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    The Light and Electromagnetism research sounds like they’re researching how to manipulate light into other types or forms… the clue was Yi Yang comments: “When we built our experiment, we were lucky enough to run into the right geometry that enabled us to observe the pronounced nonclassical features, which were actually unexpected and excited everyone. These features eventually enabled us to measure the d-parameters, which are hard to compute for some important plasmonic materials like gold (as in our case).”
    Perhaps holographic or creating light camouflage for uniforms and machinery… what you see is something else?

  • Nibbs108

    How about energy production on your list; ways to create electricity, for example?

  • epeeb1

    People do it always , they out smart themselves , today one of the Regular and Major media Wire services verified that when Nasa came forward and confirmed that the weather and Sun with other other solar conditions control Global warming more than man made co2….When and if we survive the magnetic reversal and the Alien’s stop by for lunch and if we are not on the Menu , maybe then with their help , mankind might survive ???

  • D dusina

    The trees are sacred, don’t forget the trees in any future world. Save the willow, keep alive the Hazel, plant the oaks……..grow your children’s habitat. Fruits and nuts…..can’t dry or store them if you don’t grow them. I weave baskets….willow, hazel, spruce roots, spruce branches…….baskets. If you expect the stone age…..learn this……even if you never make one….know how.

  • Mrs. Altmann


    1. Plants as Powerful: Check into Yggdrasil, in the Viking world-view, the World Tree a.k.a. The Tree of Life, a concept that we also have in Judaism. Viking Gods were killed by giants and by the scheming of one treacherous member of their pantheon, but Yggdrasil was forever and remains forever. It encompasses the whole Universe.

    Other thoughts re. plants: they LOVE music and feel for their fellow-plants – see ‘The Secret Life of Plants’ which, I believe, came out when I was in college; I recall hearing of it in about 1978. Also, I was shown a book in 2003 about how water crystals form smoothly and symmetrically or jaggedly and asymmetrically, in reponse to the type of music to which they are exposed, whether pleasant and classical, or cacophonic hard rock, and this has a direct effect on the health of plants. I do not know the book’s title, but one could search for that topic on line and maybe find it. There are many photos in the book, showing molecular structure of water thus experimented on. This helps explain why involvement with music helps heal cancer.

    Pertinent to that last point, you might look up the work of Mitchell Gaynor, MD, Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology and Gaynor Wellness in New York City, o.b.m., who mysteriously and tragically left the world, Sep. 2015. Nothing to do with plants, but we share a lot with plants because we and they are, in both groups, living beings, and it seems that living beings thrive on music. On a more personal note, that is why I wish Dr. Vogt would resume his violinistic pursuits. While busy notifying us of the terrifying, he could actually HELP the situation by employing his talents! However, that takes a lot of mental and physical effort, as opposed to putting up videos, and he would thus lose the sense of control of the situation that one achieves when describing and analyzing all the physical components and the predictions that he has assembled.

    Making music requires focusing on one’s work rather than being distracted by paranoia and then taking the vast majority of the available time out to investigate the paranoia. One does not have the sense of control that scientific and ancient-text analysis give, but, by becoming vulnerable and disciplining, via long and hard effort, the intellect and emotions, to produce music, the human plows through that helplessness by actually making the world a better place. There is never any way one can completely psyche out all the elements that could threaten one’s existence, anyhow.

    It is as absurd as trying to climb oneself. We don’t climb ourselves; we climb mountains, and/or piles of furniture, or using proper equipment, up tall buildings such as Trump Tower, to enter through windows and thus obtain meetings without appointments. (I read an article in 2016 about someone who tried to do that. He had an urgent message for the candidate.)

    To really get the work done, we have to put one foot in front of the other, and it may require temporarily putting on oneself blinders, for the sake of focus, which were part of the necessary gear for the horses driven by cabbies in pre-automobile London, thus becoming single-minded in developing the inner refinement and physical and mental strength that actual music-making requires.

    Corny? Hokey? Irrelevant? Not really, because sound waves are on the spectrum alongside other waves, and we should not forget that the vibrations inside the sun are generating this vast theatre of electromagnetic activity that we witness at all levels of the sun which are outside the core, from which central point the vibrations emanate, and Jupiter and the earth have been found to ‘sing’ also, and this is part of how the multidimensional beings Vogt describes affect their outer layers and the universe, and indeed part of the Vector via which the Diehold affects everything. Best not to just freak out, nor to seek to jolt one’s science video viewers into freaking out, but also to make music, and along those lines I recommend that Oppenheimer Ranch Project administration members indulge in playing their flutes (a.k.a. reed pipes?)a little more often. The point is not necessarily to post the music, but, rather, just to make it, even if privately. It will change the universe.

