FOTW January 4, 2020

– Mars & Siding Spring Interaction:
– AMOC Based on Salinity:
– Reality Check on Ionospheric Manipulation:
– Geoelectric Mantle Access:
– Sun-Like Star Flares, No Planet Needed, No Reconnection?
– Thick Galaxy Hiding 7B LY Away:

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  • Chalmer

    Reject all garbage. (RAG)

    • Rebecca Stuart

      Resolution/Intention: IngestQualityIngredients

  • VisitingProf

    Pray daily that All humans see Clearly with 20/20 Spiritual Vision – simplified – Pray for 20/20.

  • Michael Durfee

    Forgive me if you are all informed about this, but it was sounding like Adrian was describing (56:07-57:00) a theory that Michael Masters wrote about in his book “Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon”. I have not read the book however, I have listened to Dr. Masters in a few interviews describe his theory. If you regard the long history of sightings in the sky of flying objects not to be an organic life form from another galaxy, but instead us (organic life originating from Earth) from a different dimension outside this one. He calls them “Extratempestrials”.

    Where I think most of the problems reside in accepting this phenomena to be self evident is, the plausibility of them being physically present (being able to land on Earth and shake our hand) rather then poking their technology into our…dimensional bubble if you will…and not being being to physically interact with us. I’m paraphrasing here but that is my interpretation of it at least. You know its one thing to see something from a different dimension, its another thing entirely when they can interact with us.


    thanks Ben and The 0bservers


    There is also the idea because we are also energy…the physical can be destroyed but not the non physical… we are if I may… non physical in a physical body. Being that we are then connected to source energy. Being that then we are constant, always. Could we have been part of the creators of this universe, then this planet so as yo enjoy our creation… that is until most of us lost the wisdom of who we are.. creators…

  • Billy Rogers

    0vercome with good X AD2020 and it reads like the faithful patient will prevail big time four a few years keep it and hold it tight everybody.


    they are still here no one ‘dies’…energy cant

  • Billy Rogers

    0vercome with good X AD2020 and it reads like the faithful patient will prevail big time four a few years keep it and hold it tight everybody. Electricity is hampered because of Back EMForce on earth I can’t imagine d / just how supercharged that dusty back charged EMF plasmareally is

  • Billy Rogers

    0vercome with good X AD2020 and it reads like the faithful patient will prevail big time four a few years keep it and hold it tight everybody. We have a real good idea of what’s happening but it’s free choice .
    Electricity is hampered because of Back EMForce on earth I can’t imagine d / just how supercharged that dusty back charged EMF plasmareally is

  • Billy Rogers

    0vercome with good X AD2020 and it reads like the faithful patient will prevail big time four a few years keep it and hold it tight everybody. We have a real good idea of what’s happening but it’s free choice . Like redemption and being born again.
    Electricity is hampered because of Back EMForce on earth I can’t imagine d / just how supercharged that dusty back charged EMF plasma really is.

  • Billy Rogers

    A good friend of mine told me that God is not a monster I will agree with that he is not trying to uncover a rock and spank are butts for doing evil rather he wants our love to understand his friendship that he gave his only son that we can be adopted. In Spirit and Truth and be as He is. Think just of how your relevant our physical bodies really are… There is a key in denying your self. thank you father and Jesus Christ will do our best not to offend thy Son

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, great topics as always.
    It almost appears that with each wipe out, a lot gets lost until there is a final wipe out that renders this planet done and earth winds up looking like one of the very planets we study in space. That is when the operating system (as Doug calls it) picks the next planet to begin the new process all over. But that is just one theory in an infinite universe that holds more potential possibilities then our tiny brains can conceive.

  • Rebecca Stuart

    I wonder if it is soon the wheat separating from chaff…one in the field leaves from the other in a blink of an this referring to Earth transforming into another dimension, depending upon ones vibration and resonance they go to another dimension? I feel like those who are primarily service to self, will remain on the Earth that is tumultuous and is set back to the stone age(Saturn worshippers-Death cult-they’ve been through this before..) while others in service to others(different vibration) slide through a portal to a refreshed Earth…whether you call it ascension, rapture, union consciousness…idk, but fascinating to think about.

