FOTW December 12, 2020

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  • cjan137

    Don’t pay federal tax anymore…

    • Septeus7

      They don’t need you money…they just print whatever they want and as long as people as willing to sell their services to the State the State will act as it pleases with or without the consent of the people. You can say that the people consent because they will willingly put their follow citizens into the COVID concentration camps for a pay check. It only stops when stop using ALL government services entirely. At this point, I say that the mini-Nova may well be only thing that saves humanity from the tyranny of global government and forced COVID sterilizations.

    • ahoban

      #Texit #MakeSecessionGreatAgain

  • cjan137

    HA ha haaaaa.. Ben is headed to the gun store.. #ME TOO!

  • Reefgeek

    Great talk today! I wonder how much timing of natural events might play a role in leveling the playing field in the coming societal mayhem? The populace by and large are totally unprepared for a global grid failure but of the two sides, I believe red states, especially rural areas will fair much better. That said if we’re going to prepare for civil dissolution and making a battle plan to reclaim the constitution, wouldn’t it be prudent focus on our own survivability first? Self defense is a given but without self reliance we’re no better off than a sanctuary city. Thanks again guys! I hope some day to shake each and everyone of your hands!

  • CommonCents

    Perhaps current events are aimed at goading/finessing Trump into declaring martial law and setting aside the Constitution. Catherine Austin Fitts said that would be “suicide” because it would open the door to the deep state to do whatever they want once the Constitution is set aside. I second Reefgeek’s suggestion that we all get more self reliant. However, that is a giant challenge for those of us living such an easy life for so long– flip the switch, turn the faucet– we take SO much for granted. Gardening etc is much harder than it looks.

  • jackyl11

    I don’t get it. All of you guys believe or at least profess to believe that a great magnetic event is immanent in the next 10 – 30 years. This event will at the very least cause the destruction of electric generation capabilities world wide. If you actually believe this verses professing to believe it, the loss of individual rights is a non issue compared to the destruction awaiting humanity. According to you guys, the cities will be the hardest hit areas and these are the domain of the democratic voters/decision makers in this country. What gives?

    • ahoban

      The reason the loss of rights is a big deal when the catastrophe is a few decades away is because we need time and wealth to prepare to survivor it. You don’t get those when you’re a serf. All of the serfs will not make it into the next civilization.

      • ahoban

        Moreover, it’s a federated system, so just because the cities are inalterably doomed and they’re controlled by democrats, it doesn’t mean that we’re safe in red areas. This election just proved that you can blatantly cheat in your one city and change both state and national elections which can take plenty of rights away from us.

  • Lonestar420

    You guys are awesome, any way we can get Billy more talking time, and of course melinda gates is stupid

  • Lonestar420

    totally awesome should’ve waited till the taking your dessert in prison analogy, your dry wit continues to impress me for such a cerebral thinker, I really hope your kids make it brother, we got to keep well rounded individuals in the gene pool

  • ahoban

    It’s time to peacefully secede. It’s not worth being a country anymore. No need for war. Let’s just leave.

  • Allenvaughan

    It is definitely a time for choosing.
    Stand and fight FOR America, not run away.


    This is our time our day our stand …. our Goliath… we know freedom and it taste good. Like your father in law prevailed… he hoped… we hope… because of that we’ll stand.

  • Caroline5765

    Infertility will be key to population reduction coming to a vaccine near you soon. The mRNA cytokine storm 2nd vax will be killer… literally. Hint- remember the hundreds of thousands of black plastic caskets being stored years ago when the undergrounds were being resurrected?
    1st amendment- I think I will buy a firearm; 2nd amendment- I own a gun. 3A- come on in milita; 4A-you will not take my freedom, food or firearm; bang bang, and on and on.
    Leigh Dundas On The Effect Of A 2018 Trump Executive Order On The 2020 Presidential Election could be a good video to watch (hint), because the judicial system has failed the people and the person they are pushing out that’s standing for the people might have to use a trump card… 1776 all over on a modern level gentlemen. A lose-lose situation is not an option.
    You might want to be sure you can pull your own water out of the ground, make your own electricity, and get a doctor that will sign a vaccine card for you. Remember Trump recently said we may come to a time that our comm will be the emergency broadcasting system. Got radio?
    Young kids indoctrinated with no history of our fight, or no experience of plight, will need the lead to succeed. Be a leader or become a bottom feeder.
    Could go on and on but I need to go reload my cases, store my silver, and inventory my survival intelligence. Thank you for the upload gentlemen.

