FOTW November 3, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Todd, Tony, Adrian

– Biswas’ New Paper:
– Nano Dust:
– Galactic Missing Baryons Found:
– Physics Problems:
– Bose Einstein Condensate Cosmology:
– A really stupid article:

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  • KittyMac

    Last Discussion:
    Perhaps they’ve decided that it’s not a scientific or biological issue, but rather a moral or cultural issue.

    • Jake Di Vita

      Then they are wrong. The archaeologist that finds that person’s bones in 200 years will know whether they were male or female regardless of whatever moral or cultural issue you think is at play. A dog is not a cat. A chicken is not a human. A man is not a woman. The science that determines this is admissible as evidence in criminal trial, which is to say, it is beyond all reasonable doubt. I don’t care what anyone does with their life until they start attempting to mandate that either I or society needs to capitulate to their fantasy. It is possible for a man to be feminine. It is not possible for a man to be a woman. Attempting to shame people into denying this is horrifying.

  • CommonCents

    Bigger picture: Trans issue will set the groundwork for integrating robots quickly into the current societal structure since there’d need to be an “Other” box to check for gender (of robots).

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload.
    Adrian I am sorry to hear about that Youtube crap. Get ’em A ! I have been wondering when you are going to add Angels/Guardian Angels to the SS uploads; bet one on that would throw some heavy numbers (like Ripley’s- believe in them or not). The Angel existence is one that certainly stands strong among society. Just seems to fit the gray area existences you cover and could toss YouTube a hard one in the pathway. Maybe something to consider.
    I freeze dry foods for 5 years now, not to just prep per se, but for general living sustainability. I am a first class food storage nut. I admit I probably go overboard as I seem to live in a WAREhouse, but it is fun.
    We are in for some reality check leaps and bounds on both earth and in space over the next couple years.
    Thank you again, I am grateful for all the work you gentlemen apply to the community. Can I join the toaster movement? Hahaha
    Kind regards.

  • Stephen Perkins

    Ages ago when I took business law (I am not a lawyer) the argument was framed as individual rights versus societal rights. There was a pendulum effect where the rights issue went back and forth over time. Where does the individual’s rights end and society’s rights begin. It seems to me that the pendulum has swung so far into individual rights that it may never get back to society’s rights.

  • John Mallary

    You guys need to post your videos on Bitchute and use GAB as a twitter alternate.
    Silicon Valley is actively controlling content, deplatforming, censoring and selectively targeting.
    It seems like its politically motivated. Alex jones was a moneymaker, and they blew him away.
    Styxhexenhammer666 channel on YT has interesting perspectives on the disingenuous actions and motivations of the corporate internet platforms. Other stuff too, he’s another one of those smart diligent folks who’s work saves me work researching. Good perspective on politics, as he’s neither dem or rep.
    But there’s an internet storm brewing, Congress may not act in time to stave off damage to alternate media on YouTube. It is a HUGE 1A issue. The internet is the modern soap box, the modern press, the modern newsprint.
    It must be free of all censorship.
    Plus, deplatforming crazies like the cynagog shooter, just pisses them off more!
    Heed my words. Upload everything onto alternative media platforms. Fail in this at your potential peril!


  • 3xtr8

    Quick math puzzle for you. Using the articles number, how many 0bservers could be expected to fit this classification?

    “By some estimates, as many as one in 100 people have differences or disorders of sex development, such as hormonal conditions, genetic changes or anatomical ambiguities, some of which mean that their genitalia cannot clearly be classified as male or female.”

    Now, imagine how many people you probably know who fit the above classification. Keep in mind you can’t tell from “looking” at someone. You all most assuredly know someone who fits this criteria whether you know it or not (because it’s statistically inevitable unless you live under a rock). You can decide for yourselves how you would feel if someone you know and were friendly with fit the quoted description. If they didn’t tell you, you could go your whole life never knowing. I’ve heard it stated that per global occurrence intersex persons are as common as red heads. Know any red heads?

    Gender is a social construct. Biology and genetics are a whole big random machine that appears to trend binary but in reality the complexity goes beyond quantum. To attempt to reduce people to a static binary misses simultaneously the big picture and the nitty gritty details. Obsessing over other people’s genitalia, gender, sex, biology or genes is probably not a healthy habit to casually cultivate.

