FOTW October 3, 2020

– Sun Triggers Earthquakes:
– Polar Vortex is Major Stratosphere-Troposphere Coupler:
– Nova by Sporadic Accretion:

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  • Rob Painless

    Absolutely loved the first part of this program. Y’all were speaking my language here. I have been planning, prepping and working at ‘getting ready’ for the last 30 or 40 years. Hope I don’t have to find out if I AM ready or not. Ben, I can well imagine your search up there. Having lived in Summit county (Breckenridge) for about 20 years, I can remember a lot of the places that I thought of and spent time looking at. I even owned a couple of different of different properties that would have been quite good for the purposes intended. Good luck with that. Colorado has really become over-populated since I lived there. Great show today, guys!

  • MPrejean

    I loved being a part of this conversation, while on the other hand my heart goes out to you kids. I love yall so much and hate the uncertainty your future holds. All I can do is Pray hard and hold you in my heart. I pray for you all and world peace.

    • sativarg

      Thank you and reciprocation with all blessings and Make it so S0 community?

  • Rob Painless

    Ha! Covid 1984! Love that.
    Poor Xavier…..your optimism shall not be tolerated in here. That’s the way my friends often treat me too.
    Again, great show today.

  • Susan-Loyd

    Hi Ben, Thank you again for a great FOTW. I live in orange county California. I work as a nurse and a real estate agent. Real estate is starting to show signs of slowing. Coldwell Banker is giving us classes again on short sales and foreclosures. The market is always cyclical. There are a lot of people who haven’t been able to pay their mortgage.. just letting you know some investors I am working with are waiting until next year. And if there is a disaster I have been studying lately how civil unrest looks like in other countries. I do know from personal experience property owned in Costa Rica if you are not living in it or renting it. There are people who will come and just start living in it. And if you approach them they pull out guns. The government does nothing about it. You would have to try to take them to court. ( even here in the United States it is hard to get renters out even if they are not paying) just curious about the complexity and other angles this might take. You and your family have a wonderful weekend thank you again, Susan

  • Kevin Benham

    Take a close look at the history of how the Salton Sea in California was created and has no natural drainage. It sits on top of a salt dome and it’s the largest man made reservoir in California. It was created by accident and also sits at the very southern end of the San Andreas Fault. The fault coming up through the gulf of California terminates ~20 miles to the southwest. When the San Andreas pops and connects with
    the adjacent fault……..ya, that will be the ‘Big one”.

    • Ernest Bush

      The Salton Sea is also 212 feet below sea level.. There is a trough of below sea level land that goes from the Gulf of California direct through that area on the way to Sacramento.

  • sativarg

    Good morning… who am I kidding ” Goood Eeeveninggg ” said Mr Collins as he lifted his coffin lid…
    Hi, community,

    I am listening up to time frame 04:08 of 46:00 and the sonic storm of some kind…: RE the list…
    You don’t want much, then? Utopia perhaps?
    Is there a place in Earth like that?
    I was ranting to the walls this morning about the fools who popped of all those Nukes in my sky even before I was born… some times I’d love to put the blame where it belongs rather than forever bending over and taking it without lubricant! It’s not our fault DOE, EPA, FDA, WHO, CDC, etc.!
    …the globes:
    If I signed up to win a globe or went out to find one it would be tactile. It would be a relief map complete with oceans. Now that would be a blind mans friend. I’d love a relief map of my neighborhood as well. I git lost walking to the local Family Dollar… LOL
    … back to listening and posting as the net is flakey today and I do not want to loose this crappy spam to Oblivian

  • Charles

    Yeah, Doug Vogt’s ideas are a bit wack IMO. His digging up of various types of evidence is pretty good, too bad he took it all to a very weird place.

    OTOH, a crustal slip/shift seems entirely possible, knowing how the MHD discovery experiment went. Especially knowing about evidence of alligators and tropical flora at the north freakin pole. Plants cannot survive 6 months of darkness.
    As long as I’m going on about the catastrophe cycle, from the stuff Randall Carlson has dug up it looks like the catastrophe cycle is not even close to a one and done type thing, but more like 3k to 4k years of disasters. The YDB/micronova was only one of 3 major climate upheavals, from 14900 to 11600 years ago. All of this will likely start with the Sun taking down parts of our power grid, until it finally gets the whole thing.

