FOTW November 10, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Adrian, Todd, Tony

Fly on the Wall: You.

— Grand solar minimum/Zharkova discussion begins @18:23

Grand Minimum Analysis with which I Disagree:
What will remain in 1000yrs?

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  • Billy Rogers


  • Billy Rogers

    There is something different in the activity of the out of phase record breaking cold and volcanic activity Cosmic Ray’s alone ,? Or exactly once again our magnetospherical problems. Lay it all out Ben

    • Johnathan Jones

      Billy, I can tell you what I think. The pollution in our atmosphere is making it more insulative. This is like covering the Earth with a thicker blanket which does not let the earth’s core radiate heat off the surface as fast as it does with a less insulative atmosphere. So the increased heat retention time melts more rock and it rises up to the surface in a increase of volcanic and seismic activity. This increases or amplifies whatever energy effects is coming in from space too at whatever cycle or phase it’s in. Which brings us to the greenhouse effect, increase that and you lift more water vapor up to the sub cold of the upper atmosphere. This means increasing snows, cold and ice formation when it comes down back to earth. This is why the seas are not rising as others predict, the ice is reform almost as fast bas it melts and I think the rate may soon be faster than it melts. Certainly everyone can see how heat and other energy can make the water go up carrying heat off the surface of the Earth, but it cools giving off the heat and bring the coldness of space down. So I predict continued bigger Hurricanes as well as bigger winter events too and bigger volcanos and Earthquakes to as compared too regular past expectations. By the way it seems Ben rarely writes on FOTW, I guess he lets us flies buzz about after the podcast…..

    • S0

      Record breaking volcanic? Record LOW volcanic aerosols right now.

  • michael.dick

    If you all know that the placebo and the Nocebo (negative result) are a thing….then I must invite you to look beyond the brain (Ben) and body altogether. You cannot find the source of something by looking at the what it effects, other then remembering that it is not it the source. You must turn your awareness elsewhere. I contest that the brain has little to do with the Mind, other than attempting to shackle and divide it, thus shackle the essence of what we (humanity) really are.

  • Caroline5765

    Re the Ghana deaths- there are a handful of very deadly plants in Ghana that have the potential to cause both cardiovascular/intestinal reaction and will drop you dead in short order. Not to mention they can be hidden in foods, whether intentional or incidental. Tema General Hospital said several of the victims seemed to have died of hypertension, poisoning would be my guess. Toxicology reports will tell.
    As usual, being prepared for anything means you always have something to see you through, whether it is weather related or not. Thank you for the upload as always. Kind regards for a wonderful weekend.

  • John Mallary

    Hahaha 😂
    Billy got it!
    Hey, if aliens were probing Uranus… And our system covertly, why would they accellerate their inconspicuous and deceptive lightshow,, in defiance of natural law and classical physics?

    What would Wal think?
    First he’d haholes see if he can pick holes in exactly what methodology is being used to determine that this thing is actually accelerating in defiance of physics… Seeing as the best telescopes evidently cannot actually see it.

    Failing that, I’d have to be him…
    Failing that, perhaps it is in some way, highly magnetic. And perhaps as is passed through the heliospheric current sheet, is was accelerated like a reverse rail gun.
    Maybe it converged with the the connection between sun and Saturn?
    Where’s the energy coming from?
    Perhaps it’s shape and/or properties, were effected by plasma resonance in the sheet? Certainly wasn’t from CME.

  • LyonTheeves

    Won’t take your land and build giant structures in the U.S.? They do it all the time. The Twin Towers were created that way. Eminent domain is used by power companies, railroads, cities, counties, states, and gas companies every year. What about highways, stadiums, arenas, factories, etc?

  • Richard Dahlem

    Looks like the Sun begged to differ with the good professor this morning (Monday Nov. 12, 2018) by making some sunspots come up- on the Earth facing side!

  • Snarf552000

    Good to know you tried to get her ( Prof. Zarkohva). I would love to see you both on stage at OTF at some point in the future to debate this subject. It’s great you both have respect for each other and I think either way we are arguing semantics. It would be interesting to see you both defend your positions with your datas. Good stuff and great section from 18-36 specifically. I’m glad it appears you hear me.

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