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DARPA Article
Satellite Danger
Electric Galaxies
Super-Strong Solar Fields
Ancient Network

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  • ElectricDragon

    Yes, Ben I am jeff and I am just following your lead.

  • gary gray

    Vernon Roth
    “Spark of Life Water”Aetherically Enhanced Water
    “Glacier Milk”

    Wore Scottish Kilt

  • RKHarrold

    I’m thinking of moving to Santa Fe, NM

  • Richard

    No mention of Walter Russell’s work on transmutation…?

  • Richard

    On twins and ‘tuning’, Ben, you have to go 9 months further back… it’s the moment of conception, aka. The spark of life that is responsible for that. There was an article this past year (can’t remember if you posted it) that showed a study revealing an actual electrical spark when sperm meets egg. Boom! At that moment, your tuning is done. And all the external conditions are written right into your code. Location of the earth on the annual orbit around the star (horoscope), location on planet, time, day, night, weather, electric charge of the air, influence of moon, comets, mood of your parents, happiness, anger, the list goes on forever. Twins simply share that moment of conception, technically the same ‘tuning’….

  • John Mallary

    Mental connection.
    Some twins feeling it profoundly.
    Frequency tuning examples.
    Tuning forks.
    Resonant biosphere…

    All seemed like hocus pocus to me. That started changing 15 years ago, when I met Theresa.

    For those of you familiar with me… This won’t surprise you…
    TR his is gonna be a book!

    Bottom line is, it appears we all have different frequencies, as we have different fingerprints. We also have a dormant ability to adjust it! Some humans do it proficiently. The majority have trained themselves with techniques thousands of years old.
    Ty these would be the top Buddhist monks. The ones who spend their lives doing mental exercises and years in seclusion in the frozen environment of the Himalayas, and at retreats. The ones who are able to control body temperature, perform self mummification, experience concious rebirth, the unbelievable ability to levitate which…no westerner believes to be remotely possible!

    It seems that our brains are machines that can process and control standing resonant waves. These waves contain our thoughts, our individual personalities, our dreams and our memories.

    I think it involves the same resonant connections at the sub atomic level we see in the Electric Universe, from Thornhill’s the theory on gravity, to coronal hole openings triggering earthquakes, to galactic jets. All scales of ionic and electrical flows, involve standing waves of resonance, that interact with longitudinal wave connections, through the resonant connections between sub atomic particles.

    That’s why Eileen can use certain tuning forks to influence old traumatic memories, correct resonant imbalances that correlate with our bodily functions, effect pain, etc. She stumbled onto one influence that accomplishes what the Buddhists do with their chanting and minds.

    They can detect, interpret and manipulate, standing waves of sub atomic resonance and through that, influence the behavior of ions.

    Lemme tell you why I see this as, being quite possible.

    At age three, Theresa suffered serious brain damage from ingesting chemicals and the ensuing cardiac arrest event. The doctors recommend she be institutionalized. She was literally, and seriously, f*ked up in the head!

    Her whacko genius Dad made lemonade!
    He used her for his PhD thesis.

    He basically taught her to use the undamaged regions of her brain, to perform the functions she had lost, like walking, talking, coordination.
    Regions like processing color, hearing, taste, etc.

    Once her brain started learning to do this, it took off. She changed from a cumquat, back into a person. Mobile, communicative, functional, and continually improving, slowly but surely. She couldn’t learn like most Kids do however, so she couldn’t do well in public school. She’s never been able to graduate high school because her brain cannot organize thoughts into an essay. She cannot use paragraphs to organize and structure thought into a structured written format, no matter how hard she tried but was a union painter, taper, and tile worker who ran crews and founded the Women in Trades organization, for which she won an award from governor Davis (The one replaced by the Gtoping Terminator Arnold…;)

    She can’t pass her GED but is accomplished otherwise. One of her kids works for the Smithsonian, ones a doctor, ones an engineer and they’re all good smart kids.

    Her dad was somehow associated with local Tibetan Buddhists. Those are the baddass ones with martial arts skills. Evidently, he liked to get his ass kicked from time to time, so he messed with them till they did… Repeatedly!