  • sibeguy

    In the beginning you talk about how the thunderbolts get stuck in the dogma of their thinking and then you finish stuck in the dogma of trumpsters…do you even get the concept of projection? Like you are a source of unbiased news and information! Maybe you’re not as awake as you think you are.

    • Michael Durfee

      We’re sorry, we didn’t understand your question. Please rephrase with a more coherent example.

  • Charles

    Luck favors the prepared mind.

  • Johnathan Jones

    1. My Sibling S0s, lets simmer down a spell and consider a few things please…..Blacks for decades if not centuries have had all their part of the elections stolen and fictionalized and they survived it thus far as a USA citizen. So now massive fraud has been perpetrated by the election workers, government office holders and corporate bond villains and if BBB, (Barking Bat Biden) jokers his way into the highest office of Gotham, perhaps we can let them have it like we did the OJ verdict. BUT,…this has just begun. After decades of planning, the American Revolutionary war took 8 years to fight and lots of money. Resist in every way you can. Maybe join the populist party, anything but the 2 sided , one coin party system that is now a global phenomena. Washington lost many big battles but stayed intact to win the war. We can do the same, this can be a new birth for freedom for all which can continue to spill forth far beyond our shores….

    2. Ben, I’m so impressed you got yourself banned for life off EE’s (Evil Elf) texting platform. Well done and played , Sir. Now look at everything in your life thus far at this place. Don’t you have a app that texts all our phones warning of space weather? Don’t you have a website where people can post chat? Don’t you post videos all the time and have a team to help you? All you need is a few IBM blade servers and the S0 texter site could start……and then we could own our data when a push into SST’s (Snapping Sea Turtle) domain follows….

    3. Point is it take lots of money, time and people to further advance and establish our freedoms and constitution for all. We need to end the Twitter, Google Youtube, Face book monoplies by doing for ourselves rather than continue to rely and fund those that have stabbed us in the back and betrayed our freedoms for their enrichment in money and power. All good ordinary people everywhere are entrapped to join these systems or be attacked and Hitler got more Germans killed than anyone. First they enslave a group of people, then a country, and tomorrow, well…….I think they are in for a predictable historically repeating surprise.

  • gary gray

    Good show

  • Michael Flagg

    Gents – would you know of a good checklist for non-electrical powered prep supplies or resource? Any preparedness site(s) who are supporters of SO with a high useful info-to-marketing ratio?

    Until recently the complete loss of the grid combined with potentially turning some of my equipment into paperweights had not been a big consideration for me in what plans I have made. Was hoping for something I could compare against and see where to fill in the gaps in what time remains. Thanks as always.

  • kmiklNINJA

    Not global extinctions???? uhhh half the land based mega fauna species went extinct during the Younger Dryas….Randall Carlson said you have to go back 3 million maybe 5 million years to find another extinction event comparable….will this one be as bad????? Maybe not….

    • ahoban

      It looks like every third one is a bad one and the last one was a third. The next one should be very survivable. Observers might even thrive afterwards. I see no reason why we shouldn’t be hoarding spare electrical parts, knowing this is coming. The plan should be to rebuild a technological civilization as quickly as possible, not to acquiesce to a New Stone Age. The idea that modern Americans are going to go back to pre-industrial lifestyles sounds like a super foolish and unrealistic plan that’s doomed to failure.

      • ahoban

        His point that everything electrical is going to fry is well-taken, but spare parts (all completely disconnected, disassembled, and thoroughly insulated) will survive.

        Start hoarding them now and observers can reassemble civilization on a local scale in months rather than centuries. Yes, it’s a lot more upfront cost and risk, but the payoff would be far higher. The longer people go without electricity, the longer they will go without it. If we aren’t ready to rebuild on day one, then it could be literally hundreds of years before we get back to an electrified way of life.

  • kmiklNINJA

    what if you don’t feel like fighting for the rest of the country???? It’s full of morons who would rather trade their freedoms for politically promised security, and those same people would throw me in prison for not agreeing……it’s already happened once…I got very little in common with the majority….I’ve already seceded years ago….I quit paying taxes, I’m not subject to their rules or norms…..I’ve spent years of my life in prison for nothing,,,,I have little unique fondness for the cattle the occupy the US……they’re just livestock….ready to be led to slaughter….just saying…..

    • kmiklNINJA

      Now they usher in China with white skin, useful idiots….I’m willing to kill as many as it takes until they stop……..but saving the country is beyond rational…. we let them invade us….unless we kill them all they will have their space when this is over…..

