FOTW February 25, 2017

On the line: Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Trevor, Todd (

Polar Bears

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  • Scott Rosenkilde

    Thnx Billy,

    Congrats to Katherine and Ben!!!

  • silvermitt

    The discussion regarding self driving vehicles gets extensive coverage by Mike Shedlock, an economist with the blog, Mishtalk . I’m not a cheerleader for this upcoming change for humanity from this, but I can see many pros and cons. If you peruse his topics, you’ll find many about this subject. For financial reasons alone, I believe Mr. Shedlock approves of the change to self driving vehicles, though you’d have to ask him yourself for confirmation. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Jon Mallary

    Very well done guys! Thank you.
    Congratulations to the parents our newest observer.
    Have a great day!

  • Johnny

    Good job guys. Congratulations family! Peace and love

  • olduglycarl

    Listening to fly on the wall, interesting stuff guys, good job in the absence of Ben…congrats Ben.

    The introduction of electronics in the human brain and or body, unless you have a birth defect or have been injured is totally unnecessary in my opinion. Just look at how far we have come, Humans with no language, to humans with not only language but an imagined voice, then we loose that voice and gain our own to eventually be able to control our behavior, to utilize a mind outside our brain and last but certainly not the end of the road of evolution, being able to make quantumly entangled connections in order to gain new knowledge and skills. (using the basic work of Julian Jaynes) This is what I do in my studies.

    Granted, much of our world has yet to reach a stable stage of conscious introspection but maybe 50% of western society has.
    And as you’ve observed…nothing is impossible unto us…so why side step nature. We are so eager to do For the body and brain but not willing to work with them, do the hard work of ascending naturally. We’d be side stepping many important lessons if we evolve artificially and like we’ve seen in recent history, do a whole lot of harm, to ourselves, to our planet and maybe even existence itself.

    We have yet to understand just how the physical and quantum laws of existence has shaped what we are.

  • Piper11

    Congratulations Katherine and Ben. With Billy talking so much this time I had to actually adjust the bass 🙂

  • KittyMac

    A very warm WELCOME to baby Noah Aten Davidson!
    Great job on this FOTW session, guys!
    My first thoughts as to the cause of monkey’s Down Syndrome was most likely either glyphosate (or other pesticide) poisoning from foods, or nuclear radiation.
    RE: Immune system discussion…Todd very briefly mentioned dehydration. It’s been determined that something like 90% of diseases develop due to dehydration in the human body; and somewhere around 75-80% of the population suffers from dehydration.
    Thanks for sharing your time and thoughts with us today, my fellow S0s! <3<3<3

    Catherine MacDonald

  • DebbyS

    The new baby’s first day finds Albuquerque a little warmer than yesterday and less windy, though at 4:07pm it is breezy out again and 55F under sunny skies, probably today’s high temp. We expect it to be cooler tomorrow, and cloudy. This morning at 5pm, just after Ben would have uploaded the daily report, it was 25F out and by 8am it was only 28F. A typical February day. I’m glad the baby will be wrapped in warm blankets! Maybe even some made by Natives [Navajo or Hopi?] from wool sheered off some of the sheep raised here in New Mexico or Arizona.

  • Ralphsonjohnny

    This seems like an ok time to share. Grasping for straws if you will.

    According to the nuclear energy institute: “As of November 2016, 30 countries worldwide are operating 450 nuclear reactors for electricity generation and 60 new nuclear plants are under construction in 15 countries.”

    The US Energy Information Administration says: “There are 61 commercially operating nuclear power plants with 99 nuclear reactors in 30 states in the United States.”

    Information regarding the total number of non commercial reactors in use is not readily available but there are 24 universities in the US with research reactors, Over 140 US ships are powered by more than 180 small nuclear reactors. Russia, China, France, Germany, Japan, India, Iran etc. also have nuclear powered ships, icebreakers, submarines and/or research reactors. Actual totals are not known.

    Armed with this information one can safely say that we will likely see more disasters as these reactors age. And therefore we must contemplate all possible methods of remediation available. It is our duty if for no other reason than the sake of those left behind when we cross over the rainbow bridge of finality.