    She was about 5 or so then, and the Buddhists could tell her brain was different. They were extremely patient with her and she felt warm and safe there, even when they were,, “impatient”… with her dad.

    Here’s where it got weird…er.
    After months of this, she began “hearing” thoughts not her own!
    It became evident, the Buddhists monks were communicating with her. Being so young, it wasn’t startling to her. They would give instructions, make requests to retrieve things or do chores, and reassure her. She could think back questions and get responses.

    She’s been friends and acquainted with Buddhists monks, off and in her whole life. She was not nor is, a Buddhist herself but works for them from time to time.

    It’s the top shelf monks who she can communicate with. The Dali lama and his Rinpochets. The one living in Carmel is her friend. They hang out occasionally and keep in touch. She’s met the Dali lama and had the same kind of communication with him. He knew who she was, as does every one of these trained Buddhist brains she encounters.

    I’ve known her long enough to get it. I’ve never seen her lie, be insincere, make shi+ up or commit any intentional impropriety, ever! She raised seven children effectively, even made their clothes. She’s not your average bear!

    When we can finally detect, measure and predict this physical phenomenon, we will be able to understand it and use it, without having to sit in a frozen cave for a year, meditating, and eating beans.

    It seemed Ben had an epiphany, when he asked if it could be so simple as tuning into the right frequency.
    That’s exactly what’s goin on. Tesla knew it. You see it all around if you look.

    BTW, she asked Dali lama what was skewing our weather.
    He smiled and said.

    “The Sun!”

  • Ricky Neff

    Science daily is refusing visits from OpenVPN clients, my dozen ssh tunnels still work though 😉

  • Mglake8

    Great discussion at the end. Encore!

  • CaseyM

    Trevor, you have a lot of knowledge of ancient cultures and often quote the Hopi legends. Where do you find your information? I’d really like to research this more since I believe there is a lot of knowledge hidden in ancient legends.

  • Brenton Ihms


  • sean leech

    Thank you S0 team for a brilliant discussion. Thanks John Mallary for a very interesting comment which reminded me of a practice by One Eye Serpents of being sent to mountains, forests or deserts to be alone with no stimulus so as to keep their physic abilities in tune. Great talk on the Ancient knowledge . Currently reading a book by Christian O Brien who was the only one to fully decipher some Sumerian cuneiform tablets. Cuneiform was for lower orders and man who I presume was their word for natives as being pictorial was easy to remember. They used speedy writing among themselves if needed. In a previous book it stated that the Essenes advised their followers to walk barefoot as much as possible so as to avail of the healing properties flowing through the earth . Ancients also used polished crystal and concave obsidian for telescopes and microscopes. Nuggets of info can be found from varied sources more so as the authors go back in time but I am beginning to believe that the Ancient history is no – go topic as uncomfortable truths could be relieved some of which have been mentioned as possibilities by the S0 team. Christian O Brien was blanked and ignored for his research.

  • silvermitt

    You sure do get some interesting commentary here.
    My only contribution for this FOTW is that anything DARPA is probably 20 year old news for them and grains of salt for us.

    What me jaded about gov? Nahh….

  • Larry Sinclair

    Erie, I have been playing with a concept similar to what you touched on in the last part of FOTW. Early stages and I probably don’t have the physics to go much further with the idea. Darn, can’t post the Venn diagram.

    The human mind resides in the overlap of the brains magnetic field with the soul’s magnetic field as shown in Figure 1.In Figure 1 we have the following.
    1. Infinite Range of Vibrating Magnetic Fields (God).
    2. Large Unique Subset of Vibrating Magnetic Fields (Soul).
    3. Small Unique Subset of Vibrating Fields (Human Brain).
    4. Mind. Where all these fields overlap we may have the Human Mind.

    • Uncleharley

      Thank you Dali Lama,(SUN) John Mallary and Larry Sinclair! Dark Energy = Electron shells are much larger atoms are connected at great distance, We have only studied here on Earthly perspective!

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