    It is really hard to prep when civilization has collapsed.

    As far as the catastrophe cycle, the better we can prepare, the better off our descendants will be. Even books detailing farm equipment and basic technology from the 1800s and 1900s would be a great head start…. actual hard copies BTW.

    Aliens are very unlikely to approach a society that is as incredibly UNenlightened as the idiocy we are seeing unfold on this planet in 2020! Covert is the only possibility, but only for a quiet group of peaceful and spiritually enlightened people. It seems likely the Hopi and similar people may quietly vanish weeks or so before the catastrophe starts.

    Xavier, your positivity is really nice, but I am very VERY skeptical that these people that have been taught narcissism and all the other self important crap all their lives are NOT going to change because someone is nice to them. They are ridiculously entitled, and probably won’t even thank anyone giving them food.

    Russia is NOT on China’s side these days.

    Thanks for the great podcast guys!

    • sativarg

      Hi Charles and ditto the thanks
      I forgot to say that ::blushing::
      Lots of great input thanks
      Thanks to everyone for the conversation then

  • Charles

    Oh yeah…

    I was going to tell you a covid1984 joke but there’s a 99.97% chance that you won’t get it.

    • sativarg

      LOL and more LOL
      Number worshipers nightmare.

  • sativarg

    Update: 09:35 of 46:00… Visualize?
    You know how you said you are HARP? Evoke your Utopia. Believe and receive? Make it so community?… As community if all else fails?
    … just an Observation and or suggestion?
    back to listening.
    … Cake… did some one say cake? or 20:09 of 46:00…
    Our layer cake of Earth? Put an Icing on top that says “there will be a test for dessert. The lines arbitrary that Humans seem to love to draw have us seeing Sol as just his nucleus. From another very valid perspective we are In Sol our star. In here in Earth we are part of our star… see? From that perspective it is much harder to forget Sol’s role in all that we are and Earth is?
    … back to the show…

  • Vinny

    Revelation 6:15-16
    Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

  • sativarg

    RE: lost… or 24:47 …
    What is the significance? All the sucking I mean. It sucks because it is not sucking but rather the star is rising up into the stellar material even as that material expands down into the star… or rather the star’s nucleus… the part we are told is all the star but is just the center we see. All stars are so much more than just the shiny bit?… see? Or… both stars are sharing one body, one Heliosphere or Deuterium sphere… depending on the stars fuel. In that sort of paring I can see mass moving via one or more plasma tubes from star to star electrically rather than by “gravity”.
    … I suspect when the mass of the Galactic sheet breaches Sol’s membrane some such structure will transport galactic stuff into the Nucleus as potentials electric tend to so connect? As so many cave paintings seem to hint? Sol’s magnetic and plasma structure reaching for the neutral or delta-potentially charged mass and energy from the sheet?
    back to listening…
    … a bone to Pick
    Perhaps when Sols massive arms of energy reach for all that galactic stuff the arms huge charge reach right through some of the planets or they get caught up in those plasma tubes… Immanuel Velikovsky could well be so close to the whole picture even as some would dismiss his vision. Planets could well have done all manner of bumping, discharging and such if they get caught up in Sols energetics during His Galactic Sheet meals?
    … back to listening again…
    Luck? Really? and the moon is just an accident then? LOL You had better all be crossing all your fingers then! Oh yee of little…
    back to listening again…

