FOTW January 18, 2020

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    maybe looking for the meteor? or studying the impact to Caribe

  • Celeste

    When I was in Branson last September 2019 and about ready to come home-first our plane lost GPS navigation (while on the ground) and shortly afterward the whole airport and all the planes lost GPS. It lasted 24 hours.

  • Celeste

    Fascinating discussion at the end. I am relatively new here. Have you looked into or discussed the Shamir Worm?

  • blackhole

    excellent podcast guys. thanks

  • Kane1331

    There is a small group of international bankers who run society who have hijacked the Zionist movement to disguise their motives. Read 1666 by Robert sepehr. There have been many ages of man before us. It was humans who made all that stuff. The advance civilization didn’t end as long ago as you think. Anatoly Fomenko and thousands of academics in russia along with many past noted persons such as newton totally reject the scalagarian history basically made by the church hierarchy with the intent to change world history and gain power. History fiction or science is a must have. 7 books of irrefutable proof. Humans go back millions of years millions.the bible we know has been rewritten from much older religions. Akenhaten was the one who did the exodus not moses.

  • Norton

    double slit

  • Michael Durfee

    I think something really interesting happened when Adrian was trying to project the idea that the GPS system disruptions could have been purposeful with the intention of keeping something secret. Due to the limited data the conversation was left, “We’re probably going to be left with never really knowing” But the way that the conversation progressed, trying to speculate off a speculation, really made me think about what Marshall McLuhan was talking about from his 1974 lecture “Living in an Acoustic Environment” ( These are some paraphrases from the lecture (~34:13 – 44:02):

    “In the electric world the simultaneity of information is acoustic in the form that it comes from all directions at once. You hear it from all directions at once, electric information comes from all directions at once, and when the information comes from all directions simultaneously you’re living in an acoustic world.”

    “When people become acoustically affected they no longer have goals. They settle down into role playing.”

    “Role playing is a very different thing from goal seeking and in the electric time we are moving very much in that direction. The reason that most of you in this room find it difficult to imagine a goal in life is simply that you’re living in an electric world where everything happens at once. It’s hard to have a fixed point of view in a world where everything is happening simultaneously. It is hard to have an objective in a world that is changing faster than you can imagine the objective being fulfilled.”

    “Another strange effect of this electric environment is the total absence of secrecy.”

    “No form of secrecy is possible at electric speed. Whether in the patent world, in the fashion world, or in the political world, the pattern sticks out a mile before anybody says anything about it. At electric speed everything becomes X-ray.”

    “Political support for elections purposes and so on, ceases to be possible confidential or quiet or secret. There is no way of having any form of secrecy in these matters. With the end of secrecy goes the end of monopolies of knowledge. There can no longer be a monopoly of knowledge in learning, education, or in power. I’m not making value judgements, this would seem to people a very good thing. I’m simply specifying the pattern or form that occurs when you have instant speed of electric information. You cannot have a monopoly of knowledge, such as most [learned?] people had a few years ago, you cannot have it under electric conditions. This applies to all professional life, as well as to private life.”

    “Ivan Illich has a book called Deschooling, in which he argues, that since we now live in a world where the information and answers are all outside the school room, let us close the schools. Why spend the child’s time inside a school giving him answers that already exist outside? It’s a good question, but his suggestion of closing the schools is somewhat unnecessary because it is now possible instead of putting the answers inside the school to put the questions inside. This might be a good time to mention a little scheme I have for what I call “organized ignorance”. I’ve often been puzzled by the fact that the greatest discoveries in the world, when you look back are perfectly ‘easy’. They can be put in a textbook. But the same discovery when you’re looking forward (as a problem), impossible. Why is knowledge so easy backward and so hard forward? Well, it’s obvious that this is true because there isn’t anything that has been discovered that can’t be taught quite easily. Why is it so hard to discover it? Well first I thought, “Suppose the cancer experts came to the studio with their problem, setup a model of their experiments and their procedures in studying cancer and said, ‘We have got to this point and we cannot get any further.’ They broadcast that to a million people at once, it is obvious there’d be one person in a million who would see there was no problem at all. In any problem, whatever, one in a million would see no problem. The real problem is, how do you reach this guy who sees the absence of the problem? Now let us ask another question, “Why is it that the man (one in a million) says, ‘There is no problem.’” This person is inevitably and naturally untaught, ignorant of all scientific procedures, and all science. The scientist has great trouble looking forward past his problem because his knowledge gets in the way. It is only the very ignorant person who can get past that problem because he is not fogged over by knowledge. When you’re looking for new answers into new questions, it is knowledge itself that blocks progress. It is knowledge that creates real ignorance. Just as wealth creates poverty. Knowledge creates ignorance. Every time a new discovery is made, enormous new areas of ignorance are opened up. One of the greatest human discoveries, the automatic cybernetic governor on the steam engine, was made by an eight-year old boy who had the job of pulling a steam cock and every time the big wheel went around he pulled the steam cock to let the steam out. He wanted to play marbles, he tied the string to the wheel and made one of the greatest inventions of all human history. Now, the engineers who made the steam engine could not possibly have seen this simple gimmick. Only an ignorant kid, who wanted to play marbles, could see such things. Now, the greatest discoveries in human history are of that kind. Another strange circumstance attending all discovery and all investigation is this: The effects come before the causes. Without any exception, in every human development and in every discovery, all the effects come before the cause or the discovery itself. So when the discovery is finally made everybody says, “Well, anybody could have seen that when the time was right.” So, about the time somebody makes–discovers a telephone–there are a thousand people who invent the telephone. Then the law courts are filled with suits for generations. Darwin and Wallace discovered evolution at the same time without any personal acquaintance. At the present time, one of the effects that has heaped up a mile high for which no cause has yet appeared, but a cause will shortly appear, one of the effects is anti-gravity. At the present time we have an enormous amount of anti-gravitational effect and activity, helicopters and airplanes, astronauts, many things; but we don’t have the cause. We just have the effects. Within our lifetimes or your lifetimes the cause of anti-gravity, a simple gimmick, will present itself and all things will levitate instantly. The problem will be how to hold things down on the ground. This is obvious, as obvious as your being there or my being here, the effects are here the causes will be here shortly.