    Part of the advantage of making music is that it transforms the inner nature of the musicmaker in such a way that he/she can process change and upcoming events, and still be himself/herself, and create his/her own positive thought and emotion traits, within, through the process of producing types of music that accomplish that. Hard rock might not do the trick, for this type of transformative result, So, he/she not only transforms the surrounding physical world, but also, he/she gets ready to face the future. It is about the best update process I can think of, for the organic ‘software’ within our physical persons, with which we were provided. And pertinent to that, it doesn’t hurt to read the EULA with which we were granted our hardware (our bodies and bony frames) and the software (internal processes and habits of thought and emotion) once in a while to make sure we are not violating that. We won’t find that EULA on line. Each individual has to guess as to how to find that EULA. The Hopi believe that all peoples were provided with stone tablets, for guidance. We Jews are aware that Noah and his wife and descendants were given some guidelines, which later became enforceable by the Higher Power, for readers of this comment who are not offended by the concept of such, once Moses announced them at Mt. Sinai.

    2. We are now in a different situation than in the past 2000 years. The ecliptic has moved on. A group of stars we call Pisces dominated the last 2000 years. Now a group of stars we call Aquarius does. Regardless of what one calls the constellations, and the mythologies one associates with the respective images their configurations are thought by various cultures to resemble, they are made of distinct collections of stars, with distinct energies, distinguishing, in radiative effect on levels that are mysterious and which we have not yet learned to perceive, one star-group from the other. It’s reasonable to believe that this change in the positioning of the ecliptic could bring forces to radiate to earth, not heretofore experienced, which will enable us to cope with the anticipated changes that appear incomprehensively scary and annihilative. In the faith-tradition from which I originate, and according to which I live, it’s stated that the Higher Power supplies us with the solution to a problem, before confronting us with the problem.

    3. Why did the polls in 2016 not match the election outcome? They were not wrong. Polls and results are a dynamic system, and the Republicans corrected for what they saw in the polls. There was foreign involvement, Citizens United kept pouring huge amounts of corporate money into the election, most likely, even, especially, towards the end, and Q Alliance was also working very hard to make sure someone got into office who was not a puppet of Deep State. Mrs. Clinton had had her hands full, being the wife of a man who never had a father, and it was easy in the debates to show how fellow Americans had suffered for lapses in her memory and diligence which to my way of thinking don’t show personal fault, but, rather, that her focus, underneath, was along the line of that of traditional women: a husband to care for who never had father, and a daughter to care for. Sharp as she is, she is also, it seems, a woman first and foremost, and home priorities occupy her mind, inevitably, in such a way that dangerous lapses of alertness, control, and confidentiality in matters pertinent to national security occurred. Someone cannot be the sole support for a man who never had a father, with success, and be President too. Mistakes would have happened. We’d be toast by now.

    4. As we are electromagnetic (resonant to the theme of ‘I am HAARP’) and, as humans, we have free choice re. thought, speech, and deed, if every one of 8 plus billion humans living makes a commitment to have self-discipline re. intellect and emotion, through contemplative components in his/her lifestyle, according to the faith of his/her fathers but in compliance with certain accepted standards of decency (i.e. not to murder or kidnap, not to commit adultery, not be cruel to animals by eating flesh from an animal while it is still alive, etc.), WE AS A SPECIES can transform the manifestation of the inevitably cyclic micronova into a spectacular event that does not threaten human life at all. Our thoughts and emotions, guided with good will and discipline, can substantially affect the electromagnetic activity in the Universe around us.

    The Hopi foresee this event, and foresee no problems for those who return to the old ways. What are the old ways? It seems to me that they include belief in a benign, all-powerful Creator, and the humility to understand that we cannot control all of nature, but must live in harmony with it. Those who have the arrogance to insist on the technological aspect at the expense of their emotional and spiritual nature as human beings, and of their loyalty to the the Higher Power, would not be among those who survive. For them is foreseen a very short life span. Judaism says, similarly, that those who have humility will not experience death before the Second Epoch, at which time the Resurrection will occcur.

    If all people embrace this reality, all will live through and be purified, not destroyed, by the coming Event, and will witness a new world after the purification process has been completed. For more information, look up ‘Hopi Prophecy: Blue Kachina, Red Kachina’ and see what you find.