  • sativarg

    Hello S0 community,
    Did you know that Ivermectin still prevents most people from having symptoms from a spectrum of corona viruses including those said to cause covid19?
    It does.
    Why not find out more… search DuckDuckGo or any other tool but Google to find out?

  • troy priddy

    if texas leaves.. IL will split and the southern IL half will join texas…

  • Donn

    Xavier made the point of a Texas secession being welcome, by the opposition, as something to further weaken the union. I consider myself a 100 yard man, meaning more or less that I am geared close quarter, however it doesn’t take much imagination or equipment to disable an entire city… And then what?
    I don’t like how any of my scenarios play out. Maybe if we were all called out via emergency broadcast system, with instructions by any division, for example, by last name: A-M aggress and occupy media broadcasting towers and buildings… N-S occupy county courthouses, T-Z maintain civil watch and support law enforcement. If you are over 60 or physically unable to aggress and occupy, man local support as needed. I’m fairly sure no one is prepared for the bloodshed that could potentially occur in this phase. Without mistakes very little, but there would be mistakes.
    Again with the, and then what?
    I suppose as penalization, main stream media and big tech be required to provide infrastructure for a national soapbox, and left with the warning get your shit together. Much more than that and we will have become that which we were fighting. Then we have the whole Empire thing, not sure that isolationism would benefit us in the global scheme of things.
    Basically I just don’t trust Power, anytime there is portion-ability someone will want a larger portion, and/or control the portion you may possess.
    Like I’ve said before, when it’s broken and laying on the ground it won’t matter who broke it or how it got broken, what will matter is who has the fix.

    PS I really think the judicial arms of our government and society has let us down. Of course I don’t completely understand the process, but constitutionally, also at this point every American could likely show harm and be part of a class action. Are all civil rights lawyers globalists as well?

    Hold your mud, and don’t fire till you see the whites of their eyes.

  • dragorios

    We are in a constitutional crisis. Every means we have to resolve the situation has failed. “It’s not my job”, you have no standing – whatever, each avenue shuts down because of cowardice and the mistaken belief that it will all work out if they just ‘go along to get along’. Hitler was a socialist, and how did that work out for people
    who went along with him.
    The constitution, our system of government has not failed, but rather people within the system have failed.
    I’m so disgusted that I’m hoping for a big solar event. It needs to be a surprise. So that the jet-setting, mega rich, depopulation experts are caught off guard.
    Taking an overall view, it would not be a catastrophe but rather, justice – the great equalizer.

  • sativarg

    Hello Mr. Davidson,
    Is Earth Lucky?
    She may be but I do not think that is why she is able to stay so lively as Sol does what he does. There is plenty of evidence that the moon is a construct. If I and others are correct then the moon of Earth has been impacted at least once by a blast of hot energy and or matter. I see the moon of Earth as part of a dynamic system that works to support Life in Earth. One way I imagine this is done is by using the moon as a shield. I can see the moon moving into a very specific position when Sol’s behavior indicates he will produce either a massive CME or Micro-nova. While the moon intercepts, deflects and or absorbs most of the heat and ejecta some of the energy could pass right through Earth. I see energy like a current flowing into South Africa into the core and out the opposite side. If this is true some of that energy could recharge Earth’s core and ensure another period of magnificent magnetic shielding… but this is just my vision. The vision of a blind Harper… LOL

    Also just today I hear that in SolScientists discover a superhighway network to travel the solar system – SlashGear —

    this is another fine indication to me that a brand new perspective on Sol, the Universe and everything is coming. When we can see the Life that Sol is then we are nearing a perspective adequate to achieve our greatest potentials in Earth and beyond… in my opinion.

    Make binoculars with electric eyes. Look in side of Sol; inside here where we and earth are and we will see all the invisible structures doing biology. Recently a very bright young woman used multiple radio telescopes to look at Earths tentacles. She was able to render images of magnetic structures surrounded by plasma all around Earth. Similar structures of even greater beauty and complexity and functionality are all around us in Sol and beyond. Most if not all of these are biological and function just like organelles and such in the cytoplasm of cells inside of us… in my blind vision.

    you did ask and here you go then

  • sativarg

    continued Near time frame: 45:48
    Yes I agree with the suspicious observation that The United States is at Huge risk
    My vision on what is coming
    It was 1982 and I was participating in Near Death OOB experiments that amounted to forced meditations.
    One of the repeat scenarios was American Occupation and various scenes of the post invasion U.S.

