FOTW February 13, 2021

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  • Allenvaughan

    Billy Yelverton! You were definitely in your, ahem, “Prime” today!

    Yes, we are absolutely in a spiritual battle this time around.

    Ben, thank you for clearing up the issue in my mind of the magnetic excursion being a SYMPTOM of the oncoming galactic sheet, and not part of the trigger and essential causal mechanism through which we have a crustal displacement. Now, it is all as clear as it can be. Before, I had going on my assumption that the north and south magnetic poles, by being more closely positioned would somehow cause the entire planet to yaw when the blast of electromagnetic and cosmic radiation would hit the earth at the moment of the micronova. When it will be the crust itself comes unglued from the mantel’s low velocity zone. Thank you gor correcting me.

    Allen Vaughan

  • Reefgeek

    Great talk today. Finally got a reality check on what after-time might actually look like and decided against putting my 70 LCD TV and Gameboy in a Faraday cage. Thank you!

  • John Mallary

    The moral of the story is if you wait till SHTF? You will be SOL!

  • Johnathan Jones

    Download a bunch of how to videos and other entertainment like movies on removable media and put your library and your laptop in your faraday cage room. You can put metal window screen on the walls and cover it with drywall so no one will think your a tin foiler hat person…..ohh, you can sleep in that room too if it is your bedroom. In the city, sooooo much noise and radiation all about.

    Good to not forget the spiritual part of our lives and make up. Everyone it seems has forgotten to go “MLK mode” on approaching of the current events. We all know it makes living together the next day or hour so much easier than if we go full blow “Itchy and Scratchy” on each other. We forget it is a huge part of our make up and nature to love. Spiritual wounding can take a variety of times to heal from.

    We are unique parts in this story unfolding no matter who we are and seeing that it unfolds bringing us along rather than as we unfold it, is so freeing and relaxing. I know we all have been told what to expect and how it will be, but maybe there is more to this than what “they “ think and expect. For sure life has its realities and conditions of cause and effect, but I think you guys hit a really big point that it is all connected and everyone is a part in this. Becoming alive is a given here, becoming aware here is something too many don’t get to get here and have to pick that up, “Over There”.

  • Billy Rogers

    Ben the sheer size and velocity of the sun compared to earth an the heavens wow we are on the ride of a lifetime Colossians 3v15 believe it or not and am not forcing but who the light shines in darkness and darkness comprehends it not right you got the facts bro.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload. I do not plan my survival/preps on anything that runs off electricity. THAT has been my hobby (or challenge) for over 20 years. I buy hand operated equipment from the woods to the kitchen. I only have an acre of land but have an entire herb of cattle and flocks of chickens, turkeys etc. upstairs… freeze dried. I have sealed whole grains for a hand crank wet/dry mill. I have an early 1900’s wood cook stove and enough cast iron items to sink a boat. I moved away from fighting to figure out the electricity thing years ago, hit the antique stores for things used prior to the grid and bought it up. It has outlasted every other modern item I bought, proving its worth. I even have a hand crank radio that is 18 years old and works like a charm, an old pitcher pump to pull water out of the ground, and racks of stored heirloom seeds. Learned to grow, preserve and put food by almost every way conceivable. I have a library of over 1500 books, almost none are fiction. I could go on and on. I can not begin to tell you how crazy people around me think I am and do not care. I am not completely capable to be fully independent… I still have to have a tax job to keep what I rightfully bought and own, but one day any form of money use may not matter. If I live to see that, I have surely increased my odds of surviving a long time… unseen, unheard and uninterrupted.

  • Kevin Benham

    Element 115 will solve all our problems 🙂

  • sativarg

    continued and 17:56 of 59:20
    Another level of inadequate is still inadequate?
    sure, Humanity does a lot with math that works… but objective observation continues to confound the best of the best mathematics and projections. Humanity or main stream science is based in a perspective that is not adequate to describe what we see. Perhaps covert or dark science has overcome this? As long as scientists still say we are on Earth and not in Earth and as long as main stream science does not see how Earth is in Sol and not just orbiting him then I say our perspective is not only inadequate it is dangerous. We imagine fields and forces to explain symptoms of change… to me that is like animism to describe the wind and such. We must learn to “see” the behavior of emptiness as well as fullness in order to understand change and time and everything else. We must let go the false facts more quickly in order to be able to make good choices going forwards…
    back to listening…
    time frame 18:48 of 59:20 and “Evidence for distinctive changes in the solar wind helium abundance in
    cycle 24”
    Is this evidence of He retention or reduced production? What percentage of Helium could be undergoing fission?
    Could we expect one or more impulses of Lithium from Sol as he approaches his ejection?
    as per observations or theory: “Title: Lithium and the s-PROCESS in Red-Giant Stars”
    === ===
    In summary: The mechanism of Lithium production happens in the stage of Helium shell flashes. Due to the thermal instability of the Helium shell resulting in a flash causes an appearance of a convection zone starting from the middle of the burning shell outwards as a well to the non-burning helium layers. The convection zone enriches the Helium shell with Carbon. After nine relaxation cycles, the convection zone touched the Hydrogen burning shell. Maximum penetration will occur after the 12th cycle, and diminishes in late cycles.
    === ===
    If Helium is building near the photosphere then could this not interact with Hydrogen and iron or carbon to produce lithium? If not due to pressure induced fusion then due to heat? Or in the center of magnetic plasma structures?
    and as to time frame 31:14 stuff that burns… a lithium compound?
    … back to listening…
    posting again just in case…