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Never heard of or thought of Billy’s idea regarding Moses stealing technology— but it sure fits a script that was never a convincing one! It parallels / iterates the Prometheus story of his stealing fire from the gods.

    As for what or who manages / directs / controls ‘how things work’— I conceptualize it as all-pervading consciousness; no beginning, no end; no time, no distances— these are “system technologies” that human’s created; and then forgot or or chose to ignore that it might be not necessarily so. It’s not too different a scenario from certain satellite technology that flys through dust at Enceladus and yet doesn’t see 95% of what it ostensibly is looking for.

    IMO, the ancient and some modern stories’ primary virtue is in conveying within the stories access to an essence we recognize and call truth. Truth is power. In the human domain power operates most efficiently when coupled with full consciousness. Humans are equipped with a huge consciousness potential, or energy capacitance that typically most of us lose the ‘user manual’ for, by age five. Those who know the ‘user manual’ are open to visions and dream states wherein our brain waves are resonating optimally to receive, transduce, and communicate information transferable at specific frequencies.

    Energy / potentials cycle through as many iterations as necessary to satisfy the input of information that individually and collectively humans and life energies provide. The creation story has infinite chapters and we have only the pre-print version.

  • Pi_Seas

    I’m glad GPS is being tested in the SE states and off the Florida coast since any of the 20,000 satellites like Stereo B may be reflecting atmospheric joule heat since during the Sun-Moon north nodal convergence around Jan 9-14 both the Pacific NW and Atlantic anomaly vortices were huge and Taal Philippines had so much electrical plasma arcing which indicates atmospheric resistance or capacitance since the charge accumulated instead of continually oscillating, then it took about 24 hours after to cool off.

  • Charles

    GPS has multiple levels of encrypted signals. They can alter any level individually, so they are not hampering their military devices.

    Really liking the convo about Anunaki, gold, and middle management.

  • laurie

    I cannot help but recall George Carlin’s piece on how we believe humans are hurting the Earth, but that maybe Earth let humans develop on earth so that she could have plastics in her repitoire, and couldnt make it herself…it was hilarious.

  • Johnathan Jones

    Some say the Anunnaki in preparations for their coming back have caused the humans to pollute the environment so much that it is like putting a thick blanket on the earth that retains the earths core heat in so that greater volcanoes and earthquakes occur. This spouts so much gold into the air and over the oceans salting the earth with fresh mineable materials. The early Anunnaki first mind the oceans by getting power unlimited from the star closest to the earth. When the oceans where mined out of gold they left, leaving the humans to mine gold out of the ground. Now that the core heat is being trapped and the volcanoes and earthquakes are increasing in frequency and in greater volume numbers and duration some say this is the harbinger of the Anunnaki’s return.

    We should go to a two or three day on-site school week. The other days should be online telecommuting so that students can graduate high school in a situation that really prepares them for the real world and the jobs that they will be getting. Plus you can ensure quality education to everyone who can get online and upgrade it in an overnight computer push. Elon musk even thinks so and he also thinks colleges should be this way because it’sSo much more efficient than the way we are currently trying to have a hodgepodge group of scores produce a consistent education project for the students to consume.

  • IDoubtIt

    I am new to this, just signed up today. I found this discussion very interesting.

    If I might add a couple of thoughts on the subject of Moses and the technology of language. I believe (I need to triple check) that most Biblical scholars recognize Abraham as the originator of the Hebrew Language.

    Now if you think about it from a Biblical perspective Abram/Abraham makes more sense than Moses. It also supports the line of thinking discussed here, that is if you think the Hebrew language is to fantastic to be man made.

    In Genesis, the Bible records several occasions where Abram/Abraham has encounters with the Angel of the Lord, Yahweh, Angels, etc. The primary purpose is that Yahweh reaches out to Abram is establish a people of his own, separate and unique from the people of the other Nations. Remember, this was just after the Tower of Babel incident where Yahweh scattered all the people confusing their language and putting them under the authority of other elohim (little “g” gods -their is your extra worldly / spiritual being “puppet masters”). Abram/Abraham was to begin a new covenant with Yahweh’s, Establishing a people set apart to worship Yahweh, and be blessed by Yahweh. To be consistent, one would think a new and divinely inspired language would be required and imparted by Yahweh onto the Hebrews. One other note, as it relates to Christianity, John, in his gospel, starts out with “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    Regardless of what you think about the Bible, I think it is clear that the writers felt that the Hebrew language and the Word was not of earthly man.

  • Richard Dahlem

    I think the GPS thing is a test- what happens when the Sun sneezes or something and it blows away 3/4s of all the satellites? They’re testing old and new technologies of communication and control for their forces, beyond GPS reliance.
    Also, I like the electro-plasma-energy-information environment concepts in comments above. The All pervading and instant knowing information atmosphere reminds me of NDE testimonies, like this

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