    The first session to unfold thus had me sharing consciousness with a man hiding in his home from drones. He was down in his basement with a metal sauce pan on his head. When the drones found him he was forced out into the open by pain and fear like none I had ever felt before or since… Snapped back,, I broke loose the restraints and burst through a locked door before I came out of it.

    Another session saw me in the body of a young woman who worked as a roady with a musical group. She was bringing music to people in retraining camps and as I traveled with her we saw miles and miles of chain link… She loved her work and the flavor of the whole thing was hopeful and sanguine? Her brother was working in mines to the west and her father was in one of the camps.

    I encountered a Russian woman between; out of body and she recognized me as a threat to security. She was skilled and me not. She generated that same pain fear effect as the drone had done but less powerful to send me right back and out.

    Not all the sessions were so dark. I also met such beautiful people of various forms, from stars with thousands of eyes to persons who traveled the stars in ships of Love to a Green Lady who guided me away from dangers twice at least. I met a person who was as a whale who lived in stars and traveled between them. She showed me how Earth’s Life was as aflame reaching out past her moon… How Gravity was not a force but a symptom of change… see?

    I was cheating and a price was payed… is being payed and so I know it was wrong but I was determined to understand the things that happened in the five surgeries that happened to me from three years old to seventeen. I do not recommend what I did but I can not say I would not do it again. It left me spoiled in ways… like nothing in this realm ever compares to the beauty and passion I lived then.

    So I have come to believe that the United States is being groomed to act as a sacrifice in a public ceremony and trial. The event would Be like a sacrifice that would serve many purposes at a time… many birds with one stone just like September eleven two thousand and one… see?

    I see events of the past century culminating in an event that would work to:
    1) bring together all nations under one rule
    2) seduce all these nations to sign over sovereignty
    3) place all the blame on the United States while exonerating all the factions of the Manipulators or the Control Infrastructure
    4) all this and more thought to be the only best way by some who know not what they do? best intentions? deception and deceive and not evil… Human Beings being Human…

    If I am correct then now we are being led down the garden path being groomed and around our necks is a frame of iron. That frame is made of all the crimes the United States did under the control and influence of the manipulators as well as those we did not do enough to stop… the two edge sword of a nation; government by the people, for the people is also a government the people are responsible fore… see? And the Linchpin in that frame around every American neck is Nine Eleven; the huge lie from which are borne so many others and a foundation for a war against Humanity… an event that is still ongoing as thousands in New York suffer lung damage resulting in the present dire severity of Covid there… see?

    I see The United States as a hammer wielded by hidden hands and Russia and China as an anvil to crush nations who resist the exploitation and control… and when done with the hammer it is a useful proxy to take the blame?; a scapegoat and sacrificial feast for all who will sign over sovereignty to the New World Order? I see an international trial where the United States is held responsible and where factions inside her and outside take part to dissolve her as we have known her… see? The digestion has been going on for a long time now… taken down from the inside even as the Twin Towers was done so symbolically?

    Just my perspective on a puzzle that is putting itself together in my mind these past years…
    Just the only I can see in my minds eye reason in this reality…
    The irony in any tyranny is the reason in treason and the riot in every patriot.
    But how to act to save America?
    Is it possible at this point?
    miracles any one?

    back to listening…
    49:55 Yes Mr Davidson…
    But “they” have set the stage and laid out traps and pitfalls here and on the world stage so strategic as to ensure the demolition I noted above. Who is skilled enough to make all the moves to ensure or recover democracy while avoiding the mine field?
    But should democracy as it is be preserved or should another generation have a chance with a clean slate? Will Sol provide the eraser?
    I am not wise. I vote Jesus and leave it up to the Creator of all Universes. If that makes me a fool the so be it. One thing I do know; I no nothing and in that Humility I have the perspective to learn… see?
    … listening…
    If there is a sort of dominoes layout set to fall then how do we not trigger it?
    If I am correct and the United States is being
    made ready for a sacrifice then how do we reconcile, get the legal frame off all our necks and avoid the reckoning?
    The trap depends on us fighting each other. I say the only way out is through… but, not with violence, with grace and wisdom…
    Stop pulling the rope.
    Don’t play “their” game by their rules.
    Jesus gave me and all of us the key to freedom and it is forgiveness.
    Drop all debt.
    Forgive all trespass.
    We tried that
    ? no not really.
    Every part of the parasite is made of Humanity so that when ever we attack the machine we are attacking one another.
    unChane the deceived from the machine and it dissolves. Forgiveness universal and unconditional does this.
    So again I vote Jesus and I rest in this.
    so forgive me my faith as I respect your beliefs in kind.
    thank you.
    … listening…
    posting if it will…

  • sativarg

    continued near time frame 52:06
    Did we ever have sovereignty in Earth?
    Here in America do we have what we need to govern?
    We need no less than the whole truth to govern. A government for the people and by the people demands, by that definition, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The excuse given us for all the lies; the false “facts” we believe, is that we can not handle the truth. If things are so bad and or complicated and or unfathomable that we the people can not govern then democracy is not possible. If that is so then what form of government is best? Who is wise enough to govern? Who has a perspective sufficient to see the whole truth?

