FOTW July 22, 2017

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Cold Dark Matter
Water Conflict

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  • Harvey Hill

    The last 3 weeks the audio has been very bad. I have a Bosse surround sound and I need to turn it all the way and sit right next to it to be able to hear you. Wasn’t like that prior.

    • Kokopelli

      Is it possible the volume on your computer or whatever you stream from is turned down? not on your stereo volume control that is, it seems fine on my computer

  • Caroline5765

    It is expected in the world of speakers, hence the reason we know why there are contractual agreements in the industry. Maybe one day you will be taking conference applications, hold your head up, moving right along and….next! On a side note I think Lee Wheelbarger would love an invite, but you probably already knew that.
    The Periodical Cicada by Marlatt may be of interest on those guys.
    I am past due to send some support so look for a catch-up check next week Ben and thank you Gentlemen for another set of interesting topics. Kind regards to each of you and the family.

  • john

    Seems like during the last 175 days, coronal wind speeds haven’t been as high.

    Perhaps that’s reflective of the holes abilities to trigger significant quakes via longitudinal coupling.

    Could it be the gas giants orientations, siphoning off energy as they move toward the parallel pair alignment that David has repeatedly suggested, are a significant element of GSMs?

  • cheryl

    Lost my lengthy post. in short, bug hatches off. since mid march. hatches not happening, late, or very few.
    this includes everything but pine beetles and ticks. Spring was cold for the hatch and the fish. Summer so far highs few in 80’s, mostly 70’s, clear nights, cloudy mornings. garden picking up finally. honey bees very few. and most insects too.

    • Chris

      I’ve observed the same thing here Cheryl. I’m in Western WA near the coast. I have a small farm and the flies were no where to be found with the first warmth. None. We did not have a harsh winter (maritime) We finally started to get the small biting flies but not the big horse or deer flies, even till now…none. just the small ones. I live right on a large creek just a few hundred feet from a lake. Also, no ducks. Saw the pairings over winter, but no babies and moms swimming up and down the creek. My raspberries are just coming ripe, usually I’m almost finished up harvesting. The blueberries are usually well on and they are not ripe yet. Also…there has been some burning of some of my plants. Comfrey mostly, but some of the trees as well. I wonder if the UV being so high is an issue? The temps are a bit below normal.

  • bpaddock

    As to effects on plants and animals, something that happened to my late wife and I.

    Karen had a seven year old Gerbil. Seven is very old for Gerbils.

    One morning we woke up and found the very active fellow had passed on with no warning during the night.

    I also discovered that my grandmother’s cat and my cousins cat also died that same night. None had ever had contact with the other.

    What is relevant here is that, on that night a Near Earth Comment went by. Sadly it was before I paid a lot of attention to such things to be able to name it. It would have been in the mid to late 90’s.

    How many such deaths are related to astrophysical events yet no one notices because there is no global correlation of such deaths?

  • Laurie Ledbetter

    Could NASA or whoever is filming the Sun have been threatened by your stats that they are altering the images? Or your view for daily watch seemed to have jumped from 24,000 daily to yesterdays 47,000 views . Now I have not been watching the numbers in a while or ever . My daughter and I noticed them a couple of weeks ago when I told her that in a day 25,000 people viewed your morning report. ARe you tracking views?

  • David Droescher

    The water shortage will be tragic. The posable failures due to loss of control from a Geo Magnetic Storm . Tip the most vulnerable domino(dam) at the top and they all fall downstream. If the Congo has a failure and wipes the Nile river valley clean. Is Egypt going to seek retribution from Congo?

    And thay may eat you…. LoL

    Thank you for moving the submission button.

    how long will it take for the ice too get thick enough,and how thick will have to be,to expose and dry out the continental shelf , the old bread basket? The anwser is how long we as a species will have to hold on provided that this is a grand and not just a minimum. The shelf appears to be the old shore line. In this reagenyou will find many oddities like what appears to be airports conected by multi-lain interstate . Aswell as the rivers cutting down the Continental Slope in spectacular waterfalls . Some can be traced all the way out to the sea floor indacating that the coast was 1000’s of miles from current in some places.

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