    They believe that the powers that created thw world will return to set the earth rotating in its proper direction, which is counter-clockwise. This does not fit with Major White’s findings, but, it may refer to a much older, less-frequent shift that occurred before many episodes of 90 degree tilt and return that would have occurred, so it seems, afterwards.

    I am certain that we will all have a better chance of survival if we will restore the voice of and right to cultural continuity of the First Nations of the Western Hemisphere. Only they have the story that can save humanity. Controversial as this may seem, I think it begins with a fair retrial for Leonard Peltier, who seems to be the closest our generation has to a surviving prince of the Native American Nations. He possesses that native understanding in his very bones, and has, through agonizing years developed the ability to palaver with his enemies, and to come out of it all producing top-quality artwork and establishing a fund for education for all children.

    5. In ’78-’79 I was involved in the Hunger Project, and I was deeply affected by the work of Frances Moore Lappe. One thing about the Project that has positively affected my life ever since then is the concept of ‘creating a context’. It is entirely a matter of free choice. We can CHOOSE to live within the CONTEXT of survival of 100%, not the projected 5%, of the 8 plus billion people of the earth, if we simply choose, and we are strengthened within that process by bringing others into that context, too! Outreach does not deplete one’s energy to implement one’s own chosen theme in one’s life; on the contary, it’s the only guarantee that one, oneself, will stick to the theme and grow in it, in one’s OWN life! This truth has been discovered within my faith community.

    6. Listening is not necessarily about opportunism. It is about learning what people need, so that one can then figure out how to complement and cooperate, wihout becoming embittered by other people’s or groups’ resentments.

    7. ‘Corporatocracy’ is the proper spelling. (I was the CO/WY Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee winner in 1972, scoring 9th in National, among 79 competitors, and as such, I highly recommend that the Three Infomentaries have screens containing spelling errors spliced out of them, and replace those frames with othewise identical screens that have correct spelling, as correct spelling has a huge impact credibililty, in those circles that it’s most critical that you reach.)

    8. We have here a copy of The Last Whole Earth Catalog… if anything thinks they needs some specific info, it is possible for me to take a cellphone photo of it, and post or email it, that can be magnifited., of any chosen page.

    • Don Joseph

      ^^Very well presented ideas, this comment is well worth reading. The study of water crystals you refer to is the life’s work of a Japanese emissary of water named Masaru Emoto. “Messages from Water”

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H CORRIGENDA on point 8: should be ‘if ANYONE thinks they need’… that was an egregious Freudian slip needing extensive analysis and self castigation! This laptop… it seems to make everything jump and I can’t tell when I have made an error. That type of an error, though, it’s a certain type of word-error caused by Alz.

  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H It was a disgusting error. I DO NOT think of ANY of my readers as things (except any AI personalities that may be snooping in on my comments)!!! I was thinking, at the same time I was writing an offer to send images of pages of the book, of all the interesting things that were advertised in the Last Whole Earth Catalog, that could be very useful in a grid-down situation, which probably are no longer available, but, understanding the former existence of which, a person, today, could make things similar to, and even better, that will be able to help us then. So, I was thinking of things also, not just of people, but my thought-to-finger-action reflex arc must have been shortened, with a whole section of it being cut out, as a lot of my intended message was omitted, due to general and constant tiredness, and then I was too tired to finish proofreading and was anxious to just send it off before too much time elapses and I forget about the specific FOTW among the various tasks of the week… in a smart city, with a smart meter nearby, and a compromised system of internal organs as well as the resultant social stresses.. so I did not mean to offend anyone and I DO APOLOGIZE.

    Also, it’s NOT MY BUSINESS to say what one of our esteemed scientific presenters has decided to do with his time, especially not in a public forum. So, I apologize. Chances are I have more extensive and better musical training. as well as having inherited the genes for musical performance, and the family mission to thus accomplish. It is just that so many unfulfilled promises and distractions prevail.

    If I can, though, it could also heal some of my debilities. I am caught too much in the paranoia trap, what’s going on in my world…. but I’ll get out of it. Someone who strives to have 360 degree vision in order to ‘cover her back’ at all times cannot make progress in any direction, so I have to learn to trust, to some degree, other people in my life, and stop trying to ‘cover my back’ to the nth degree. Otherwise, nothing gets done.

  • Vortex

    Online Survival Library:
    All books can be downloaded as pdf’s

  • Randrat

    Philosophy Metaphysics Epistemology recording knowledge methods. Maps

  • Dirt

    If you’re going to make a library, you need a librarian/archivist to organize the information. It will take a special mindset to accomplish this but it will make all the difference to the user wading through so much material. Organization is key.

