FOTW September 26, 2020

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  • epeeb1

    I Heard that you’re looking for a wave Ben , I never even knew that you were a surfer !

  • Jan

    Unfounded beliefs….

  • Allenvaughan

    The theme song for the SO Community should be “Watchers of the Skies” by Genesis….check out these lines…
    “Judge not this by its empty remains
    Do you judge God by his creatures when they are dead?
    For now, the lizards shed its tail,
    This is the end of man’s long union with Earth.
    From life alone, to life as one,
    Think not your journey is done.
    For though your ship be sturdy no mercy has the sea
    Will you survive on the ocean of being?
    Come ancient children here what I have to say,
    This is my parting counsel for you on your way
    Sadly now your thoughts turn to the stars,
    Where we have gone, you know you could never go.
    Watcher of the skies watcher of all,
    This is your fate alone, this fate is your own.”
    CHILLING! Thank you Peter Habriel and Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks!

  • HotRod

    Many of us will not even make it to the MicroNova. If there are recurring Carrington Events beginning in say five years, a substantial number of the heard (yes, yes, I realize that it is insane to live in the Los Angeles area) will be culled before the MicroNova Event say in 25+ years. For the successful to make it to the MicroNova Time:
    What will be the events immediately prior to the MicroNova (probable requirement to live underground); and
    The events immediately after the MicroNova (extreme heat and overpressure, extreme cold and under pressure, wind, falling debris, toxic atmosphere, earthquakes, massive flooding and darkness.
    PS did we living on the west coast just have a dry run for the post MicroNova smoke conditions?

  • sativarg

    OK you asked…
    What concerns me in terms catastrophe awareness is “What time is it?”
    Do we have a reliable calendar?
    Is there a reliable to verify the true age we are in in terms of cycles of solar behavior?
    I have become aware of evidence that history is suspect and that clear reliable chronology is subject to interpretation… or should be closely subjected to verification.

    It seems to me as though it is best to behave and prepare as if “it” could happen at any time
    But… at the same time, make long range plans that may span generations like education, knowledge preservation both verbal and your books, traditional in communal activities and rituals that build good habits… a culture and community of generational preparation that keeps the movement alive and dynamic in the case that decades or more threaten to slowly erode readiness.

    Decentralized organization based loosely on tribal systems that have worked historically could unite S0s across the globe in face to face groups who have activities and events that become good habits and lead to local robust groups suited to each locations needs…
    All autonomous while upholding the essentials of the S0 community as a whole?
    As for preserving knowledge, could an oral tradition of story telling writing and interacting with participation by parents and children help to ensure important principals outlast a loss of government and or infrastructure?

    could annual gatherings and periodic larger gatherings foster community and ensure communication and sharing?

  • laurie

    doctors dont use ventilators because there are more available.

  • John Mallary

    Thank you.

  • sativarg

    RE: the ventilators…
    I am so sorry for the people who are suffering from that path that was taken. The wrong choices and decisions made in haste without enough information is so sorrowful; a rode of tears for family and friends and doctors and nurses… to look for blame in this may never serve any good purpose but to learn from this means that suffering was not in vain, in my opinion.
    When I think how terrible were some of the dreams I lived during the seven surgeries I survived I can not imagine being on a ventilator in a medically induced coma is a good thing… separated so finally from loved ones? all alone? May God have mercy?
    Going after vindication seems vindictive… seeking justice could be futile? Will there be justice for those still dying from the crimes of September Eleven 2001? I only hope that lessons learned will be taken to heart and make real differences going forwards.
    … I learned long ago not to trust the Medical Industrial Complex and all the good intentions of Indoctrinated Individuals and groups.
    In the womb I was Dosed with DES, I almost died on the operating table, I was implanted in a dental office with a bone mike VIA USAF/CIA… to this day I am a covert test subject and T.I. and so on and so forth…
    That said I have silicone in both eyes even now and for over six years because I trusted… If you do not know, silicon kills retina, Macula through oxygen deprivation and starvation! Blindness by prescription!

    back to listening
    You know Lemming actually do not act like suicidal Humans? That ‘is fake news. They are collectively and Naturally rather smarter than Human mobs as a rule.

