FOTW December 5, 2020

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  • plectruM_

    Regarding the Rock Art: Would the square waves mean earthquakes? I think the “mountains” are waves, but it’s hard to know.

  • Linefeed

    Ben’s martial arts test result: …Finish Him! Babality! S0 Wins!

  • sativarg

    Dear S0 community,

    The FLCCC press conference was a roaring failure if the result of a success is Ivermectin being spoken or written in news.
    Certain things rise to the surface in turbulent times.
    Turds rise… Back in 2008 banksters rose to the top of the toilet and Obama did not flush the toilet. Now, with the novel corona viruses, another stink has Arisen. This time it is a swarm of counter intelligence assets. Most of these do not know that they have been groomed and put into place to do the work they are doing.
    I am sorry for them. Journalists of the main stream media and others have failed a sort of litmus test. They are an asset of the manipulators. Ivermectin is the litmus of our age and the canaries are thousands of Human Beings who die while counter intelligence assets obfuscate vital information; information that is saving thousands of lives despite the fake science and greed driven lies

    I gave them one more chance to overcome their programming and say the life saving word to me and millions of their viewers. If they can not say Ivermectin saves lives then I can only conclude that nothing will break the malignancy of covert counter intelligence and the organized crime committing mass murder right now.

    Wile I will always value the good many of the deceived ones are doing I can never condone what they are being used to do.

    Please consider telling people about the FLCCC alliance and the I Mask Plus protocol and especially about Ivermectin’s promise as a cure and preventative for a broad spectrum of corona viruses.

  • Bucki107

    I wonder if a boat or other flotation device could ever help in such a catastrophic situation. Being a Rhode Island resident and spending most of my life on the bay, I find that scenario quite chilling because something as small as a thunderstorm can very easily capsize a vessel as large as 60 feet or more, I just feel like a land tsunami or gradual rising of tide will still have way too much debris that will cause you to flip, roll, sink or be crushed… It’s So scary when a 12 ft wave suprises your transom deck because you turned out of the wind or slowed too quickly… Idk about that one guys! High ground without water sounds much safer to me 😎. That being said, you guys always stimulate my mind and because of that, cause me to look at everything from multiple angles. That’s worth its weight in gold to me.

    Happy to have been an observer for over a year now 😎 Thank you guys! I mean that! Be safe

    • Dirt

      I ran whitewater professionally when I was much younger. I have the same reservations.

  • Bucki107

    Senpai, good luck on your test. Without knowing your rank, please accept this as a sign of mutual respect. You shall succeed. Tired, beat… but fine! Tenacity is the true test in all of this. I’m sure you are ready or you wouldn’t be tested. That much I know. Peace Ben

  • Lonestar420

    Good Luck partner on your belt ascension, make sure you recover responsibly and nutritionally. how amazing and the questions this rock wall poses, so fascinating

  • Gelphi

    On the subject of increased UV radiation.
    I was at 20 degrees south on the East coast of Australia, 2-3 months ago.
    I live on my Yacht and have a Solar power system.
    There are 2 circuits and controllers/chargers.
    The best output I had seen on one of these circuits was 10 amps.

    I was outside in the middle of the day, it felt very hot all of a sudden.
    I went inside and found both solar circuits had burnt out.
    This would have meant the solar circuits had received above 20 amps.
    It was on a KP index zero day.
    I am at 30 degrees South now.

  • Charles

    An interesting perspective on the catastrophe cycle.
    Doomsday just ahead…
    Here is part of the table of contents.
    PART I
    The Earth is Going to Fall Over
    Background 3
    Uniformity Versus Catastrophe
    Evidence does not support gradualism 4
    Sudden death of the mammoths 5
    Other disasters have struck 9
    Analysis of these deaths 13
    Land disrupted 14
    Volcanoes and earthquakes 16
    Changing pattern of catastrophe 19
    What Caused this Earlier Violence?
    The Earth’s unstable axis 21
    The Sahara Desert 24
    Pole Shift
    The Earth’s axis has many choices 29
    Another choice of pole movement 33
    viiThere Never Was an Ice Age
    The polar ice sheets simply moved with their poles 36
    Earlier thoughts on ice ages 39
    Ice-age theory doesn’t fit the evidence 43
    Sea levels 45
    Sea levels with pole shift 48
    Where were the last poles’? 49
    The Earth’s Magnetic Field
    Palaeomagnetics 52
    What produces the Earth’s magnetic field? 54
    Relations between geographical and magnetic poles 56
    The reversing magnetic field 57
    Seafloor spreading 59
    Recent magnetic reversals 61
    The Climate has Changed
    What is under the sea floor? 64
    The Holocene Weather 68
    History Speaks of Catastrophe
    Man writes of change 71
    Some 3,500 years ago 74
    1000 BC to 500 BC 77
    Earlier calendars 79
    The 360-day year 81
    Have we Made a Case for Catastrophe?
    The distant past clearly indicates calamities 84
    The dinosaurs 84
    The doomsday process 87
    viiiEvents surrounding a pole shift 89
    What is the trigger mechanism of a pole shift? 90
    The Earth cleanses itself 92
    History is lost 93
    Summary 95
    People prior to the end of the ‘ice age’ 96
    Megalithic evidence 98
    Tiahuanaco again

    • YugaSage

      $930 for this book? IS it out of print? Its not very old.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for the upload.

  • sativarg

    HEY! YOU!

    HEY! Humanity,

    Domestic terrorism is being perpetrated once again…

    After the crimes of September eleven 2001 N.I.S.T. conducted a coverup in the form of an investigation of the demolition of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Now in 2020 the NIH is doing the same thing with their assessment of available treatments for novel corona viruses. Both the National Institute of Science and the National Institute of Health are guilty of obfuscating vital information that could save thousands or even millions of lives.