  • sativarg

    Dear Mr. Davidson,
    Your talking about the latest revelations of how quantum behavior should be expected on scales of stability… is it?
    I am taken back to my college physics arguments with Earl Stedman, my teacher, about such things. Over drinks and coffee we dreamt of the stable states above and below. I held then and now that there is a sort of veil through we do not see due to relative time. I hold that the chaose we perceive is actually doe to Life; such forms as we are and others who are moving at speeds beyond our ever sensing directly, but Life We do connect with. Some theories say it is the Force, Luke and others hold it as just spooky action… I hold that when we observe a thing,Life inside connects and reacts.

    We here feel the Gods watching and down there in the quantum, to us, we are as Gods?

    In Useconds pass millennium for them? As for us… we are beginning to see our “gods” and such things as perplex come into focus as we close our eyes?
    … going off now to read as you asked…
    and thanks

  • sativarg

    RE time frame 28:21 and the list…
    back to school then
    building a good framework and or outline?
    choosing good levels, categories and subcategories
    reconciling sets of things so as to optimize shared resources and minimize overlap…
    all of the above go into the foundation of a good project, written document, organization, community… etc. No?

    In my experience the more time spent building a sound foundation the less time wasted remeasuring later on… UP TO A Point.
    but you all know all this and More.

    I suggest that, due to the Huge nature of the subject, very large top divisions are needed. How do we divide things then? In main stream science sets are based on both the discipline and the observed qualities of the elements under observation. Is this the best way to go? One problem with the main stream is facts in my opinion… can we or you avoid them for the most part or perhaps soften them into some form less toxic… less likely to limit or obfuscate?

    Should each section be divided into “What they say” and “What we see”?
    Each major category and subcategory like a scale measuring the weight of the arguments?
    and what do I know… LOL
    late to the party and poorly dressed I stumble in and fart again?
    so pleas do go on…

  • sativarg

    36:58 and what else?

    I say
    add to the list a large place for the Cloak of Deniability that protects the Lies now.
    I can see a huge structure made of whitewash over Spackle and Bondo that is one of the Greatest threats to Humanity right now.
    underneath this cloak organized crime thrives and sends it’s Tentacles into every aspect of our world; even into every home and Human body now. Is there a more important topic?

  • sativarg

    41:30 and His story VS Our Story… Observations VS Main Stream obfuscation.
    Under History place two divisions
    1. What we are taught
    … a. real and observable and truth
    … B. Lies
    2. The objective and observed evidence…
    … a. the observations
    … b. the theories
    … c. weighted arguments…etc

  • sativarg

    44:30 Data protection, off grid resource sharing and communications, records collection, books and stories and lessons and preserving remembering and relearning without retaining the bad?

    Very cool the scanning and practices to make the old knowledge live again. Mass transfer from clouds into hard copy…
    keeping it alive after…
    hold local bees like thrashing demonstrations. plan and do outings locally to put the knowledge to the test and learn.what one can and can not do. Get good at the important things, adapt and adopt the best of what fits each region… etc.

  • sativarg

    trivial humor…
    Wasteland Survival Guide | Fallout Wiki | Fandom —
    But seriously… a section on self protection, stealth, keeping your fire, noise, resources hidden?

    Traps, guns, knives, practical tactical learning involving really hurting someone and being able to take it in return are all very important in my opinion.
    part of local gatherings being to do it?
    encourage members to explore their fears known and unknown by going there. get hurt to know how it feels, get scared to know how that effects you… etc
    it can and will save lives to go to that place and learn the hard way… No?

  • Curtis loew

    Humans are omnivores, but physiologically we lean more in the Herbivore direction. Proof in the diseases associated with humans that doggedly eat too much meat in their lifetime.
    Indigenous peoples all around the world performed small ceremonies whenever ‘killing’ plants or animals, thanking the spirit or life force responsible for the existence of the ‘food’. Perhaps these intonations also work on a frequency that unlocks the correct ‘permission’ to go ahead.
    All life on earth consumes ‘other’ life to exist, the carnivores are responsible for ‘policing’ populations to ensure they don’t overpopulate detriment to the natural order. Look at how the country of Palau restored their fish stocks by banning shark fishing, restoring abundant natural fish stokes and a healthy population of well fed sharks…(a nice side effect is a reduction in the number of humans being attacked)
    I think the way we farm Animals and plants in our ‘civilised’ modern society is very very wrong.
    Now I know I will burn in the scientists hell for saying this, But we now solely rely on science to prove what we instinctively once knew, a clear indication of our degradation as a race. Science by its very nature is not absolute.
    Picture two people tasked with climbing up a set of stairs in absolute pitch black.
    The ‘free thinker’ may assume that the stairs lead somewhere, so will step with a little confidence up the staircase.
    A pure ‘scientist’ must prove, without an iota of doubt that the next step actually exists, before making a step.