    I think that one day we will understand the science of spirit, those two words are not separate.

    Don’t worry or fret about cultural degeneracy…it is just those things coming to Light(due to internet, cell phones etc)…I think it has been here for a very long time, it is we have To See this crap to transmute/transform it all, and due to high population, we see ALot of it!!!

    As far as the Silent Majority…perhaps we can refer to them as the BeStillAndKnowers…:), using their higher mind, using emotion as energy to fuel that higher reasoning, critical thinking, not simply reacting on their emotions…

    Maybe the Universe is in the shape of an infinity loop..elongated torus?…and the best thing to do is be calm at the center, as the world whirls, no matter what.

    TheGreatAwakening is growing up, we save ourselves by being calm, (eyes open no fear), living cooperatively instead of competitively….

    As far as letting us know: it’s like a great movie, or video game, why would you want to know the end? And it’s really not an end, just a new beginning.

    Enjoy the Show.

    • lizzieb

      Rebecca Stuart! YES! i am a research nerd and The Law Of One is a must-read for anyone who is interested in history, future, science, metaphysics, and more. i am also a patriot and have been watching what unfolds on the Q boards. there is absolutely a confluence of energies taking us to a point of decision/sorting– if you know where to look so you can connect more and more dots– and that decision point is “are you service to self or service to others?”. it is worth checking out Corey Goode’s and David Wilcock’s work, both of which support the science that Ben reports on. stay curious. use your discernment. WWG1WGA. 🙂

  • JBisson

    How do we download this?

  • Joningham Farms

    A few things on the Siding Springs/Mars interaction, first off, the nucleus was only about .5 km across, but more importantly, there were measurements made by the probes around Mars indicating thousands of kilograms per hour of dust from the nucleus being injected into Martian atmosphere. Here on Earth the dust injection into the top of the ionosphere and on down, combined with the electro-dynamic effects of being engulfed in the coma would have catastrophic effects on climate and every (all) Earth systems connected to the GEC. It may be worth considering if such a scenario is a potential trigger for an Earth directed superflare, we have seen the sun seem to lash out towards highly energetic comets before, and the interaction between Earths field and the coma would just make it that much more energetic. It would make for a truly catastrophic 1-2-3 punch on Earth and its life. Also worth considering; given Earths field, even in a weakened state. is still much stronger than Mars, with a close enough approach would there be more direct plasma interactions (arcs/lightning) between Earth and the cometary nucleus? What would happen to visibility of the sun when being engulfed by a visible coma? It’s an interesting scenario.


    Interesting conversation. Congratulations on the new baby.

    Some thoughts:

    Traditional Cultures that successfully passed on healthy bodies and minds from generation to generation practiced spacing between pregnancy to ensure the strongest smartest new life while consuming a fertility diet before during and after birth of egg yolks, fish eggs, spring and fall butter, spring and fall cream along with a daily tablespoon of fermented cod liver oil, before conception during pregnancy and birth through breastfeeding and for growing the growing children. Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A Price Foundation has a whole section on the subject and worth a gander.

    What is going on at the poles? Most likely it has to do with magnetism, electricity and electrostatics. The Magnetic South Pole is in the geographic North Pole. Why do plant seeds grow better and faster when exposed to the south facing pole of a magnet? Why do plant seeds and fish eggs change their genetic expression when exposed to an electrostatic field?

    Dr. Pottenger conducted an interesting experiment on his cats, showing a 7 generation degeneracy due to diet and it’s reversal. There have always been gay people and crazy people, they are not the problem, rather, they are being used by the Degenerate Marxist failing Governments to silence and enslave the majority. If these tiny groups do not speak out against the encroachment of speech and the right to life, they will be consumed by the corrupt governments, as they always have done.

    The problem is not the majority or its gay alternatives that do not result in life, it is that our Constitutional Representative Republic has devolved into an Oligarchy of Career Politicians, their donors, their family and friends in the Bureaucracy of the Government and Media.