    Maybe Elon Musk could be convinced to donate his tunnel boring machine to bore underneath the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant disaster area in an attempt to capture and/or contain the mess currently killing our planets Pacific Ocean.

    Maybe drill wells and pump liquid nitrogen into the ground to slow the influx of contaminated water.

    Someone should start a group for like minded citizen scientists to brainstorm such ideas. Invite me, I will actively participate.

    February 25, 2017

  • Caroline5765

    Congratulations to Ben, Kat and Kira! A baby brother, and while I may never get to be first on the YouTube channel I can say I was first to bring a diaper! (back in October so I am sure I was first) hahaha. I hope they are all doing well and in great health!
    Todd thank you for lending a hand to the S0 FOTW army today, nice to hear you all carrying the FOTW.
    Tony I have to catch up on the Guns & Butter episodes! I totally have been missing out!
    Billy, Ben is surely resting easy with you on the team lead job. Interesting topics as always. Much to be said about inflammation, I will save my 2 cents for another time. On a short, look up gelatin for arthritis, osteo etc. Also, if you want some tumeric and muscadine grape skin capsules get out of the retired space shuttle seat and shoot me an email. I’ll make and mail you some.
    Artificial intelligence will get artificial results. The translation root word- skill. AI kills human skills. 2 cents.
    I have been wanting to ask you guys this for a long time: What if I told you that God was electric (for the terms we use) and is in everything? I ask people to ponder that and they usually say ‘not everything has electricity’. To which I say- perhaps not everything man made, but everything that exist without man’s hand has electricity in it from atoms to eternity and infinity. I AM THAT I AM.
    Okay you can kick me to the curb now. Thank you for the upload gentlemen. Kind regards.

  • Jichelle

    Noah Aten Davidson we are sooo happy to have you here! Congratulations to your lovely family. I’m very much looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming event in April! Now…time for some Fly on the Wall!

  • richard

    Good fotw guys I enjoyed it

  • Mr Billy

    God Is a Spirit I suggest he is Far Above Electricity,it obviously is a tool he uses but he is far above mans labels He is But our thoughts are not even close the best two words are light and Love that describe him Without movement their can not be Electricity or light.

  • markaxen

    all chronic illness – dis ease is either a deficiency in mineral, vits., essential fats, all exacerbated by too much glucose/carbs. not to mention the perfect storm of glyphosate and heavy metal poisoning leading to accumulated toxins / heavy metals particularly in the brain. chelation therapy helps. generational heavy metal passing of toxic load is possible and happens as the mothers body is scavaged for the growing fetus especially the bone mass where lead is sequestered.

    oh by the way, fuck the robots. pardon the “french”

  • Caroline5765

    Mr Billy, thanks for the input and share. Love, a derivative of heartfelt impulses no? And the heart is electric, no? It is also suggested that it sends and receives electrical impulses up to 10 feet or more in the environment; light… a form of electricity, no? It too uses electricity/magnetism (I do so wish we had better words) in forms. Spirits, are they not a form of residual or different plane of electricity, no? Yes beyond mans description, but we have to use something to look at the sum of the whole. I believe that electricity and light cause movement and require it, but either way I agree, it is beyond our ability to label… looks like one hand washes the other as we look deeper … made in the image of. Kind regards.

  • dr14e

    Thanks guys, for a great talk – lots of food for thought 🙂
    Welcome to baby Noah Aten!

  • MStewart51

    Congratulation!!! Welcome Noah 😀

    Thanks for all you guys so.

  • Kathiezzzz

    This article was interesting on phagocytic clearance of apoptotic cells is essential to prevent chronic inflammation and autoimmunity
    I too have osteoarthritis and believe, low fat milk and artificial fats are contributing to decline in immunity health. Also important to persistent anemia, lots to learn about diet and health. Much better since I have changed mine. Good health outcomes assured.

  • carlos

    Congratulations Ben and Kat,

    Pura vida Billy..!!
    Carlos from Costa Rica

  • jamers

    time for me to catch up!! woohoo!

  • Billy Rogers

    the Best I can think of a Vacuum Energetic place and meaning is the Atmospheric Stratification of elements in the fast moving ether. Allowing us to observe a changing Universe from the local solar system to systems of galactic scale” Billy Rogers 2017.

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