    Does this not illustrate that science itself is not absolute…?
    That Human consciousness and intuition may actually have been lost so much that we can only now ‘Trust’ science- that we have lost our connection to our planet, its frequencies and the frequencies of all life that exists on it.

  • sativarg

    Right Mr. Davidson,
    I agree wholeheartedly that the “Goldylox zone” is far form the only place Life as we know it could be found. In this mornings … well yesterday’s news you mention how planets are quite capable of having habitable conditions due to factors other than their location in a solar system. I could even see rouge bodies outside stars able to support life now that you mention it.

    You already recognize how moons could support life as we know it, Carbon based life that is. Other forms of life that are based on other and or combinations of forms could exist almost any where in the Universe if I am correct. But, the most interesting to Humanity would be those who, like us, breathe air, eat, reproduce and the other things Humans do.
    remember windows 98?
    David Byrne- Like Humans Do – YouTube —

  • Billy Rogers

    Hey Ben I like where you’re coming from with that thought but before we write volumes we need to understand we wouldn’t have a mind to do it if it weren’t for the Jesus Christ

  • Billy Rogers

    Hey Ben I like where you’re coming from with that thought but before we write volumes we need to understand we wouldn’t have a mind to do it if it weren’t for the Jesus Christ the Word is powerfully etched

  • sativarg

    Games… Not just for Kids then?
    One dark game that may well help people thinking of surviving an epic epoch collapse may well be “The Long Dark”
    === The Long Dark – Wikipedia ===
    The game was nominated for “Best Art Direction”, “Best Game Design” and “Best Music/Sound Design”, and won the award for both “Best Writing” and “Strategy/Simulation” at the 2018 Webby Awards.[35]
    === ===

    There are probably hundreds of titles exploring survival. Back when I was first learning DOS and had borrowed a computer from my work I was introduced to Waste Land. That was an early Role Playing game that inspired later titles like Fallout. While being entertaining I find some of the best titles are also useful explorations of issues facing survivalists and persons who can see the possibilities just over our horizon.

    I am listening to A Long & Dark Christmas (2019) ❄ THE LONG DARK ❄ #1 – YouTube —
    today and thought of the last part of this presentation when Mr. Davidson covers his plans to develop a broader set of resources for the community that would come from contributions within that community.
    Why not include the best survival games?
    So much work has already been done to simulate realistic conditions in various scenarios. Learning and play go hand in hand or so they say. When we are immersed in a game that is worth while we may well be learning very efficiently?
    Just a thought then
    and any Modders out there want to Make a mod called Suspicious0bservers Mod?

  • Johnathan Jones

    Jeff Bezos does not have a bug out center, he has a massive for film it center for preferred very wealthy customers I am a free energy custom underground facility to store expensive if not priceless subjects. And it maybe that if it absolutely has to be there that day put it on a rocket and no where in the world is beyond a few hours delivery time. Jeff understands That fulfillment centers take a lot of energy but if it’s underground you pretty much have free energy. He thinks at least he should have free energy, I think everyone should have free energy, of course if I was making money selling energy I would then be in a quandary of conflicts of interest and do I go against my own financial interest for the sake of my grade or interests
    or what?

  • Michael Durfee

    This 0bserver’s research topic list sounds daunting, but something definitely worthwhile. There are way too many subject which fall outside the mainstream scientific paradigm, these “pre” and “post-Newtonian disciplines” if you will, have been criminally neglected. Open sourcing the topics would be the best step towards comprehensiveness. Once the list has had time to develop, start doing straw polls or something similar, to figure out the most pressing current issue with the 0bservers, wouldn’t be a bad idea. Whatever seems to rise to the surface would be when and where the research managers then delegate to the project researchers the components of the research. After compiling I think Xaviar’s idea of an 0bserver’s Wiki would be a great way to present the findings so that fact checking and source material citations can be arranged at the same time. Perhaps even sparking some interest at the University level. I really want to see this list… Happy Holidays everyone.

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