in “Solar Wind, Quakes, Nova, Space Mining, Climate | S0 News Oct.10.2019” for example…

    Wow, I never thought of that. That is amazing.
    “…a molten Earth would actually be around 5% larger in radius than a solid Earth, and this is due to the difference in the behavior of molten versus solid materials at the extreme conditions of a planetary interior. “In essence, a molten silicate occupies more volume than its equivalent solid, ”

    OK then, this is not what I expected to be the reasoning or the focus of the study. Still, factors in Earth’s unique situation are hard to explain without some sort of reason in all the chaos in my opinion.

    So much about Earth is special. Her moon is so well placed. Her continents are so right for her sea to moderate climate. Sure things get extreme but not really that extreme considering what she deals with; what Sol is capable of throwing her way… No?

    Thanks again, Mr Davidson, for a great link.

  • Vinny

    The drive by/state run/media is controlled by about 6 companies.
    They control about 90% of the news and radio in the USA. They brainwash their listeners (the so-called woke) by repetition. They are also given Trump Derangement Syndrome as a free gift. This is when a make america great again hat alone can trigger the “woke” into a complete mental breakdown.

    Some well deserved names you may have heard:

    The Atlanta Urinal (aka the Atlanta Journal )
    the NY Slimes (Times)
    the NY comPOST (NY post)
    Huffington comPost
    CNN (Clinton News network, communist news network) or just very fake News
    Washington ComPOST
    BBC (Bull–it Broadcasting center )
    Mess NBC or PMS NBC (MSNBC)

    Six companies in the USA own almost every bit of news
    that is brainwashing the so-called woke crowd.
    We have a wok crown that is basically sound asleep.

  • Vinny

    Sorry – about the two spelling mistakes in the last sentence.

  • Steve57

    Hi Ben,

    Hope you recover from your illness (sorry just catching up)

    Like so many others I would like to thank you for all your hard work.

    In relation to woke, and waking up, aren’t you also talking about an epiphany maybe an enlightenment.


  • davidwebster

    being awake is something to view in the correct light. I had a spiritual awakening in 2016, it means I am born again! I became a new person, no decisions at all I stopped dead doing everything I had done before. I just wanted everything to change and I felt connected to everything and everyone. I received information about who and what I am, what we all are in fact. NON RELIGIOUS! I do not believe in churches or religion. It has zero to do with any of the things that was setup to control us.

    We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, in fact we all agreed to be here. Our vessels or bodies die, our spirit/soul does not ever die! Earth is a classroom one of many in our solar system. Classes last 60480 years, when the body/vessel dies, we reincarnate into a new body, a new lifetime. Another route is being finished with our classes, we go off and choose what spiritual activity we want to do. There are 1000’s perhaps millions, the universe is actually a multiverse.

    Life is about everyone, based off love, joy bliss and happiness. These are the only emotions we store people! All negative emotions must be purged in order to be healthy. We exist so that God (operating system) can become more aware of what “it is”. Not a being, not any type of life as we know it. God sees, hears and feels all we do. Each one of us has an aspect of God, we each have a skill set to offer the world.

    We are supposed to find out what our purpose is and complete it. Plus learn what it is we need to learn while doing our purpose for our creator. We are supposed to be as pure as possible, eating fresh live vegetables and limited meat. Making sure we do not become dense or fat.

    Your version of “woke” or “wake” is NOT the type I am referring to. Figuring out we have been lied to and much of our science is not true was intentional and to me is just being aware. If anyone is really “awake” they instantly understand spirituality and consciousness on a scale and level a normal person cannot understand. I am 64 years old and a 9th grade education.

    My awakening heightened my IQ, perception and aware to a level that I have lost friends and family. Some think I am talking down to them or I am telling them how to live. lol Ben there are things about our universe and the life in it that is unseen that would make you be shocked for a very long time. The secrets I know that were handed to me in my mind, are amazing and I have followed up on all of the information that I could. All accurate information that is being kept more secret then the Atom bomb.

    Extraterrestrial’s, Space Craft that US owns and quite a few other countries. The actual truth would be far to much for most people to handled and why it will remain secret for decade or so maybe less but I doubt it. The topic you bring up “awake” “woke” etc I find humorous to say the least.

    Realizing something about our world is not being awake. Great you understand the lies, in science, politics, religion, economics, and especially energy. We SHOULD NOT be paying for energy that is free like the air we breath. Tesla had the right idea, free energy for all. JP Morgan shut him down because there was no meter on his Radcliff tower project.

    Religion is a ruse guys along with churches!! There are beings that bred with the Royal Families of the world and they answer to these beings. The blood,lines actually run all the way back to King John, Vald The Impaler or Dracula, 43 of our presidents were all related to King John.

    In fact we never did won our freedom from England, to this day we pay 23% of all our taxes to Britain. Swiss group runs the world by being appointed CEO of earth. The power is shifting and humans will benefit finally. I do not care if you believe me or not, in time it will all be revealed. Our eyes are limited, we are limited to only 5 senses! Humans actually have many more senses and we could see a wide spectrum of light.

    Now after tinkering we cannot see many bands. These beings hide in the spectrum we cannot see, they can stand next to us and not know they are there unless your like me and sense energies. I had to add my two cents because you are not correct what an awaking is Ben.

    I respect you my friend but contact me sometime and I can explain in person what it is and show you myself. Ben there are paranormal things that happen all the time and only the awaken know of these events. Science after maybe 20-50 years will catch up to the fact.

    Everything is about spirituality and consciousness!! Anything else is merely a distraction away from God and the truth. Ben and Thunder Bolts team are correct we will in a plasma based universe that is electromagnetically charged, gravity is a residual affect of these mechanisms. All spirits are plasma based and we are all spiritual beings. Our vessels or bodies are our space suits while in this construct. Without the body this physicality will not exist period, the real world people is the spiritual world

    Spiritual beings never die, only our avatars do. Without our avatars we have no abilities to grab objects, experience laughter, emotions etc like we do. We are here to learn these things and move onto another physicality, it could be another species of life! People like me get silenced because this truth is being hidden by secret groups around the world.

    Thanks Ben for all you do and being a man who is in service to all of man kind. Your doing exactly what all humans are supposed to be doing. Seeking truth and sharing it. Blessings to you sir and your wonderful family. Thanks for restocking the warm sweat shirts again. Peace and harmony to all! >:^D

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