FOTW March 4, 2017

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  • Bill

    Could it also have been that the Earth formed in the area where system frequencies deposited Iron Isotopes?

  • Tom Sawyer

    I think we need to pull up the anchor chains of assumed ages of earth and the solar system and look at planetary formation in a different way. Why can’t the rocky planets be the ancient cores of gas giant planets? In order for this to happen it would likely require billions and billions of years for what I call stellar/planetary metamorphic electro chemical differentiation to create rocky planets.Just an idea but there are others that have quietly been asking themselves the same question!Lol

  • Catherine MacDonald

    I saw a short video about two or three months ago that showed three turkeys circling a big tree, endlessly…just like those turkeys circling the dead cat. o.O

  • maurice de coster

    Very interesting theseuodiscussions
    would like to know your position towards traditional science
    one question is important:
    is consciousness at the origin of the brain or the other way around?
    because depending on the answer the whole view of the universe is very different!
    thanks for any comments

  • olduglycarl

    Interesting article on this giant neuron…however I think it would be safe to say that this in not the region of what we sometimes misprecieve as consciousness;..awareness, perhaps. In humans, this region of what may be and organ related to mere awareness is where the vibratory energy comes from that creates the quantum field outside our heads which is most likely, the mind.
    It’s not surprising to see this structure. In different forms perhaps, plants too, have an awareness of their environment and also, every cell in your body has a self receptor that transceives it’s perception not just the inner environment but the outer environment as well. But it’s key to understand that awareness and consciousness alone are completely different things but for one to be conscious (self introspection) one must be aware.
    So my elongated point here is No…they have not found the seat of consciousness. For that they must look outside the head in the mind…if in fact they have one…(example…the creatures in our government, like that mouse…do not)

  • Caroline5765

    The turkey circle link to the video, when you go to it, it says the account user has been removed…hmmm

  • Caroline5765

    I live in NC and have 2 cinnamon trees growing; Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum or verum) is the true cinnamon; if you are using cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomom aromaticaum or cassia)the store bought kind, better only use small amounts as it has coumarin, (a natural plant chemical that acts as a blood thinner ) in large amounts and can be toxic to the liver and kidneys and counter blood pressure medicine (if you are on that) not to mention they use it in perfumes and fabric conditioners. Great for the smell, sachets, potpourri etc. but not the best for internal use. Anyway, I am sure you know the difference, just making sure any listeners do too, eyes open.

    • Jones mallary

      Type in Turkeys circle dead cat

  • Caroline5765

    Speaking of sodas, one last lesson ok? If you like Vanilla flavored sodas (and other vanilla flavored foods) then you might want to read up on CASTOREUM. Wait, I will save you the Auntie Google. It is a beavers sac, it is mainly used in foods and beverages as part of a vanilla substitute. How about that cherry-vanilla coke? hahaha

  • Wade F Hutson

    Congratulations on the birth of your second child!

  • Jon Mallary

    The Turkey behavior was weird. I’ve seen them circle, usually they trot. These were calmly strolling along. I like Cat Worshiping.

    What if, every function in any given animals body, that involves any electricity related function,is, by some as yet undiscovered law of nature, reflected resonantly as a standing wave, formed along longitudinal waves in the same medium and similar to gravity’s dipole magnetics as described by Thornhill? Could the birds, with their functional magnetic field detection ability for example, detect the disbursement of the cat’s resonant patterns, away from its body after death?

    My scientist Son in law elect, responded with this when I shared the vid with him. He’s an avid Turkey Hunter and biologist for fish and game.

    I saw that turkey video. I read a wildlife biologist explanation. Apparently they are curious of the cat “predator”, and use the follow the leader strategy in flocks. So if they are aligned right they just go around and around. Pretty weird!

  • silvermitt

    Has anyone given thought that the turkey walk could also be neuro related? I know it sounds far fetched, but we do often get mass bird die offs where they fall from the sky in large quantities. What if whatever causing the birds to do this could be less effective on the ground level, where magnetism might mitigate it?

  • John Otter

    [What does this imply?] As I revisit some of my notes from older FOTW, in the context of more recent discussions, I find myself giggling about these Earth-Origin hypotheses. Our little planet is a star. We KNOW that rates of carbon-14 decay vary with interstellar current fluctuations, yet we seem to forget that there is an entire spectrum of nuclides for all known elements. Iron is such a special case in its permitivity and permeability, and its origins under quantum extremes is all but unknown. I refuse to believe that fusion does not occur in Earth’s superconductive strata, nor that Lanthanide and Actinides, as well as their fission products, are limited to collision laboratories. We keep forgetting that Earth is geologically and stellarly alive, and that our observations of isotopes are distant memories and shadows of the obvious.

  • Ryan Lockhart

    the “turkey circle” youtube vid. got taken down…

  • neftertron

    You guys are well qualified, even after the necronantic turkeys!!

  • Ryan

    Article relevant to the diabetes discussion.

    TL;DR … Fat accumulates in the tissues and creates insulin resistance. The most current understanding anyways.

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