FOTW June 17, 2017

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Adrian

After the call we discussed Bootes further – we are not in the void, which is 700 million light years away, we just zoomed enough in to see it amidst the other stars… just because another star doesn’t eclipse our view out it, doesn’t mean we are inside of it… zoom halfway and you likely see a million stars in the field surrounding it.

Sun is Binary:
Research Fake:

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  • Michael Flynn

    Hey Men Here in Arizona the Sun appears to be unusually Large in the Sky for the past several years, glacial sunglasses recommended. I lost two trees last year due to the heat and or odd ground absorption (poor soil?), still with a large water bill. I noticed all my neighbors trees surviving so I’m evaluating the situation still as we head into a very hot dry week. The Phoenix Weather Forecasts expected to near 120 breaking records. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist but I must admit haven’t seen the sky being hash tagged by jet fuel dumping… contrail tracks… or other nefarious factors. The suspicious observation is up to the individual… Looking forward to the monsoon rain. I’m very interested in Binary Sun evidence/ research.

    • Toothfairy6797

      I live in far West Central Minnesota & I noticed a big reduction of Chem-trails since the election in Nov. Normally in June they’re flying over at least 4 times a day, multiple days in a row & always 2 planes. I realize that sounds like a lot but I’m not joking. Also I live east of Mobridge Sd where there’s an Air Natl Guard base. They always come from the West & fly east occasionally up from the south which would be Omaha. I had pictures of an X (no joke) that was right above my town from 2013 but they’re currently locked on a netbook that won’t boot. No I don’t wear a tin hat

      • Phurf aka Mike

        They are flying over Chicago area allot, all day everyday! Is it because they want to pollute Lake Michigan? or does it have to do with the Lake and moisture to make clouds? Any Ideas?

  • John Otter

    @1:23 Central – 2 blot echos in vicinity of Bolivia-Chile border in last 18 hours… bigg’un coming? 7+ within 300km?

  • olduglycarl

    “All stars born in pairs”
    Kinda sounds like cell division to me; giving birth to macro pair that may mimic a pair in the quantum world.

    Would we really need be surprised that life, even our own bodies, reflect the functions of existence on a macro scale, right down to the quantum level?

    sumthin to thin about???

  • jimmy mcdufee

    Many crops are sprayed late in the cycle, big time affects gut bacteria. Suggest the patens for Roundup, as an antibotic. Suggest you contact David Perlmutter MD he connected the gut bacteria to the brain. Super smart fellow. He is on Twitter.

  • Caroline5765

    Here is a far-fetched theory I often think on. Our Universe as we know it is electric. We are considered a product of our environment. And you believe we live on after death eternally. What if our souls were electric, and when the body dies the energy is released because it is no longer contained. And what if this soul (for lack of a better word) were able to move freely about, not needing air or food, not being effected by pressures or gravity, it is capable of traveling over great distances to other areas of space and if there long enough becomes a product of the environment which it is in. Thus taking on a new form of sorts, so to speak. Am I sounding crazy yet? Okay. Anyway, when I die, I plan to travel to a planet we have not even seen yet, attract some planet dust on my electric field self and looking like a bright orb catch a current back to earth to see what mayhem the humans have produced lately. Just like they do now. The ones that die and don’t leave at all usually wind up looking like and being what we call ghosts. Hahaha. Happy Fathers Day gentlemen!

  • Star 0bserver

    The void, quarks, pimps and imp wimps are not explained by EU theory. You guys gave me an ah ha moment with this postulation. Are we in the void! Brilliant!

  • kEEpEr

    Massachusetts just got over it’s earliest heat wave ever recorded and was in the mid 90’s for 3 days at least. Even directly on the beach, it seemed the sun was cooking us.
    I do notice when I face directly east using my compass, the sun is north of my location here in Massachusetts. It also sets north of this location and that has never happened before to my knowledge.
    The sun appears to be in a different location.

  • kEEpEr

    I made it through 6 minutes of this video before I got frustrated at the volume changes and left.

  • plancktime

    Thanks for the practical knowledge on HAARP Ben. I found an interesting NASA video on YT:

    Does anyone have links to research on ionosphere interface coupling? Or HAARP? Not BS conspiracy.

  • sativarg

    There are “Patches In The Sky”? I like that. the universe is suffering spongiform encephalitis then.
    I keep haarping on the theory that one or more civilizations own Earth and Humanity. That these ones use life forms like Humans use bees and yeast and horses and … to ripen planets that they use to exploit solar systems like Sol. You take a few Earth like planets in a star.. or you make them and you enrich one with goodies from the star by crashing asteroids and comets into it. Build a nice moon for it that keeps the core active and the ocean currents optimal. Tweak it just right for Human life that you domesticated for the purpose of gather and refining the goodies into better goodies that you can harvest later.

    What if the Booties Void is the remnant of just such activity as seen from the edge just as we ourselves are being used to make it so?
    nobody ever reads my comments whine whine… Do any of you know Lexx? It is funny and raunchy and full of some really great ideas as well. One line from the series is “there are holes in space” and the cause is cool to think about IMHO
    LEXX (Ep.18) “Patches In The Sky” [time stamp ref:22m27s ] (1999) –
    I think the whole series is on youtube now… You guys are too busy to watch stuff like this but I get to wonder all over and do pretty much what I want. say what I want etc… being totally discredited with only life to loose has some advantages? though hollow and small I admit.

    • sativarg

      I do not see an edit button so I’ll continue here with the comic version of how the Void could be forming…
      the Mantrid Drones turn stars into more Mantred dromes till every thing is drones… like the replicators is Star Gate SG1 and the other parallel science fiction imagination explorations…
      But I like my idea of one or more civilizations turning stars like Sol into refined resources as the business as usual in Earth as it is in Heaven. The ultimate capitalism gone malignant eating the mind of God… kind of thing

  • Integrity and Karma

    Looking fwd to that interview with the MIT professor regarding wheat and glyphosates!

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