    The Majority are awakening to the problem in Government, and this is the cause of Trump, if Trump did not exist, some other would be in his place.

    Trump will ultimately fail, for those in the Corrupt Governments will never willingly give up their legal right to Initiate Violence and Engage in Coercion.

    When it is all over, silent majority must correct the error in thinking about Government and initiate Solutions like Looking to history, the Republic of Genoa, that survived as a Republic for 700 years with a One Year Term for their leaders, and this republic failed when this tradition was done away with.

    Real Term Limits for all Politicians will reduce much corruption. When this happens we will be able to easily abolish the Government’s legal slavery found in the 16th amendment and will have the will to abolish Federal Borrowing.

    There is never equilibrium, there is only inertia, it’s loss of potential and the return to inertia, a simple cycle that governs all.

    Human behavior is simple, Self Interest is the Invisible Hand that guides humanity through time and space, measures of the cycle of Inertia and it’s loss and return.

    The challenge for the Individual is to satisfy Self Interest without encroaching.

    The West thinks linearly, the east thinks cyclically.

    We are witnessing the collapse of this Empire as all others have gone, with a change in the Climate and endless government borrowing. When the Majority recognize that the West is now lawless, the capital wealth will shift… Martin Armstrong and his AI Socrates says to China most likely after 2032.

    The Absolute All Good is ignorant of self, this is true.

  • Pat Vester

    Ben, I enjoyed your response to the “official science spokesman”. I noticed his ad and did everything I could to not listen to him. I appreciated what you had to say to him. Be of good courage! May Hashem bless you and your family with even more wisdom! Thanks, Ben!

  • Johnathan Jones

    Flashing back a few years, you remember hearing the resolution to fix stuff, even the small stuff. Back then, gasoline did not have a surgeon generals warning label on it like a pack of cigarettes did. Funny how when Big Oil was put on trial like Big Tobacco was, really it was the lawyers who had a boom to bust day of easy cash online in the pre-trail days creating quasi-denialibilty for alternative narratives against the obvious.

    Fix the little things, obviously it was the global electric circuit affecting the weather and life forms, not the atmosphere’s composition changes. How could man affect anything at all anyway? At least that’s what the poor Jonah with lung cancer your visiting in the hospital was saying. No way changing the local atmosphere composition a person breathes with tobacco could possibly matter, …god damn space weather and the GEC.

    You remember how that “fix stuff resolution “ guy got a Tesla with the giant HEPA filter onboard and put a air filtration system on the house his kids slept in. At that time you wondered why bad things happen to good people as you filled your car up with gasoline. Not like burning gasoline is sexual sodom and gohmora or smoking cigarettes. Certainly the Universe would give you a pass because you know man can’t change things or affect things being how puny we are. Tiny as bacteria or viruses we are like to the Earth, no way we can affect anything…… no way,

    But really, why do bad things happen you wonder as you look out Jonah’s hospital room window at the wildfire tornado heading right your way. At least you never smoked……tobacco.

  • amommamust

    That last little bit was the cherry on top of an awesome brain Sundae. I read this article when it was first published, and it permanently altered my view on how humans work. Or don’t work, and why. I do not know if you knew about this or not, but couple this info with your info about my fear being felt by the person down the hall and the implications become staggering. However, I like the resolution proposal, so let us not fret about how our fears reverberate and focus like a laser on putting out the love and truth vibes with every thought.

    Life pulled me another direction for a while, I have not listened in on a FOTW in far too long. This was a great one to re-ignite my love of this podcast. Happy New Year to all, and here is to a clearer view of the truth in 2020.

  • sativarg

    Happy anniversary, Mrs Davidson; anniversary of your first Breath with sister Earth…
    When I heard Ben say it I thought of this…
    Princess Mononoke (Hime) Joe Hisaishi in Budokan

    === ==== ===
    Music from a beloved story and how I see you and Mr. Davidson overcoming darkness in Earth
    a borrowed song from a blind Harper in Earth then

  • Celeste

    I would be interested in links in those two papers on the brain waves that you mentioned at the end. Thank you.

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