FOTW November 24, 2018

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Adrian, Todd

– Double Star Spiral and Gamma 2 Come:
– The Dead Sea Explosion:

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  • Maker_of_flux

    Tried to login to participate, the app would not work on my browser safari. Post a how-to for joining the chat please, or a list for which browsers the chat app supports.

    • KittyMac

      Maker_of_flux…..We don’t actually ‘participate’ in the FOTW discussions. We just get to listen to Ben and his friends in discussions with each other. WE are the flies on the wall. 😉

  • Norton

    Great FOTW today guys.

  • neilwilkes

    There are vitrified areas in Scotland too.
    There is also a lot of heavily heat damaged megalithic structures in boyh Egypt and South America too.
    Not sold on the meteor strike theory. It seems to my mind that impacts and collisions are being invoked fsr too often when in reality these large events would be extremely rare.
    My money would be on a huge CME impact

  • epeeb1

    Civilizations Develop to a point and then destroy themselves,We are a predatory species who try very hard to destroy themselves with surprising regularity.With Artificial Intelligence we might stand a chance of defeating the cycle but anything goes ? They might have turned the lights back on in Atlantis ?

    • Verbose_Ghost

      Respectfully, I disagree with your fatalist analysis of humankind. The problem with Civilizations is that their integrity diminishes over time. Many pivotal things which were understood during the founding become dulled, impotent, and corrupt as time progresses. Institutions are begun and proceed in the same way as algorithmic recursion does; However, because human plans do not account for natural changes, we often find ourselves in positions where our algorithmic behaviors and institutions no longer reflect and address real problems in effective ways. So, by my estimation, it is not because we are constantly racing toward self-destruction… It is because we become sedentary in the calm which is afforded us by our successful past efforts to avoid destruction which no longer serve us well.

      In regard to your second point, as a programmer and data analyst, I would like to assure you that the unregulated, unfettered experimentation with AI is something which we do at our absolute peril. If you think the broken gears of our current algorithms of behavior are frightening, you should be terrified about surrendering your free will to a fully automated life form which is more efficient than humanity in every way (ie: in gentility and brutality). Our children always inherit our sins, even if they are made of metal and circuitry. There is always a healthy dose of man in the machine.

      I believe that the way forward now is to embrace the responsibility of the individual, address the problems which you can address, be aware of larger problems as they present themselves, and not to fall into ideological pits in the coming years which will only serve to undermine our ability to confront the future with strength, humanity, and wisdom. Don’t be so eager to fling yourself into the dangerous chasm of AI. It is not our savior, though it could be our servant if we bother to sort out our demons first.

  • Fire302

    Thanks Guy’s cool stuff.

  • RoxanneSumners

    So good, thanks! How can we order Adrian’s book?

    • KittyMac

      “Suspect Sky” is Adrean’s You Tube channel. You might find some info there.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload and interesting topics. Congratulations on your publication Adrian. Kind regards for a great week!

  • michael.dick

    Is this proverbial grid keeping things out, or keeping us in…or both What are we, the general collective, being kept from? The questions are not baseless, and it demands further study.

  • Lena Marie

    E.T.’s logic and motivations are bound to be different than ours; assuming we can say what they would or would not do is pretty silly. They might absolutely decide that a Von Neumann-type probe/fleet of probes was a good idea. Also Ben, it’s extremely frustrating when you ask one of the other guys a question, and then cut them off when they answer you. You did it several times in this broadcast.

  • Ellfman

    What if during each Solar Minimum/Maximum the resonance of the solar system changes and some objects become displaced (or released) from a previous orbit?

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