FOTW January 27, 2018

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  • John Mallary

    The word gravity evokes thoughts of a kinetically driven force.

    The electrical model requires an atomic structure be adjacent to another atomic structure, in molecular bond proximities and integrations.

    That’s what allows the nuclei of the atoms contained within, to assume a slight dipole confirmation, affording the magnetic interactions of those atomic structures or atoms.

    Trevor’s correct that without that relationship, gravitational attraction cannot be generated, because it would require sub atomic particles to physically interact and offset without the London force, where only neutral atoms have that ability.

    Longitudinal coupling via the aether is different from the London force affecting gravity. Gravity is a byproduct of the direct magnetic interactive behavior of “fused” matter.

    The aether forms too weak a connection to propagate gravity beyond the solar system scale. It does, however, carry multiple resonant frequency and EM energies simultaneously, via its own charged particle proximities, which is how it can carry multiple EM energies in any direction simultaneously, without visible distortions.

    The natural long distance transference of energy and information in space, must be a related yet separate process from gravity.
    Gravity requires proximity between multiple bodies of molecularly solid objects and reduces their interactions with increased distance.

    Magnetism results from the interactive resonant properties of sub atomic particles interacting with each other, which also diminishes with distance.

    Both require the aether, in order to propagate longitudinally but…
    You can have magnetism and EM energy without having molecules or gravity.
    Yet without having molecules, you can still have magnetism and EM energy.

    These are all properties resulting from the behavior of matter.
    The only known candidate for the aether would be the universal sea of neutrinos of which, three trillion pass through every square centimeter of our bodies every second and have been demonstrated to be possessing of mass and charge.
    Unlike photons, dark matter, and zero point singularities, are proven to be actual objects.

    So IMO, to use words like blackholes or supergravity generators like darkmatter, is misleading.

    That said, Ben’s correct that astronomy and astrophysics papers and articles contain observational information that warrants scrutiny. To arbitrarily discount the body of info contained therein, simply because of the title, will limit knowledge and awareness.

    But it’s not Symantecs. It’s calling an orange an apple.

    • sean leech

      Jon Mallary , I an starting to believe that both you and the S0 team are of superior alien decent or of Anannage Hybrid creation decent. Other than that I have a very low IQ. Can some people have a higher density of neurons in their brain.

  • sean leech

    Great discussion especially on gravity. Team members arguing over their understandings are highly helpful to people like myself getting a grasp. Also enjoyed the alien discussion. Reminded me of the red haired elongated headed human remains that have been found close to many megalithic structures. Having read a couple of books on evolution I believe it to have only a very input into life forms on Earth. The changes seem to occur almost instantaneous along with Cataclysms with no time for or evidence of creatures evolving. Maybe life forms on other planets also change with their own events. In a FOTW some time ago I heard Billy mention about the remains of flora and fauna being found under ice almost to the North Pole and I read a lot of scientific info on it afterwards. The same warm climate plants and creatures existed across all latitudes at one stage. How could this happen if we had an ice age.

    • John Mallary

      Nah, you’re no less than anybody else, including me.
      In this case, I’m pretty well bought into Wal Thornhill’s theory on gravity. It’s too simple and makes too much sense, on too many front, to not be on point.

      I’ve read and watched his work on those a lot…A lot!
      I needed to be clear on it, so I did till I was!

      One intuitive point he made was that the science of chemistry, has had the London force, the answer to the workings of gravity for years, hidden from modern physicists by the walls of “over-compartmentalized” branches of science being separated from the understanding and discoveries of each other. Meanwhile, within those compartments, the competition for funding breeds secrecy, further dampening understanding.

      TBP, although comprised of humans, and though all of us are fundamentally flawed, pushes something it seems no one else does.
      It requires it’s explanations be rationally explainable, understandable down to the very bottom of their foundations.

      Those limits reside in actual objects, at the very top and bottom of our ability to see. Like the visible universe itself, and the vague cloud of a blur an electron forms as part of an atom.
      We cannot see beyond our limit to see, in any direction, distance or size. Certainly not with creative math.

      Nothing Thornhill claims goes beyond those limits.
      Theoretical physics is the bridge between rational reality and fictional constructs. It is also the foundational source for virtually all unprovable or unfalsifiable mainstream consensus science theories involving astronomy or what we call gravitational cosmology.

      Our lives are permeated by fictional consucts effecting our foods, our cultures, our educations, our health, our ability to scientifically advance, and through those, our collective future.

      TBP (Of which, Ben is definitely a part.) fosters a basic way of thinking that is sorely lacking in this world. One that sometimes requires effort to recognize when youre not doing it, so good choices can be made.

      That is to understand something top to bottom, before forming, and more importantly voicing, belief in it!
      And to always be willing to suspend your disbelief long enough to seriously consider alternatives.

      Believe me, had I not spent so much time on Thornhill’s gravity model, I’d be lost listening to talk of how attraction works in space.
      Still, I do not understand the math of astrophysics, yet I state that it’s conclusions are more often flawed than rational.