  • kilzok

    Pardon me , I know that this question is off topic but it has been bothering me for awhile. If a solar discharge has the power to knock out all electronics and electrical devices on the planet what would it do to the human brain? If this has been discussed please direct me to the discussiion. Thank you.

  • sativarg

    continued near time frame 43:55 of 59:20 and civilization?
    No I don’t think so.
    I do not see Human culture now or during this cycle as being civilized. What I have lost is a sense of normality that was based on my own blindness. The blindness born of years of entertainment that was entrainment;. I have lost the government issue blinders that let me keep pulling debt uphill as the world was burning around me… I am blind now and have sight, finally, enough to see how I was deceived. Now I see how Humanity has never been in charge here in Earth in this cycle. I am learning that the history or rather HisStory taught me in school was not our story at all. I have lost trust in authority and my fellows who still retain that. I have lost things that I am better of not having… and so much that was my ignorance.
    … back to listening…
    What does a blind person want to keep if and when CME, EMP and or Hack ends the infrastructure?
    I want my MP3 and such…
    all the notes and such I have are based on computers… I never learned Braille . I should learn Braille and transfer notes? but really I want to keep my laptop and hand and peddle turbines and batteries for the few years or months I can expect to survive if the worst or, for some, the best comes to pass…
    … I have gained perspective with Covid… I can see the mass media and the control infrastructure more clearly now than ever before… see?
    … back to listening…
    LOL oh yea my tube type single side band is ready… but I need to get an antenna… lost mine in homeless moves over the years…
    back to listening…

    as long as your antenna has no closed circuits it should survive all but the most powerful magnetic events. inductors could suffer open circuit disruptions due to rapid field collapses and Hysteresis effects… think about it, as long as current can not flow to be resisted or to produce heat any open circuit like an unconnected dipole or long wire should be OK?
    … back to listening…
    OK then… 58:34 of 59:20 and letting go of fear and holding on to faith or God over gold?
    I know now how important is all the time I spent these past twenty years getting to know me and what I really care about. I have let go religion and become closer to Jesus as brother in Creation and chosen leader. I can see the difference between my brother Jesus and the Roman Catholic Pseudogod Christ. I will learn to really pray if and when the WIFI and RF interference dies and Humanity can hear Nature, Earth and the creator once again.
    I do not need my computer for that.
    thanks for the great discussion again guys

  • dmallred

    helium-3 (a non-radioactive isotope of the gas used to inflate balloons) offers remarkable advantages: its fusion with deuterium is more efficient than deuterium-tritium and does not release neutrons but protons, which can be easily contained thanks to their positive charge.

    Helium-3 (He3) is gas that has the potential to be used as a fuel in future nuclear fusion power plants. There is very little helium-3 available on the Earth. However, there are thought to be significant supplies on the Moon. Several governments have subsequently signalled their intention to go to the Moon to mine helium-3 as a fuel supply.

  • Pat Vester

    Ben & Kat-if you homeschool your kids they will learn more in one hour than all 8 in a public school! Do it! They will learn how to think from you both! The Apologetics company materials are better than anything I got even in collage! Remember, you need the elderly, the Elders will remember the information that your children will lose in their quest for survival. May Hashem bless all of you!

  • sativarg

    Hi Community,
    Now could some one put a Gama-ray detector in cell phones?
    Thunderstorms spew out gamma rays — these scientists want to know why —

    I think so or perhaps a pocket sized dedicated device?
    Could intense thunder storms be accumulating cosmic particles due to the very High charges? Could powerful and dynamic processes in such storms act to accumulate cosmic ray impacted ionized H2O some how… does the cosmic ray impacted water tend to accumulate and start of emit Gama-ray glow just before saturation and the eventual combined lightening and TGF is triggered?
    that’s all folks…
    thanks for seeing Sativarg’s Vortex imaginings


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