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– Magnetism, Not Binary:
– 200-Year Recurrent Nova on Supergiant:
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  • Cosmicgoddess

    Hello Everyone,
    Following on the question of turning the group mindset towards truth, here’s a detailed and nuanced explanation.

  • Linefeed

    Could the change in the sun’s location be due to changes in the atmosphere and a result of diffraction?

  • Bigpicguy

    Yep, gonna need to throw a “catfish told ya so” in right here. We have tilted & the moon is confounded. Good luck folks & keep those heart magnets meek & connected… Mother Earth has has everything under control

  • cjan137

    Ben & Gary:

    Just and FYI here. I’ve been mentally noting the position of the sun. I live in the middle of Illinois. I’ve noted no wobble or change in the sun’s location as it travels through the sky. It is setting on the hill to the west of my house where it is supposed to this time of year, and at high noon, it is located on my deck (on the north side of my house) where it is supposed to be.

  • Kevin Benham

    Maybe an old fashioned sun dial would have been a way to track the path the sun took throughout the day, year to year. The windows on the south side of my previous house in Colorado acted like a sun dial and I often noticed that at certain times of the day/year, the sun was shining on spots that were unusual. However, I noticed that the sun rose and set where it was supposed to. Thought I was crazy, but now I am sure of it!

  • cjan137

    Ben & Billy… Sorry Billy. got my shows mixed up.

  • sean leech

    Thanks SO team for an interesting discussion. It is difficult to take stock of the Sun here in Ireland as the weather has returned to wind with a cool aspect and cloud after a week of dry and partially sunny weather. It is the coolest summer so far that I have experienced in 43 years. farming . Rainfall though frequent is well below normal for the year so far also.

    • Houseboat Grandma

      Love yall from Houseboat Grandma here on Louisiana bayou USA 🇺🇸
      Husband surprised me the other day it was 3:00 and he said look at where the sun is, its straight up in noon position, I confirmed that. Husband waking up, yay. I am soo glad I did what I needed to do, got What I needed to get when I did, not paying attention to what others thought. Husband is glad too.
      The weather is crazy like the humans.
      Big hugs and kisses 😘 🤗 💕
      God Bless you All 🙏
      God Bless Everyone
      Lord have Mercy Christ have Mercy
      Peace be with you 🙏

  • Michael Flagg

    A bit of a random sync, but check out the following short thread:

    Take a look at the symbol on the hat for Antarctica…

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d This thing about the sun is giving me the heeby-jeebs; sunrise & sunset seem to be at normal place for this time of year, but arc of sun, at its zenith, is not as far north as it would usually be, it seems… I have not watched it carefully, but sun is on a southeast porch when it would normally be in shadow, sometimes it seems. This truly gives me the creeps, that Billy’s sun-pattern is about a month slow!

    Re. the lies about J6, I do not know how much of my emotion can be detected by my computer and sent to Microsoft (yes, my OS is still Microsoft, not Linux or Mint) but if the FBI knew how angry I am they would liquidate me ASAP and leave no molecule of my body whole. I am having all sorts of fantasies about who in this wretched totalitarian-tending regime should be immediately K-O’d in the worst ways possible… but most of the anger winds up in the plumbing and in various pains below the belt, as my post-surgical terminal predispositions continue to progress.

    The J6 trials — reminds me so much of the trials of Refusniks, in the 70’s, who applied to leave the Soviet Union and were imprisoned and/or sent to Siberia on ‘trumped-up’ charges. But in a way worse. The people at the Rally to Save America are the cream of the crop, it was such a mellow and genuinely non-denominational but religious gathering, and the professional Antifa phonies made such a destruction of the situation, hired, of course, probably with a bit of planning from some Pelosi affiliates, I would not be surprised. She was bragging ‘we still have a few arrows in our quiver’, all of which are not fair-fight. It’s all a totalitarian fraud, and I am really scared what else will happen, having seen some old films of what happened in China when Mao took over. 48 million were killed, I read in one place, but elsewhere I read that the numbers were in the billions. With all of this, Communist China seems to licking its chops, ‘hot diggity dog, time for the Cultural Revolution in the USA’, and, even in a predominantly white and Christian neighborhood, I am sometimes afraid to reveal what I look like because of my skin color which has been at times olivey (I hope not just when I am green from motion sickness) but often passes for white. I am starting to put together impressions from throughout the years, of the planning that went into this coup, and some things are starting to fall into place. Unaffiliated politically, I forget to uncheck the radio button, 2 years ago, that said to send me a Dem primary ballot, so when my ballot came I realized I had the wrong one (Aug. ’20 I thought the Dem crimes would just blow over but they have progressed from an -itis, a mere irritation, to an -osis, and advanced inflammation and swelling with huge detriment to the health of the country and world) so I went to a nearby polling place, an unltr-liberal church most of whose artwork is rainbow-themed (Ugh) and they actually did give me a ballot for the Republican primary, and I explained that I was finding the news disturbing, and that I am a fith-generation American; the polling-place worker who was in charge gave me a condescending and pitying smile, which really disarmed me, as it seemed to portend that they have plans to further dismantle America, that America is history and what’s next is a law-of-the-jungle anti-European-ancestry blood-bath.

