FOTW December 7, 2019

– Milky Way Magnetic Field:
– 10^61 Erg Galactic Superwave:

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  • Militia Anygrrl

    I think the political stuff is to distract everyone from the pole report coming out a day later; get everyone at each other’s throats, and something like magnetic excursions is mentioned, and quietly forgotten.
    Especially with the increase of stories I see Google send to me in their news feed; about pole reversal and, “no it doesn’t lead to extinctions, and it doesn’t happen often, and except that sometimes North points South and South points North, there’s nothing to worry about.” The average intelligent person that hears something about the new pole positions, and researches further, will be quelled by the info that is most available, (the order at which it shows up on the search page,) and if they look even further, they will most likely be satisfied with the main stream opinions. Thus, a report that everyone on the planet should be concerned about, will be swept under the rug, at least in this country, by the people’s own ignorance and blood lust for juicy gossip and soap opera antics preformed by out elected officials.

  • Ernest Bush

    This and other audio files will not play on your site. All videos play normally.

  • Brian T

    Good stuff guys.
    The new video by Varitasium kind of lends some interesting synergy to this weeks topic.All is chaos ,still we might be able to manipulate it.

    I sure wish I were attending the conference this year . It sounds like a great cast of speakers.I am sure missing ABQ but CO is cool as well.
    Rochester/Buffalo corridor is covered in snow and hovering just below freezing,but pleasant enough.

  • epeeb1

    I read an article on how our Sun is getting smaller and losing mass , any comment?

    • Charles

      Previously Varitasium was on my list as a great channel, then I realized its just a propaganda outlet. Fake news, keep the masses ignorant etc.

      This makes me question whether ANY of the content there is honest, in other words don’t bother.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload, interesting topics. I am thinking things are moving faster than anyone expected and the changes happening too quickly for many to adjust on many facets. It is going to be an interesting next few years.

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    at time frame 8 Minutes and I had to look up how to spell minutes???
    Is there greater risk for persons in certain environments during periods of increased cosmic ray bombardment?
    Could one build a sort of safe zone into their shelter?
    Would layers of water in storage over head be helpful?

    I thought about buying some cheap air mattresses, filling part way with water and keeping them above my sleeping area and or work area. Could many people trying to reduce exposure to 5G and such using metals around themselves be more at risk during cosmic ray storms? If some materials are more likely to emit secondary particles that are dangerous then perhaps we need to study how these emissions happen, angles of emission, safe and un safe places to be when around some materials… etc?


  • sativarg

    at twenty four minutes ans some seconds…
    Could using More than one Skype and or similar service at a time stabilize communications some how so that the participants here do not miss any thing?
    Maybe one computer VPN to say Dallas and another to Chicago at the same time? Some VPN will let You use multiple instances at a time and using two different services could eliminate some of the losses? With echo though I suppose.
    just a thought.
    Not a problem in this presentation but to the participants?

  • sativarg

    Now today Sunday morning
    === Top News, Geoengineering, Twitter Blocked | S0 News Dec.8.2019 ===
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    This video may be inappropriate for some users.
    Sign in
    === Top News, Geoengineering, Twitter Blocked | S0 News Dec.8.2019 ===
    When I go to the YouTube for the news now?

  • sativarg

    Dear Humanity,
    Time stamp: fifty one : twenty nine
    and just because Google through out some dead weight from the balloon to get altitude that does not meen or mean or mene that “it” or “I.T.” or “they” are not still compromised and or malignant and or a tool of the control mechanism and the infrastructure or iron clad cloak of plausible deniability. The thing that has woven itself into every aspect of Human culture now is no less than ‘The’ Occult as Information Technology works to control us and U.S. on the fly… see? and !
    Jeffry is dead but the whole in the fabric of Kevlar deniability is still there waiting for us to pull the threads and unravel the white wash, bondo and Spackle holding I.T. together; a cloak that protects organized crimes of the highest order and even the enemies of Humanity and Earth?

    ranting and panting and spewing like a Harper in Earth then
    Sativarg on gravitas and the huge cemetery that lies in the wake of the Beast?
    a blind Harper in Earth; a USAF test subject and targeted individual…

  • fester

    Could this short circuit video sort of resemble the process of a micro nova. 1:00 to 1:25

  • epeeb1

    SPOOKY !

  • Sunny Bono

    RANDALL CARLSON! Right on – all the Randall you can handle. Me likey.

  • Curtis loew

    Good on you guys, thanks for the discussion once again, looking forward to the new Magnetic model, going to be interesting and I wonder if that kind of info would be censored to reduce ‘public alarm’ at some point? Hard to know really, can understand the reason to keep the masses in the dark, and the information contained in that one report is accessible and easily understood evidence of the planetary (indeed the everything) state. Thank you for the robust discussion on the YouTube regulations and the differing interpretations you have. I think both Adrian and Ben are correct, but in my opinion the new rules have been cleverly designed to accommodate future censorship without a legal criticism, Re monetising is very astute, it gives credibility to the process, very much like banks when they increase rates on credit, squeezing the majority of creditors then apologising by saying they are only acting for the shareholders…Plausible deniability!
    Gravitas you are echoing my comment last week…the one platform we are all relying on for our knowledge is digital, so ultimately our information can be controlled, controlling in turn our beliefs , just like the occult (Church) have done for centuries


    thank you Ben and all in the call


    Appreciate listening to this FOTW and with deep gratitude to all of the work and time and concentrated effort by you and your family. This is a wonderful opportunity you are giving humanity. A horrific bliss if I may. It has taken me time to adjust to the catastrophe …. I must say much of what I thought important has fallen away’. Trying it has become, to learn, to have the time to learn. To make a plan…lol… is there one… lol.
    Intensions … meditations… focusing ‘my’ mind toward furtherance of my own existence (the energy that I am) my family… trying to box my way out of this wet paper bag of emotions…. and get centered …
    my question: how the heck did you grapple with all of this and for your family. What helped you or did you just gradually come to peace with it…
    For me I see no escape and my beliefs are latent… my hope is what I have learned. That we are energy and are basically never destroyed. As non physical beings have decided to be on this planet to explore a life in this type of physicality as physical beings …. a sensory beings . This is a new thought system to me…. after coming from a mania of beliefs… lol… …. sorry for all of this bla bla bla….it’s been totally on my mind to ask…. wish it wasn’t so public. 🙂
    Then this is what I bounce to with all of the crazy going on world wide….. Bring it….. the dog gets up to shake and shake off the fleas… maybe this is the ‘earths’ time to shimmy and shake….
    Is it only me who feels this way…. Thanks Ben for it All!

  • Johnathan Jones

    YouTube is a privately owned corporation, not a government free speech format which guarantees your free speech rights. If you’re a business that contributes money to YouTube channels by posing as ordinary people donating to the channel, then you can reduce your point of view promotion costs when the channel becomes monetize by YouTube. If YouTube does not like your point of view, it can demonetize your channel and then the costs of promoting it and keeping operating at the level that currently does becomes a greater cost on the business that is promoting it. This can happen whether the people on the YouTube channel know it or not.

    YouTube will probably not eliminate the little guys YouTube channel because if they do everyone will migrate to another channel provider. Because everyone posts on YouTube it stays the default Facebook of videos. If it eliminated channels other than for political purposes, then it would be creating it’s own competition like Microsoft created Netscape, Safari and other browsers when they didn’t include explorer in the operating system they were selling way back in the bad old days of computing and the Internet. Besides sometimes the big monetized channels come from the little guy as they grow and post.

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