    Osama bin Laden: Will the real Osama bin Laden please call 555 1517 and confirm your really dead?
    How many really believe half of what “they” say surrounding the crimes of September eleven 2001? Really? I would like to 0bserve the DNA test results on any bloody thing from the apprehension/crime scene first.
    … back to listening…
    thank you for this presentation all who participated and blessings

    • Joe.¤.

      What symptoms have you experienced and for what reason do you think you are targeted? I didn’t even know this was a thing until I knew it was a thing…

      • Joe.¤.

        if you care to email me to talk about it, I would be very interested in hearing more. schizz at protonmail d0t com

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload Gentlemen.

  • sibeguy

    “Sith-like tactics”…you just don’t get it! Here is the issue…all the Republican Party cares about is retaining power. The fact that Mitch McConnell would not approve Obama’s Supreme Court nominee for nine months and he’s rushing to get Trump’s nominee approved in less than 2 months is the obvious example. If DT really cared about election fraud he’d do something about it. The fact that his supporters, you included, don’t actually want to do something about it demonstrates all they care about is promoting conspiracy theories. Why would anyone want to engage with you? As for inciting violence, who’s more likely to own a gun, a liberal or a conservative? Who favors some type of gun control? Do you remember the corruption inside the NRA! Of course you don’t. You rationalize whatever information comes your way to fit your agenda. The Republican Party is dying, and so are those who support it. I have a suggest, maybe you look for someplace in a 3rd world country run by a petty dictator as a place to bug out…if you can’t own your part in the circumstance run and hide…it’s what cowards do!

    • buschbacher11

      Damn buddy. I think you read these guys wrong. Listen to some older uploads

    • Joe.¤.

      Hey, what’s going on in the world is upsetting for sure. But it seems like the political stuff is mostly theater. If I was going to offer advice, if it were wanted, I would say come out of politics discourse or watch it only from an informational perspective?

    • Michael Durfee

      Sibeguy this is the forum where people actually work to gather relevant information in regards to the topic at hand. You have done neither. I hope all your website accounts you have linked to your phone stop working. Please be annoying somewhere else.

  • buschbacher11

    I live in Golden and have been looking in the same areas for a year now. It’s very difficult to find land you want and meets the criteria

  • Joe.¤.

    The Lars Von Trier movie “Melancholia” comes to mind when you talk about people being faced with an impossible situation.

    • Joe.¤.

      I heard mention of hydroxychloroquine. It’s been used in retinal gene therapy according to some of the studies I’ve read. Something about transporting genetic material through cellular membranes? I forget, but the debates around it seem like theater to me.

  • Fred Jones

    Does the location of a sunspot in relation to the CH either before or after the CH , amp up or diminish energy types from the sun and if so which relation , and which type of energies..

  • dragorios

    In the first portion of this program, someone said that Christians were calm about the catastrophe because they think Jesus is coming. No, you are mistaken. Christians remain calm about it for two reasons. The end of the world is when you die, because it’s the end of your world. And, Luke 9:23, (If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me). Whatever happens to a Christian, it is our duty to deal with it. So, if the grid goes down, no lights, no running water – it just means we are living like Jesus, Mary and Joseph did. It would be in poor taste to complain.

    • Fred Jones

      @drgotios “So, if the grid goes down, no lights, no running water – it just means we are living like Jesus, Mary and Joseph did. It would be in poor taste to complain.”
      well said… adapt and carry on…

    • Joe.¤.

      Someone may say they wonder if something were “between the lines” on that statement made by Ben. It didn’t seem calculated or planned at all.

      What seems to be a cyclical event may be so without having the same circumstance through every cycle. But then again, perhaps it may.

      Not everyone will find a cave on the spinning ball we call Earth. However, they may find their sanctuary nonetheless.

  • American Nurse

    OMGSH!!! Too funny. My husband keeps telling me “they can’t hear you” as I yell at the TV LoL

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