    I just get so upset about the 2020 election and J6 that I want to dash my skull to pieces, because I know my brains will cry out once the blood is exposed… and that somehow if the birds would eat my brains they would fly to DC and tell the truth about what happened. They can’t be banned on line and do not have citizen records that can be blacklisted, so maybe they would tell the story better than I could, if I would only stop being such a lily-livered chicken and finding other things to do besides protest in audible ways that are impossible to ignore. Yes, I am about to explode.

    Of course, I was trained from an early age to despise terminal self-harm but it sure is tempting as a form of protest. I am trying to figure out how to drop informational bombshells where they belong (no, not real bombshells, I am not supposed to write here about anything illegal, but, rather, pieces of incontrovertible information that will embarrass Democrats, CCP, and Chinese infiltrators, as well as a few Royals and, sadly, Mr. Soros himself (I hate to have to feel this badly about a fellow Jew but I cannot help it) and send them all into self-imposed hibernation due to embarrassment while decent people start to put the world together again. I just have not figured out how to do that.

    ‘Back, back, back in the U-S-of-A … you will not be happy if you stay’ … somehow these words came to me when trying to re-word the ‘Back in the USSR’ lyrics to fit our American situation today. Yes, I love the traditional American ideals, and the natural beauty of our wild places, but the politics has gone putrid and it appears that Justice died and the Constitution is widely ignored. I really am ready to explode. It does not all belong in the plumbing like what is happening.

    Meanwhile I hear motorcycles at night, here in Denver, like I started to hear in Brooklyn, after ISIS went underground, about 2015. I think they are planning something. It was not Hell’s Angels! It was mostly African or other dark-complected recent immigrant motorcyclists, in Brooklyn, and I think it’s happening here now. NYC is so trashed out. A number of my friends, including my husband’s ex, relocated to FL.

    I think a definite statement by the sun might be in order, to put these ‘immigrants’ mindsets, and ambitions, with taking over America, back into a normal framework. Just a little blip of a CME, and maybe they would begin to miss their homelands.

    And I am still all for giving Leonard Peltier a fair trial, but I think most decent Native Americans would also not respect the trash-heap that DC has turned into, and if they had the real info they would boo the current administration out of power, and perhaps scorch Pelosi with disapproval for talking about ‘arrows’ and ‘quivers’ as though she were a friend of Native Americans. Most of them are very honest, and very impoverished, and what made American Democracy stand out, in the whole world, was what we learned from the Iroquois’ democracy that they had before our European settlers even came, so I think this is something where, if we could call on decent Native Americans, of whom there are a large percentage, we could actually straighten out this mess. The ‘big’ Dem politicians are not their friends; they are just using them to inflate their own status and wealth.

    Only honesty is a friend of honesty. Thank you for being honest.

  • nmarshall

    I thought I was losing it. I had had marks on my building for the season change sunrise shadow dates. My husband built a roofed area that blew my marking technique out of the water. But a portion of my garden always started to be in the shadow of the building next door at 2pm. Not this year. It doesn’t get shade until after 3. I’m not precise there because I thought I was just not paying attention. I’m in southeastern WV.

  • nmarshall

    Second comment. Sorry. Can you talk about “flash drought”? Mainstream is underplaying the Solar Radiation Increase part of the 4 reasons they give for this new weather phenom: lack of rain, higher than normal winds, higher than normal temps, and Solar Radiation. Not only has the sun moved in relation to my garden but I myself am getting darker faster. I wear a shade hat, but it’s looking like I need to wear long sleeves and pants, too, while outdoors.

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