FOTW December 23, 2017

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Mental Practice
Cellular Homeostasis

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  • Billy Rogers

    wonder if we are worried about the wild African bees still


    And I wonder if, given the solar cycle AND the cosmic ray nucleation AND the solar triggering of volcanic activity AND the magnetic reversal, if we are not shaping for not a GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM but a major ice age?

  • Caroline5765

    Billy I raise bees so this will probably get winded but it is readers choice. They are amazing creatures. The wild African bees do still exist and are still migrating, they are in California, Texas, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and in Oregon (2016) confirmed, (and probably other states) so they are just as prevalent. They are also gaining a resistance to cold as they do. You have to dig to get the information. A fair amount of apiaries are attempting to reduce their aggression by crossbreeding them in hives with Italian and Russian bees which are fairly calm to breed a less aggressive species with some success. They are very adaptable, they will not be going away anytime soon. One quick test is to measure the wings, Africans have longer wings. Anyway some notes to share, do not eat bananas around bees (same pheromone as their defense, isoamyl acetate), they operate off vibration so if you are using something mechanical you can get a stir, if you see a couple bees stop and look around; do not make fast moves around them, dark things (hair clothing etc) attract them. I personally believe that this results from them having to ward off honey thieves like bears and other animals with dark fur over time; they pick up on your frequency and can read you so use a relaxed, no-fear mentality when in contact with them; if you get caught in a defense cover your face with your hands especially your eyes, mouth and nose and BACK AWAY do not run, panic or smack/kill them <– I wound up taking over 100 stings to the head in the woods once and can tell you I learned a lot from that experience. Please do not kill swarms if you come across them, call someone in to remove them; be aware of the plants/flowers you buy, many are neonic treated. Monoculture is another big problem now. Sigh Sorry for going on so much but bees help over 1/4 of our sustainable food products (and much more than people know) which are being jeopardized due to the die-offs and farmers do not care, they say they want the money. Kind regards.

  • spiralup

    Paul Stamets – Fungus and Bees

  • Signey

    Raindrops can’t form without impurities. The pure water will remain suspended in the air. At least that’s what I was always taught.

    I’ve switched to distilled water for drinking this year, but carefully supplement potassium, calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals, as well as usable forms of B vitamins. I have yet to need a jacket this year, and though I have seen ice on the ground,
    I have not felt cold. I have walked in the wet sand, barefoot, for miles, the ocean lapping at my feet, and not felt cold. If you were to only consume distilled water, you would deplete those ionic minerals, but most of us also consume food with nutrients. Though our food supply is lacking the nutrients it used to have because of our modern farming practices and the increased carbon dioxide making the plants grow too quickly, eating as well as possible and taking supplements as necessary is vital.

    Also, about 40% of people are being poisoned through the “enrichment” of our grain supply. Many of us are genetically unable to properly utilize folic acid. It overwhelms our bodies and reduces the amount of actual folate that we have available. Getting most of the folic acid out of my diet has also been essential, and I only have one copy of the MTHFR C677T gene. This appears to be a gene related to “mental illness” and “autism,” though I don’t believe that either of those things is what it seems. Folic acid supplements have allowed for more of these mutants to be born in recent generations (because a woman will more easily retain a mutant fetus, instead of allowing it to miscarry), but it also keeps us from waking up to our true potential. Add in some fluoride and chlorine, among other things we are being poisoned with, and you will remain asleep. You will also likely get blood clots and colon cancer, so it should be taken seriously even if you don’t care about your potential as a human.

    Excellent talk today, gentlemen, and lots to think about. The world must be destroyed to make way for the new Earth. It is sad to see the choices humans make, but it is all part of the play. Stay safe, everyone.

  • sean leech

    Thank You , that was a great discussion. Interesting to hear about the blue Sun circa 500 AD. It seemed to be one of the Dark Age periods. 536 – 545 AD shows extremely poor growth on tree rings. Approx 560 AD the British Isles were left uninhabitable by a Cosmic event that fused stones together and in one case fossilized human skeletal remains to stone. AD 545 the Brendan voyage took place to find the promised land far away to the West . A destruction of a large quantity of Irelands Round Towers Approx 450 AD by either a huge subsidence or inundation . I can not remember which as a destruction of towers also took place in 57 AD by either means also according to Saint Virgil. Irish history tries to tell us that the towers were built by the clergy around 1000 AD as a refuge from Viking invaders but older records state they existed 1000 years before.


    Interesting topics today, thanks guys..!

  • Rob

    This was a terrific episode. Maybe the best I’ve listened to so far. Thanks, y’all!

  • David Droescher

    Particulate matter in the cloud we are passing through if tightly enough pack with filter out the higher wavelengths of the clear to yellow light as well. As you guys are mentioning Aerosoles could do it tightly enough Pact to filter out. As is the nitrogen in our atmosphere filters the sky into a blue color.

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