    How is that behavior not terrorism?

    How is that behavior not mass murder?

    How is that behavior not organized crime?

    wake up Humanity!



    For months I have listened to the glee in the voices of Mass Media as the numbers, both fake and real, would rise. I can see miserable minions rubbing hands together as they await the latest record deaths. I am disgusted and so should be all of you.

    sincerely yours

  • Peacefrog

    Failed State- Elections become meaningless, sleeping giant only if people care enough to get off their butts.
    This is not years from now, it’s today. It comes down to People vs Mainstream Media, Mainstream Everything. We need a top ten list of well thought out questions, like building 7 questions, regarding the lost American Common Sense for today’s situation. Questions that I can ask my neighbor or family who don’t see this mess. Share The video and eye witnesses of counting votes unsupervised please. I know some maybe annoyed by FOTW current events outside the science, but to me it’s all important, relative and it’s done in great taste. Thank you very much for everything you guys keep it real and balanced. This show is a gem.

  • American Nurse

    Wait, I have pour on Ivermectin in my med cabinet for my chickens. Are you saying it’s a wonder drug for humans for covid??

  • Peacefrog

    sativarg- well said, I think ultimately a force needs to arise to hold the main stream accountable and liable. Unfortunately the sentiment was said here -it’s very doubtful to take place in the courts. That leaves the streets, yes? Calm rational minds are not good at that kind of thing. How to make it cool and not scary for us to do so…. yellow vest like…. anyway (as Ben says😄)

  • sativarg

    Dear Community,
    counterintelligence is hard at work deceiving U.S. and all Earthlings about climate change and also about novel corona viruses…
    domestic terrorism? Our hospitals have become rendering plants turning Human Beings into numbers that drive fear and loathing?

    at time frame 20:08 and what about dissolved oxygen and or carbon dioxide?
    Would it not be a risk to be near or down wind of some bodies of water? Could a decrease in barometric pressure like that being mentioned trigger limnic eruptions,
    see: Lake Nyos disaster?
    … listening …
    26:31 if at sea be ware of sudden releases of methane as sudden loss of deep sea pressure could trigger that sort of burp?
    … listening …
    36:36 and If we were to be permitted to uncover the evidence and study Göbekli Tepe and the vast balance of other sites being deliberately obficated by various governments and museums and institutions of Higher InDoctrination then we would have known what is coming long ago. In Göbekli Tepe is most likely a very well designed legend explaining the messages that were so carefully built and buried for us to find and use. This malignant obfuscation and counterintelligence agenda is perhaps the greatest threat to Humanity in this cycle of Humans in Earth.
    … listening …
    51:34 of 58:49… It’s Not new It’s business as usual and organized crime… It’s interstellar exploitation as what is above reflects what is here as it is in “heaven” also in Earth… we never had sovereignty here in Earth but we have the right to demand it if I am right. Crime is Crime and Galactic Justice under God is real
    … in my opinion… So, I vote Jesus! Who has been outside the box and has a perspective adequate to be Good counsel, Worthy leader and Trusted representative for Earth and Earthlings to a greater community of True Civilizations under God… in my opinion again…

    … listening…

    Did you know that Ivermectin is produced by a bacteria that already lives as a member of most healthy Humans first line of defense?We are blessed by Nature Earth and the Creator with a biosuit. Bacteria, fungus and other organisms have evolved to live on our epithelial tissue as symbiots who have learned how to protect themselves from UV radiation, viruses and other vermin. The Earth Suit is a robust and dynamic first line of defense. What do we do? We go swimming in swimming pools full of poison and perpetrate chemical warfare against our allies?
    What better defense against a robust and rapidly evolving threat but a robust and rapidly evolving friend? a friend who makes Ivermectin for us?
    Are Humans Wise? Nature is wise.

    thank you all for the inspiring presentation

  • sativarg

    Hello community,
    Here is one for you… no not a spoiler for the asked question but some thing else.
    “Researchers get a look at the sun’s dusty environment | CU Boulder Today | University of Colorado Boulder —
    In this article the writer says that dust is just above the suns atmosphere. Really?

    “”In the process, the Parker team has learned a lot about the microscopic grains of dust that lie just beyond the sun’s atmosphere, said David Malaspina, a space plasma physicist at LASP…””

    No that is not at all right…
    The probe is deep inside our star. Earth is inside Sol’s atmosphere. The probe, Parker is it, is near Sols nucleus. There is an unfortunate misconception in main stream Earthling science. Stars are not the shiny middle part alone… stars are everything from the nucleus out past planets and asteroids and such, all the way to the membrane we call heliosphere. I know this seems like nit picking but ones perspective is vital to understanding Life the Universe and Everything… our perspective as Earthlings is sadly inadequate for us to be making good decisions. Likewise as long as mass media lies about Ivermectin Human Beings will die in droves in hospitals for the lack of just one thing… Ivermectin.

    Do not contribute to mass murder.
    Please get the word out that Ivermectin cures and prevents infections by a whole spectrum of Novel Corona Viruses including Covid19
    thank you

  • mytechtoday

    Regarding the Pre-historic wall art in Columbia:
    One of the many coincidences that I’ve noticed in all this repeating micro nova talk is that whenever archeologists find pre-historic cave art or wall art, the estimated creation date is near the time of what we consider to be the repeating micro nova thingy.

    Think of it this way. If the weather conditions are very bad and you think you might die, you might want to account for your life on a cave wall.

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