FOTW February 20, 2021

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    Side comment… three years of listening and watching and checking papers out I new and understood nothing about was corralled in the Next End book… put so many lost ends together I was taken back several times… ❣️

  • Allenvaughan

    Did we really just go 29 minutes without hearing from Adrian? Adrian, just giving you a hard time brother! You always have some great Thomas sauce that you share with us.
    Billy, what a brilliant stroke of Genius with regard to injecting electricity into a bubble! That is so excitedly profound. I wish there was a way you could publish that.

    • Smij

      I think the government in USA should immediately start equipping any warehouse that is vacant to be use for hydroponics. Food will be the most important part of the next leg of the journey . We currently have so much space available and the cost to return is minimal.

  • Allenvaughan

    oooops..”Thomas” was supposed to be thoughts

  • John Mallary

    can you imagine if this magnetic excursion were incorporated into CMIP-6…

  • Caroline5765

    I have appreciated all of the uploads over the years. The reviews and discussions are a nice change of pace throughout the week. Thanks again.

  • sativarg

    OK then on to this presentation and my interpretations, impressions and pedantic antics…

    Yes, Mr Davidson, there are Satanic Laws… or rather there is conspiracy and covert malignant counterintelligence that uses tragic little assets like the one your are focusing on this morning. Where my passion has been these past months; Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and the I Mask Protocols are all suffering such covert tactics in studies and the halls of higher indoctrination as well… it is all part of the cloak of deniability that protects organized crime in Earth. The well worn phrase “there is no evidence” is the mantra of all organized crime these past decades. It is a signature affliction and symptom of the infection in my opinion. So yes there is conspiracy and we face nothing less than the Occult that is woven into every aspect of our reality. Even into our own selves… see? We are immersed in this systemic structure for cradle to grave. Even as we struggle to be free from plausible deniability we find that we are actively protecting it, projecting it. Like a virus the Teflon and Kevlar cloak of deniability infects us and uses us to make itself even as it both protects us and exploits and comes from us. What is hidden is hidden for good reason and still organized crime exploits the cloak to protect the worst of the worst of what we are capable of… No?
    If there where no hidden things could, would we be able to not use higher knowledge to destroy Earth and ourselves?
    You once said as much Mr. Davidson? How do we fight this old and trusted structure and overcome the dogma it protects?
    … back to listening then…
    Our DNA and origins not recognized…
    There is evidence that Humans have potentials in our DNA that only ever manifest under great stress. So much of the “Junk” DNA is now being recognized as being crucial to Human survival. If I am correct then Humans are much more cosmically cosmopolitan than we recognize. Could Humans be quite capable of adapting to a wide variety of habitats due to inherit adaptation gained over cycles of evolution in many worlds or gardens?
    … I think so. Even if we are GMO and property here in Earth, what good from that we can take may well be our salvation if not our potential survival? Yes I agree Mr. Davidson, we have the evidence sufficient to be very optimistic in the face of the gravest of scenarios.
    thank you for the hope then…
    … back to listening…
    29:58 of 49:52 and Luck? Really?
    I’d say blessed, but that is just me. I can only ever a tribute the functionality of the Sol, Earth, moon system to intelligence.I can not rest on luck without being very uncomfortable. Luck feels to much like religion to me. I do not trust or even like religion, luck and or superstitions.
    … back to listening…
    RE: life support by design…
    Here in Earth we have an active life support system consisting of various components. Some of these are the moon, strategic planetary tilt, a dynamic and complex magnetic shield, a living and breathing biosphere etc.
    If I am correct then the moon is a construct and Earth is cultivated and organized very carefully. The moon, among other things, works to regulate the core of Earth and her sea. He may also play a huge role in blocking the brunt of solar micro-nova. To limit my vision to our current situation… When Earth is exposed to increasing cosmic ray penetrations she reacts in several ways. She produces more clouds that serve to reduce heat buildup and intercept some of those cosmic rays. Deep in Earth’s mantle the magma is sensitive to cosmic rays and will become less thick as more cosmic rays are absorbed. The runny magma produces more volcanism thus blocking more heat from Sol. Volcanism in the sea produces more water vapor for cloud production as well… I am not sure but deep sea volcanoes may play a role in changing the currents that distribute heat also acting to reinforce feedback towards life sustaining change?
    … None of this is luck to me. I see intelligence here. Slowly but surely Earth is girding her loins in preparation for Sol’s reactions to his journey through our Galaxies energetic current sheet. If we only had the instruction manual for our beautiful life support system here in Earth then we could help Earth rather than always fighting her… see? Without the instructions we can only observe and learn and even trust a bit to wisdom born of millennia experience and success. I like those odds much better than resting on Luck?
    … back to listening…
    Although Earth’s life support system is less than comfortable for us it is still amazing and fantastic, to me, when I consider the magnitude of what Sol is capable of in the form of outbursts and such.
    saving at this point in case this is not going to pass inspection or will not save or be allowed again…