    I.T artificial Intelligence?
    If so then you know my vote… no?
    how would you vote then?
    … back to listening…
    time frame: 56:33
    Wow Mr. Davidson, Point taken and I am that deserter. I got out of Google years ago. The main reason was that I could not manage my google account. “They” required me to read a text message at least once a week to log in. I refused to have to go out into the street every time I needed to have someone read me my access code of my phone. I was furious! so I got the f out. But I did desert my followers. I did that thing and I am sorry.
    Point taken and humiliation is mine then.
    … listening…
    Jesus said No! means no! and did not budge an inch from his principles. Is that passive?
    There are many ways to fight. Some times to fight a thing one must realize that the thing is using our energy against us. Like quick sand? Fear causes one to struggle and sink. Wisdom helps one to float and move with grace out of the mire.
    So by all means fight. Just do so with grace.

    this has been one of the best of the best of the FOTWA I have had the joy of commenting on.
    thanks to all and Ivermectin saves lives; stops mass murder… Jeff Epstein did not commit suicide, he was murdered…
    and blessings

  • sativarg

    Hello community,
    I told them so… and well DA!
    COVID-19 spread increases when UV levels decrease | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences —
    How simple is that then?
    Vitamin D rises in UV and UV damages viral particles.
    So, Put full spectrum lighting in nursing homes and every where like crews ship interiors and submarines; every where people congregate and UV is absent.
    Updating lighting in those places is an opportunity to to phase out older less efficient lighting and it would greatly reduce infections or severity of infections from a wide range of pathogens.

    but where is the profit in that? Disease maintenance is very lucrative while prevention is a threat to the Pharmaceutical Industry AKA Organized Crime.
    You better watch your back Harvard … Organized Crime does not like to be threatened!
    L8R then

  • sativarg

    continued from:Unique prediction of ‘modified gravity’ challenges dark matter —
    and Gravity is not a force “gravity” “magnetism”and the “small force” are all symptoms of Change…
    Time is change happening. As change happens in our Universe and our level of three D existence dense energy absorbs emptiness as equilibrium is forever approached. At the surface of matter there exists a depletion zone where emptiness is depleted. There is a latency factor, emptiness takes time to move into the depletion Zone. What we observe as mass being pulled together is not… Actually masses expand into one another when the distance between them is less than the expansion of that space as that relates to the mutual expansion of said masses.

    When a mass becomes organized at the packet level so that each packet of energy inside absorbs emptiness from the same directions as it’s fellows then the mass behaves as a magnet. It exhibits relative acceleration. The “field lines” science observes are symptoms of emptiness moving to replace the depleted emptiness as it is absorbed unevenly by the magnet… see? Some matter tends to align its energy packets to the flow of emptiness like iron filings do in the classic experiment… Likewise some matter becomes magnetic in that same flow of emptiness because those packets remain so organized. Lined up and creating their own flow of emptiness…

    Earth ISreally expanding and accelerating outwards at near 9.80 meters per second per second. How could that be? Nothing travels faster than light? Well, in here where we are it seems that way. Light is a state of energy. That state is relative and a stable state of energy but dynamic in the fabric of Creation… as far as I can understand. The speed of light is an attribute of a state of energy in much the same way that “gravity” is a symptom of change. From in here where all our tools are part of the observation… inside of the experiment, we can not perceive near infinite speed. thus a cubic foot of iron appears to have a stable volume to a cubic foot of sodium even as there is a vast difference in density and thus expansion acceleration. Both rates of expansion approach infinity and infinity is equivalent to infinity squared.

    Distance and perspective…
    an object at a distance looks smaller due to perspective?
    At the time light leaves a distant object it’s size is at V1 the observer as is at volume OV1… when the light reaches the observer the object that emitted or reflected it has grown to V2 but we see an image of V1 even as we have grown to OV2… see?

    etc and etc goes Sativarg’s Vortex… my own little round the twist then.
    a twisted rabbit whole or just a different but valid perspective on gravity Life the Universe and everything?

    thank you again for sharing my imagination

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