      That’s a belief! An emotional weakness. One that feeds my emotiinal distain for a term like black holes or like dark matter. I cannot read or listen to a mainstream publication on that stuff without believing that what I’m looking at or listening to is false, even before I do so.

      I know this is true but I still do it. That’s why I have acquired basic understanding of what I consider to be a more rational approach to a universal cosmology, because of the time I’ve spend learning the basics of those theories and classical physics.

      In other words, I know enough to be dangerous. But because I recognize that, I try to be as thorough in understanding foundations, as my ability affords. Good news is, the basics aren’t that complicated when they’re legit.
      Nature isn’t the only thing that works best in its a simplest form and path of least resistance. Explanations are too…;)

      Thank you Sean.
      That was very kind of you to say.
      Have a great day.

  • cheryl

    Here in Northern New Hampshire the (puma/cougar/mountain lion) has passed through Coos and Grafton counties every 3-6 years or so since my child hood. Seen 1/2 a mile from my folks farm and in the surrounding towns for my 56 years here. The locals believe it is part of a migration route from Canada and Northern Maine though the Appalachian trail. My own cousin checking power lines in a helicopter thru Franconia Notch State park filmed one up on a ledge years ago. No way for me to say if its Eastern or not, but they sure do come through the area. On the side, FYI the rare bobcat is making a comeback.

    • John Mallary

      Cougars don’t migrate. They are territorial. Populations spread but that’s it.

      Young adults must find a territory of their own so they search and stop when they find a suitable one, and that’s where they live permanently. Some regions do not have appropriate shelter, enough game or water for a lion to stake claim over.

      An average grouping of mountain lions covers an area 5 miles by 5 miles. It contains one dominant male and four females and can produce as many as 12 young lions in one year, all requiring their own territories.

      The male patrols and hunts the outer perimeter. Always on guard they can are rarely seen as they pass through.

      You were most likely seeing and hearing young adults occasionally passing through, looking for their new home, and not hanging around.

      They often follow drainages as dominant males will draw their lines along one side of a waterway and that’s where signs of local game will be easiest to identify as they navigate.

      If you had resident lions, they should have been seen more often than at 6 ¹/2 year intervals.

      I see them in my yard a couple times a year here. We’ve one big ass male, red as redwood duff. My closest female’s territory ends at my creek. I get a couple young adults meowing around every fall. My next door neighbor had one screaming at his front door last year lol! Scared him spitless.

  • Silent Echo

    It’s hard to imagine Ben being wrong, at least according to Ben.

  • Nathan Farnen

    I really liked this FOTW lots of intense discussion. I find your questioning of the Beetlejuice photograph interesting! Could it be a warping of the picture like in a mirage such as you would see with light being affected from evaporation (off an ocean) creating a distortion of anything on the other side!? Great question!

  • Randrat

    We have to approach these topics philosophically. The details are not so important.
    I suggest you all start with a read of Atlas Shrugged.

  • Caroline5765

    I bet you did see a Mt. Lion in NC Ben. There is one that lives in a huge sand pit for years now that quite a few people have seen. The sand pit owner knows it lives there in the old part of the pit where they no longer dig. Nearby is a shooting range. 3 shooters coming to the range saw it early one morning and were freaked out about it all day. There are always animals they think are extinct being found. Anyway, interesting topics today as always. Thank you.

  • Ricky Neff

    Calling bullshit on what Ben said at 47:00
    Yes there are people capable of telekinetic abilities.
    I guess you didn’t see the video of me using meditation to stop my watch did you? Nope.
    I’ll tag you in it directly, dark Vader.

  • Johnathan Jones

    They say light has no mass, yet going by a Black Hole, it bends, rides the arc of the field and then shoots off going in a new straight line.
    Light and “Mass” are like cake and iceing, hose down a cake with a icing spot light and pretty soon the cake will drip infrared blobs of icing we call heat.
    Mass can refract and deflect light, but what can it do to gravity?
    Is gravity the things on the highway, or is it the highway system; and what is that made of?
    I would say Ben and Trevor and we is both right and both wrongish as it is really hard to separate who makes who when they interrelate so much as to be different forms and combinations of the same thing as to be all connected.
    Take photons to a solar panel and run the electricity to a electric stove element, out comes heat and light, is electricity the driver here?

    I was on a different planet the other day doing some contractor work, they lived underground and said the planet was to cold and they wanted me to install Owens corning planet blanket insulation on the surface with a heat retain R-value of 10…by mistake I installed R-10K. Now their are volcanoes popping up all over the place and they say they are going to sue me. I say it is just part of the natural cycles and that they will have to pay me to remove the insulation and put in something else, and of course sign “Hold Harmless” papers…… Ben your a lawyer, i’m not asking if I have a case, but rather do you think you could win the case for me if your office and family home was stuck on “that Planet”? As for me, i’m so old that I’m changing planet location real soon anyway as part of the “natural cycle of things and they can sue me when they get, “Over there”. hmmmm, but how pertinent is all this , then? Does this make me a bad contractor?

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