    The FOURTH AMENDMENT provides for “[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Be that a person’s genes or jeans, it’s hands off for the gov’t and frankly, the nosey busy bodies who refuse mind their own business (since you opened the door on ad hominids by using the word “stupid”; which the article was not — publication in Nature is evidence enough.) The whole idea that we have to classify, label, define, box in, tag, and document, every human being is not stupid, but an exercise in futility and a big waste of time. Reductionism has tried, failed, been reworked, failed some more, and died. Get over it.

    Lastly, I can’t figure out WHY the need for sharing your unexamined (lack of viewpoint diversity, absence of devils advocate, lack of empathy, and/or failure to check bias) inner bigotry on the B sides of what’s supposed to be a discussion about space weather and applicable science news… You guys aren’t stupid, but these personal opinions that never get checked and are super off topic for what the S0 and EU community is about really detract from all the great work that gets done and shared here. Please do better; it’s past getting old.

    • Eicee Wadder

      I literally couldn’t say it better.

  • Eicee Wadder

    Cowards. I’ve followed you since shortly after Fukushima. “Eyes open, no fear” What is being forced on you poor white hetero males who have all the power? A tyranny of the minority is exactly what the US is about. I spent twenty two years in the United States Army Defending the constitution. Not the people of amerika. My oath said nothing about people. Look it up. Any over populated species develop sexual diversity. You’ve done so much research on space weather and your ignorance of this subject is exactly what you rail against others for in your field of study. If anybody you should be aware of flawed science and scared white men have decided for everyone what gender is. What are you afraid of? You no longer have the right to speak to me, on bravery. My wife and I have not missed a single episode and yesterday I plugged you to Joe Rogan. I have to redact that now. Two years ago I finished my degree and throughout I was a proponent of you and your channel to professors and peers. I have to contact them and redact that. I bought your book and donated it to our public library. Now I need to do something about that as well. If you missed the point of this event in our experience by such a wide margin I no longer have faith in your research and will go elsewhere. I thank you for helping us gather tools for observation and will have nothing further to do with you. Bigotry is cowardly.

    • Jake Di Vita

      How about you go take Biology 101 and stop railing against “white men” you fucking racist.

  • blackhole

    how long is the chat page going to be under construction?

  • Fire302


  • Johnathan Jones

    Whoa Ben, Whoa…..(said smugly).”That’s not a human baby boy, what you call a penis is a teaspout. What you are looking at my un-book learned friend is a teapot, just check the tea for iron in it, proving it is metal or a duck”. or a American or European sparrow. I miss the days of 1984 when War was peace and Hate was love. Now adays it’s war is a unicorn, or figure on a Uriah Heap cover. But of Course I think , therefor I am, oh wait scratch that, I’m a cabin on the dark side of the farthest stars moon that just appeared with no builder, not thinking at all. Can a deity make a immovable object and then move it? Yes the Human heart.

    But seriously, those with no clear gender are the very very vast minority of humans on Earth(unless pollution gets even worse and more mutations occur. Or we turn into earthworms and are no longer humans, a different species and classification. It has never been any different, to wit a exponentially exploding population. In the past they felt the need to voice and the silent majority said nothing. Now they are quick to hate on those that would disagree with them. I would just say that we who disagree are here, get used to it.

  • HeavyDuty13

    As enraging as YouTube’s partisan antics may be, they literally can’t violate your first amendment rights. Only the federal government (or, as interpreted loosely by the courts, any entity that takes federal monies) can do so — see “Congress shall make no law”.

  • Don Joseph

    All human beings contain both masculine & feminine energies from their parents through procreation of egg F(-) & sperm M(+). However…
    Gender is clearly understood in Biological terms that eventually an adult Female produces eggs & an adult Male produces sperm.
    There is ample evidence of mutations and Hermaphrodites throughout human history & they have obvious inalienable rights like the rest of us.
    Everyone else involved seems to be easily manipulated into forcing their beliefs on others.
    The fact that doctors attempt to surgically “change” someones sex & drug companies sell hormone drugs to confused people is shameful.

    Most of these confused people have a psychological issue known as “GENDER DYSPHORIA”. <—-look it up—-<< Be*Well

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