FOTW May 5, 2018

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  • KittyMac

    Fulvic Acid is what you could add to your water for mineral replacement.Check into it. 😉

  • Ricky Neff

    If you contact news flare or news flash and speak to them I am sure they will enter a trust system to whitelist you from the system. It is automated and can be circumvented.

  • Dave Posh

    Bubble rings – reminds me of the rings that porpoises make using ultrasonic sound underwater.

  • MrToad

    The chord of the rings. They’re playing together. Like likes like 🙂 Dr. Gerald Pollack explores the electric reasons behind this in his EZ water talks. It also reminds me of Dr. Clarage’s Awesome explanation of this effect during the EU2017 talk when he made half of the audience helium 3 molecules who could no longer see the other half of the audience because they were all hydrogen molecules. We could all only see the molecules that were similar to us and we were attracted to them. I also explored this idea with spherical magnet rings. They distort one another according to the fields around them and as the numbers of ring layers build up, their combined field increases in force. I made a video about it but, like this one, it is images only (no words). I totally agree that the larger bottom ring pulled the top ring toward it. The force of the greater mass pulled the smaller similar mass toward it. They are rotating tubes in the water and when they meet they ricochet their toroidal flows into one another forcing them to wind up and then unwind and expand and thin as they release the energy of their spin and degrade. I can repost the video with the magnet rings on my fb. The resemblance of the water rings to the plasma ropes in space cannot be denied. I am very interested in how these types of thing interact……………In regard to another comment, It’s always interesting to me the things that are blamed on us humans and the other things that aliens are given credit for. smh……………… Ben- I love what you’re saying about the individuality of black holes. And, the heart beats of all of anything with a pulse is extremely important. PLease keep going with that topic. Everything living seems to breathe, beat, expand contract, piezoelectric effect! And then the release of built up stress. Wow, like a crystal. How are stars like crystals?!? Lots of ways. Please keep talking about this subject. Thank you for your time. Thanks for all you do. Have a great week everybody.

  • Brenton Ihms

    I live in Tucson. This whole week is gonna be hot 🙁

  • Caroline5765

    Aside from essential oils, look into food grade diatomaceous earth for your grasshoppers or other pests, even ticks, fleas etc. Just do not use it if you or your neighbor have bee hives. Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • Catchdogdan

    The bubbles are air released useally by mouth in a large out breath…i have also seen them created by dumping the air from your regulator in a burst …SCUBA


    Thanks again guys, great subjects today.
    Be safe

  • Unity Gain

    Here’s another interesting bubble ring video from the same cat…

  • nmarshall

    Take a look at Paul Gautschi’s garden videos. No till. Heavy mulch. He gets 14” of rain per year and has never watered his orchard. Rarely waters the garden. His production is huge.

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