FOTW March 24, 2018

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  • MrToad

    Are these Stars/Planets/Giants really sleeping? Or are they simply full throttle in preforming a different function? Are these types of Stars really part of a Star life cycle or are they a symbiotic member of a malleable whole whose independent function changes according to it’s necessity of it’s neighbors?

  • CrystalD

    I can’t not put into words how grateful I am to have found this community. The conversations are just wonderful.

    Thank you

  • Susan-Loyd

    Hi Ben, I always enjoy fly on the wall. The topic of Earth magnetism changing fast. Is very interesting. I wonder if we can consciously change our body’s to survive. And had previous cultures found a way. And left artworks,monuments to point in that direction. You might find William Henry work interesting. You can find him on you tube. William Henry “Rainbow Light Body”. Just curious.

  • Billy Rogers

    Just Thinking that it would thin the overall atmosphere.

  • John Mallary


    USDA certified organic status is subject to law that specifies allowed dessicants and herbicides, and glyphosate is not included. It does not preclude the application of certified organic status, for GMO crops however. They can be included if grown in conformance to USDA certified organic regulations.

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    I assume it has and is, being incorporated into virtually every commercial crop, including hemp.

    I asked Dr Seneff about USDA certified.
    Here was her reply.
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    It would be terrible if it turns out that it’s okay to apply glyphosate to certified organic crops. I am aware that Tony Mitra found alarmingly high levels of glyphosate on organic chick peas and lentils grown in the US and Canada. Using glyphosate as a desiccant would certainly explain this!

    Thank you for supporting my work!


  • Ricky Neff

    I’m going to tell all of you what a man who owns a pharma company told me, shortly before he hired me.

    If there is anything you wanted to do with your life, you have less than 4 years to do it without many obstacles.
    If you need to do anything to get right with your God(‘s), you have less than a year to do it without many obstacles.

    That being said, I am leaving the north east, 5th nor’easter in 1 year, I’m out!
    Cya in sunny California!

  • sean leech

    Thank you. That was a very interesting discussion. Are certain latitudes more vulnerable to increasing Cosmic Rays. While humans were living in the stone age someone arrived with blueprints for civilization . All the ancient structures use the same unit of measurement and design around the world from approx. 10 – 11,00 years ago. The massive perfectly cut stone blocks often show signs of machine cuts with blocks like the ones used in Baalbek being so heavy that rails and rollers of timber would immediately crush and disintegrate. Agriculture and first writings [ Enoch was asked to transcribe into cuneiform and speedy writing the info from an existing libriary] plus structure for technocracy type rule for society also seem to stem from this era. Ben said and has in the past that there may have been a guiding hand for humans after cataclysms and I would believe that to be the case. A lot of know how seemed to be passed down from De Danann to Phoenicians , Greeks , Etruscans but disappeared with Romans. Humans have an unruly trait and may be addicted to pleasures and assets rather than wisdom and appreciation of the fractal beauty of the world around them.

  • Caroline5765

    Thank you for another diverse FOTW !

  • Robert Coffey

    Low energy systems would indicate low gravity , and things would weigh less, like the puff ball comet, lighter then water? Would a brown dwarf system have lower gravity?

  • PaulN

    Water is an excellent insulator against cosmic radiation. In light of recent discussions Im now thinking of having a house designed that has a central core of water inside each external wall. I wonder if anyone knows of anyone else building houses in such a manner?

  • Kinkajoo73

    Thanks again guys. Red-pilling people like crazy at the mo. That ‘hiccup’ in south america and David DuByne’s hailstone and sand/snowstorm pics from last week have been super effective evidence to roll with.

  • Johnathan Jones

    When you heat a magnet, it’s magnetic field weakens. The Earth is a magnet. The weakening looks pretty hand and hand with rise of pollution in the air. This changes it’s composition which changes how it performs and interacts with inputs of energy. Since it is not time in the cycle for a reversal, I believe the weakening will level off and be the new normal as based on current conditions.

    Many don’t think man can affect things like this or make a difference, yet some do believe a VEI-7 volcanic eruption can induce a ice age or a year without summer. But a level 7 eruption like Mt. Mazama which made Crater Lake, is only 42 times bigger than Mt. St. Helen’s 1980 eruption. HVO (Hawaiian Volcano Observatory) says Man pollutes at a yearly rate that is 100 times greater than all the Volcanos yearly emissions combined.

    To me, all these things point to how the Earth and sky is acting. Geo-weather is slow , slower than a lava lamp, but sometimes it moves fast. Global Warming temperatures have leveled out due to the fact that water removes the heat from the biosphere and radiates the heat to space as ever growing in size storms. The geo-heat thunderheads up as larger more frequent volcanos. So even though the Earth is running a little hot, it’s cooling system are working quite well and the weakening of the magnetic field should level off like geo and bio temperature have.

  • Graylok

    The take I get on this, is – back to too many coincidences. So yes I would agree ever more that time is running out. The dramatic shift in the direction of tectonic drift, the changes in the World magnetic Model for the extreme northern hemisphere of our blue marble, the change in our northern magnetic pole’s position – a carefully placed compass in my living room that has recorded a 0.5 deg shift in the north pole since last Christmas (about 3 months), minor geomagnetic storms generating spectacular aurora, Cosmic ray induced weather phenomena – energized lightning, dangerously large hail, atmospheric river events (Australia 24inches of rain in 24 hours), this years extended winter cold in most of the northern hemisphere and early winter in the southern hemisphere. Coincidental Milankovitch cycles, The worldwide uptick in Volcanic and Earthquake activity. Lots of stuff happening, be prepared. 3 months emergency food and a kit of essentials should be in every ones future, avoid the coasts and populated areas when the shit hits the fan – after 3 months most of the population will have self destructed and you can go out and forage…. Stay safe every one.

  • PaulN

    Im trying to ascertain where the community thinks the poles will settle. I have heard that the South Pole will settle in Indonesia and the North Pole in Brazil. As Ice seems to form where the magnetic poles are, Im just trying to ensure that where I live will be agreeable to survival .

    • Uncleharley

      PaulN Ben is living in New Mexico?
      Away from the major Coastal population?

  • PaulN

    Im not able to reconcile how both poles are moving east, as if both being pulled in one direction. Are there any explanations/ ideas for this?

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