    I am reminded of those plasma toys that react when one puts a finger on the “membrane” can you see the galactic sheet acting like that finger? see the plasma of Sol behaving? I’m blind and I so see.
    back to the show…
    What if contact is as simple as a shift in perception? What if “they” are all around us in U.S. and every where? Should our blind spots ever fail what ‘would we see?
    … back to the show…
    Is there a message in Earth’s behavior or how would you evacuate the west coast of the Continental United States…
    Hmm… Go you, make that things that make you go Hmm…
    or Sativarg’s Gravitas… to deal with sheer mass of our vulnerability Humans should behave as do ants and or bees. Do NOT take stuff…
    Leave your cars…
    all school, public, military, prison, buses, trucks, etc are the only things going out…
    discipline and educate, practice practice practice… know where you are and where you need to go… know your land and learn it every season…
    and knowing each and every role automatically rather than chaos…
    all working as one… but then that would not be Human? Not democratic… not constitutional?
    With our sheer mass will we be crushed…
    Humiliated We, desperate and driven, are the greatest threat to ourselves?
    … back to listening…\

  • Smij

    If there is a brake down in society and government. Does it matter that nobody is going to recognize that the land you buy is yours? They will most likely just take it by force, especially if your land is prime.

    • Nycavp111

      Looking near state land can help separate from large population also ,and provide many of resources you can use , or trade , near water , high elevation and near like minded people. Maybe we SO’s should find our own places near each other. Bring your skills and we will get through it together. Thanks to all.

  • onezeroseven

    hey y’all… have any of you given thought to:
    1. on that fateful day, during your bugout drive, how much are you gonna allow for others who you encounter on the side of the road stuck, broke down? In other words, how much time, energy, resources, might you be willing to expend on ‘charity’? That’s gonna be a tough call, isn’t it? And a learning lesson (good AND bad) for you and your family.
    2. DOGS!!!. I’d consider all the dogs I could sustain; both sexes and NOT spayed/neutered.
    3. Chickens?

  • dragorios

    You need to visit your bug-out location all the time, know it and the various routes to get there. Then you need to develop skills. I have always had a garden. But now I keep notes. What I have learned from keeping notes is that success is not the norm. I guess I always filtered myself, and didn’t remember all the failures.
    I’m not going to have any potatoes this year. Really big slow moving lime green worms showed up. Looked like they should be smoking a pipe in Alice in Wonderland. I’ve never had these worms show up before. Anywho, they ate the potato plants almost down to the soil before I noticed. Bottom line, this stuff ain’t easy. Practice now, while failure is not a big deal.

    • Lonestar420

      Excellent advice Dragorios, your never ready when the time comes, but you can be prepared. Practice Practice

  • Eva

    There are so many aspects to finding a property. Our master plan was to tour the country fall in love with an area and plan from there. Current insanity has changed that plan.

  • Curtis loew

    Hmmm…the moment of first contact arrives….you suggest that it wont end well for humans, base on OUR history of first contact with less technologically advanced peoples…. perhaps the prerequisite for successful use of advanced technology is the application of peace, harmony and love.
    Humans maybe isolated because of the way we behave…we are greedy, polluting and warlike folk….not very welcome as my neighbours.
    Interesting what you said about the world changing direction of spin….Hmmm Mongolian language school here I come.

  • bfrazie1

    I know I’m so late to the party but I feel like I have some great insight on this.
    I am commenting while having not finished the program here but I felt it was worth saying. When my wife and I went through the same process you and Kat are having we looked at so so so many places. We consider ourselves pretty capable and able bodied people so we where not concerned with many of the conventional problems with some of the properties we looked at and I am assuming that you would be willing to work hard as well.
    We looked at four major points four our property: Water, wood, wildlife and community. We ended up in the mountains above Colorado Springs. Without saying exactly where we are I can tell you that our area is PERFECT for you guys. We’re 30 miles from the nearest town (tiny), 90 minutes to Colorado Springs or Pueblo and there is BOUNDLESS resources in this area. There’s llama farms, highland cattle farms, hay ops and so so so much more. Less than a quarter mile from our driveway there is a flow-all-year spring and the sun exposure is great. We have big horn sheep, deer, elk, bobcat, cougar, bear and so much more RIGHT on our property.

    When my wife and I where buying we had more opportunity than most but that doesn’t mean we needed to buy something that was already 110% developed. If you and Kat came down our road (we live about 3 miles off the blacktop) you would instantly fall in love. If you would like I’ll drop you a line via the email with our information.

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