FOTW July 13, 2019

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  • John Mallary

    GMO dog poop with GMO weeds, requiring Round-up to kill the roots or it keeps growing like the Blob!

  • Billy Rogers

    Seeing active localized magnetic fields in the sky we can easily see magnetic fields with a ferro cell. Here is a huge money maker for maybe us it has not been done yet but ferro glasses or camera lens it really could show very much i do believe. Love the topics and mega input from the cast today thanks gents!

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen. Interesting topics.
    Hope the address on website still works for you Ben, I sent some things.
    Kind regards for now.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Global warming has not only put Earth’s hydrothermodynamic heat pump cooling system on high, but it has covered the Earth with a thicker blanket atmosphere that retains core heat increasing volcanic and earthquake activity. Flow Tectonics explains how GW increases its flow of the plates. Now old extinct faults will come alive as well as active smaller faults be bypassed for bigger awakening faults long thought extinct.

    You missed it, this new beginning of bigger world wide earthquake activities, Hati moving to LA via Oklahoma is a fun old extinct fault and Oklahoma to St. Louis screams the New Madrid chattering like the San Andreas used to before the Ridgecrest-Vancouver Island silenced it by its way bigger chattering. Snow melt not required.

  • electricjay

    First a pee analogy then two #2s! 🤣
    Here in northern Cal and still waiting to feel the rumbling, hopefully it discharges somewhere off San Andreas but like you said, no surprises.
    Off to read up on Bootey voids. Cheers all✌️

    • Earl Otto


  • electricjay

    Hope your little karate kid never starts reading your twitter feed! I’m not judging, but I wonder who I’m following quite often. Peace dude

  • ote

    A signal, a sound, is a passive way…and not the intelligent way to bring attention to other than earth life. Though, you did mention one of the means used by OTE to communicate.

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