  • sativarg

    Oops… spelling errors and such, must try to be more careful and sorry…
    Sea Acidification? and Earth’s sacred living waters…
    Our blood becomes acidic just in the same way as Earth’s does when co2 levels rise. How do we deal with this? Earth has feedback in place so that all the calcium and other minerals that life in her living waters have built up can and does overcome the imbalance just as Mr. Davidson has said. As the minerals dissolve more free calcium is ready to soak up the Excess carbon? Life is Wise? Earth and Nature are wise? Humility Humanity and learn?
    … back to listening…
    Time frame: 47:53 of 49:52 and what he said and this from me then…
    LOL I actually wrote the same things in another thread at Bitchute as what Mr. Davidson is saying here… as follows and thank you Ben…
    Can we be thankful for these trials and dry runs? What is happening in Texas is tragic but can we be grateful for the learning opportunity? These are small injuries to Humanity compared to what could well be coming, in my opinion. It is almost a mercy to be challenged in these ways… No?
    I have prayed for God to Bless Humanity with the Humility to learn from and cooperate with Nature and Earth. I see challenges like the Texas emergency and other such Humiliations as answers to such a prayer and I am thankful when people learn from them. Not one life lost in such tragedies needs to be a waste when they serve to teach us how much we need to listen and observe and prepare. I know I am not ready and I am stupid and that is a lesson well learned and well taken, in my opinion. I have a long way to go to ever be ready, all I can hope to do is be better if not at all good at having a chance.
    … back to listening…
    so the end again and the beginning as ever yours
    just a blind old Harper… thankful for this forum and community and the chance to feel useful again.

  • sativarg

    Now I wish to spend some of my little credit here as I post my private passion…
    Not off topic really… survival and Humanity being Humane
    Black, Brown and Elderly People—Addressing the Disproportionate Incidence of COVID-19 —
    I highly recommend this presentation and the presenter… this and the I Mask Plus Protocol and the FLCCC alliance and the others who are saving lives in spite of the darkness they have to deal with…
    thanks again

  • laurie

    They still won’t listen to me….

  • Charles

    This has been rightly called “Ocean Stupidification” because “Ocean Acidification” is LITERALLY a physical impossibility.

    Its explainable with simple chemistry, I bet anyone can understand.

    Basalt is a base substance, the opposite of an acid. The ocean beds are made of basalt. The buffering action of the basic basalt seabeds will stop any and all pitiful attempts to change the ph level of the oceans.

    BTW that includes the incredibly acidic chemicals that have been continuously fed into the oceans for millions of years by thousands of volcanic and thermal vents all over the ocean floor.

    As an aside, the salt in ocean water completely dwarfs the amount of co2 that could ever be dissolved, and it also counters “ocean acidification”.

    Also it should be noted that the ph of the oceans as a whole cannot be easily measured, as the surface ph varies wildly from river outlets, from storms, from hurricanes, as well as currents and upwellings. This last bit proves that life has no problem adapting to these changes, as it copes with them on a daily basis.

    Also the “horror” of the bleached coral reefs is yet another place where data is cherry picked. Those reefs bleach EVERY YEAR, and they recover EVERY YEAR… and have been for millions of years. Why are the recoveries never reported?? Because its propaganda, and Adrian fell for it.

    Tony Heller did a great video on this awhile back…

    Plus what about periods where the planetary levels of atmospheric co2 where as high as 18X what they are today (7,000ppm) ? By the propaganda we’re supposed to believe there wouldn’t be a single living organism left anywhere in any of the oceans of the world.

  • Charles

    WTF you guys?!?

    How can you not know about what really happened in Texas? You just repeated the propaganda!!!

    If you could stop watching CNN and all the other propaganda outlets for 5 minutes, you’d know that what happened to Texas, was China Joe and the DoE.

    Xiden signed an emergency EO to limit emissions, which made it illegal for the utilities in Texas to run power plants at the levels needed to keep the lights on. There was never a shortage, there was never any supposed collusion to raise prices, it was all caused by creepy Joe. Gov Abbott pleaded a week ahead of time to temporarily bypass those federal regulations, and was denied because of ’emissions rules”.

    To add injury to killing people, the DoE also required ERCOT to buy power from other states for a minimum of 82X the going rate!! People are getting power bills with numbers you’d expect to see at a car dealership!

  • HeavyDuty13

    Texas is a RED state, therefore under the Harris administration there is a snowball’s chance in hell that we will ever get an emergency declaration when a disaster hits. Even a major hurricane this fall won’t be enough to see any federal aid coming to help us.

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