FOTW July 18, 2020

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  • blackhole
    • davidwebster

      Politics is a ruse guys. George Soros is an involved with the German Nazis.. Yet he manages to go out and pretend he is a GOP or Liberal, whatever suits him and the other elites.

      The Election gentlemen will be cancelled and a world government might be in its place. A military coup is in order to stop this fakedemic and prevent the forced taking of vaccines containing behavior modification chips. These were made by Bill Gates and team, he is part of the Rockefeller clan. Gates invented the RFID chip, failed to get anyone to consider putting into people. He has them in animals worldwide.

      The power of these people only rivals their influence on everyone. TV and news is a silly thing to depend on when firstly, propaganda as of 2015 was legalized right under the noses of all Americans. All you need to do is let go of this failed system and investigate. I am 65 years old and have on and off researched 30 years on this topic. Read from a journalist who was black balled from writing about 911, Japanese nuke plant incident, the real reason 2008 crash occurred etc. Benjamin is one of millions researching reporting on this topic. If we do not get busy fast doing anything but discussing politics and sitting on our duffs.

      We will be under the control of something worse then communism folks. Totalitarian style government with China as the new super power. Trump is going to disclose regarding UFO Aliens and Roswell and much more soon. He announced he will not be seen for a while due to the attempts on his life. Watching and paying attention to the nonsense they place in front of us is a DISTRACTION. False flags are a thing and what is coming no one is ready for. It appears pretty dismal from several sources besides Benjamin blog.

      Politics will not save us, our fake government run behind the scenes by a deep evil state will not allow us to thrive. Good luck to all..

  • Allenvaughan

    Hearing the kids downstairs just reminds me that I’m listening to real people with real lives, like mine.
    I only wish that we could’ve had some kind of virtual conference this year with the guest presenters.

    • Randrat

      Allen agreed. I was anticipating this conference sooo much. Think it was critical that we all meet. Great awakenings happening and we all need to meet.

  • cjan137


    Is the galactic current sheet possibly why the off the wall solar cycle forcasting by NASA occurred?

    Practically everyone forcasted the same or less than 24, but then there were some at NASA (I think) that forcasted way waaaayyyy above what occurred in cycle 24.

  • John Mallary
    • Vinny

      thanx john

    • Counselor

      Yes, that is an update only up to June 27th/July 2nd. I think it’s too soon to call this? Not fear mongering, just don’t forget this is a national chart. Your local groups/regions are mentioned in other parts of the CDC website. Perhaps another tool, a visualization tool, which will get updated eventually (since the visualization is only updated up through the end of May), can help those interpret how to read that data in John’s link:

  • Archytype

    From the AGN Blinks article > “What that tells us is that, if all the action is happening within that tidal disruption radius, that means the magnetic field configuration that’s supporting the corona must be within that radius,” Kara says. “Which means that, for any normal corona, the magnetic fields within that radius are what’s responsible for creating a corona.”

    I think what happened was an interruption of the eletricity supply!

  • kmiklNINJA

    Ben you said “A current event or field event.” Define “Field” for me.

  • Michael Durfee

    One of the critical elements in storytelling is the one of conflict. Conflict as we surely know occurs for the wrong reasons, but it can also occur for the right reasons. Conflict holds the attention of the audience member because of the urgency of the initial causes and the implications of the resulting effects. But the other thing conflict reveals are solutions; and sometimes to problems that affect many people at the same time. Which is why it is paramount that the flow of information and discourse relevant to the differing perspectives of the encompassing conflict are not impeded, obfuscated, or expediently ignored for prolonged periods of time. Like all the subjective questions that have been neglected to conduct materialist science and the blatant obfuscation of pertinent facts taking place in the dialogue of the media. If the information flow is disrupted, or when there are widespread efforts in silencing the information, it doesn’t permanently go away but rather fosters an environment and emphasis on the initial reactions to conflict in general. Which are rarely ones of objectivity, empiricism, alternative metrics, historical instances, or other relevant perspectives; but more resemble emotional responses like fear, anger, confusion, and denial.

    The condition is the extreme professionalization and rigidification of institutions through which thought is supposed to occur. Extreme to the point where it begins to contaminate the fluidity and looseness of the freedom to think. Fluidity and looseness of ideas, of having ideas, and the freedom to think. Whether these institutions are educational or disseminate information, if it gets bad enough it results in what Adrian said where instead of a balance between reporting and opinion, its a heavy handed persecution of the ones who are questioning the process. We get as Xaviar says efforts based upon cultish feelings or religious orthodoxy permiating everything. It results in confusion of who knows what they are talking about and who is making sense. To impede the flow of information within the dialogue that affects our ‘free market of ideas’ is to contaminate our ability to form our ideas and our freedom to think. We need new forums, new networks, new ideas; and we needed them years and years ago. Because if I have noone to reciprocate a dialogue to deescalate conflict, if I can’t make free choices over my own actions and make those choices while doing no harm to others, then I am not free in any useful or meaningful sense. And if it perpetuates to the point where we utilize bacterial processes to deliver vaccines by rewriting our RNA; we have deviated too far from dialogue.

    As I yield the soapbox to the next conflict I will also conclude with a real-world example that underscores the overlying importance of this perspective. In 1968 when an excavation team in Montana dug up around 100 stone tools that were technologically consistent with the artifacts with the Clovis complex, and directly below the tools were the partial skeletal remains of an infant’s skeleton (referred to as Anzick 1). In a report entitled “The Wilsawl Excavations an Exercise in Frustration” the author Dee Taylor claimed, they used the XAD collagen carbon dating technique on the remains which put them at 10,705 ±35 years before present, or from 12,777 (about one to two hundred years after the Younger Dryas’ black mat and platinum layer deposition) to 12,556 calendar years before present. Then that infant would have been a descendant by only a few generations removed of someone who did survive the Younger Dryas shift. All of the questions that have been neglected to explain materialist science is about to make a voracious comeback. A renaissance of purposeful Aristotelian thought that although differs widely from a lot of materialist science, but will result in a pursuit that will be more in line with finding the conflict we should be focused on; and even perhaps some solutions. Why are the remains of the Clovis so conspicuous by their absence? What happened to the Clovis people? Why do we not find burial sites like the ones the Native Americans have? Why is it that the Clovis culture isn’t the first one to disappear? Because in terms of storytelling, the Clovis culture was the one that occupied North America right up to the very end of the Pleistocene, and that might be a pretty important storyline to get some perspective on.

    Can an active galactic nucleus go through a magnetic reversal? The entry of a very massive or dense object? 40 times it normal brightness. That’s a head scratcher.

    p.s. There is going to be low pressure node stuck off south Korea for days and im betting on some serious initial storms ripping through followed by lots of rain in the Koreas and Japan (thurs/fri/sat) according to

  • mmobley

    Listening to this late and realizing the 7.4 earthquake hit three days later, as Ben said on Kira’s birthday.

  • kmiklNINJA

    I find it interesting that these sick mfr’s always like to make a statement. The day Saturn made its closest annual approach, they decided to sacrifice that judges son. It’s not a coincidence.

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