FOTW February 27, 2021

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  • sativarg

    Good morning S0 community,
    One thing is pestering me this morning. There seems to be a consensus on the future of the Beaufort Gyre.
    It seems every one expects it to disperse in sort of a catastrophic event. I would like to propose that this might not be the case. Could one of Earth’s Life support strategies involve the preservation of the cold fresh water at her north pole as a ready made seed for her new Ice Mantle?
    “”Winds are the main source of energy for ocean circulation, and Ekman Transport is a component of wind-driven ocean current. Ekman transport occurs when ocean surface waters are influenced by the friction force acting on them via the wind. As the wind blows it casts a friction force on the ocean “”
    Well perhaps not… What part does charge potential in the winds play in the ocean currents… What part do ocean electrodynamics play? What effect on such a system does the current magnetic variations have?

    I suggest a new look be taken with electrodynamics in mind and the preconceptions set aside?

    thanks for reading and considering with me
    or Namaste

  • cjan137

    I know most people in Illinois would like a divorce from shitcago and maybe even east st. Louis

    • sativarg

      LOL I live In Belleville, Il. and well I really only just exist there now. East St. Louis is just across the road from the west end of Belleville. Divorce?Every time I have tried to get out of this area some thing mildly catastrophic or strategically pleasant has stopped me some how… can one divorce the twilight zone?

  • sativarg

    continued and back to the presentation…
    LOL an epiphany “I’ll kill them all” LOL
    Back when I was in college I wrote many papers on Earth and nature theories. One looked at the good side of mosquitoes. My theory was that mosquitoes behavior results in an overall benefit to species they parasitise. I theorized that by exposing the majority of any group to pathogens in weakened states the mosquitoes actually helped “vaccinate” the community. Back then and now I believe Earth and Nature are all about preservation of life and life systems. I see intelligence in Earth’s behavior and all forms except for Humans in the behavior of Earthlings. So, I look for good reasons for every form. Even viruses found there way into my paper. Then and now I felt and feel Earth is managed by one or more civilizations or once was… the virus was, is, a construct and machine made to do work; a device gone wrong as such are like to do.
    … back to listening…
    Are the mosquitoes observed the same ones that were targeted with the GMO decoys? Could the decline in the target population have given rise to another populations success? consequences?

    time frame 11:58 of 56:00 eureka Mr. Davidson? steering…
    Could Humans be steering Earth’s behavior when we are driven by predictive programming, propaganda and or bad science? Do our collective expectations drive reality and Earth due to entanglement?
    Could that, by design or accident,be part of the current Earth changes?
    … back to listening
    RE: reason over passion then?
    There is plenty of hate to go around and Love is blind?
    Please know that reason and both love and hate behave like oil and water. Religion? Also not a good foundation for Civilization, in my opinion.
    … back to listening…
    RE: political?
    What is the state of the state? When have Human groups in Earth been civilized? Are Humans civilized now?
    … I see domesticated behavior but not mature behavior in Humanity now and throughout HisStory. Perhaps there are civilized groups of Humans in Earth now but if so they have remained untouched by either democracy or communism, in my opinion. When a society undermines the healthy integration of the individual’s animal and intellect then what remains is a population of domesticated animals rather ever adults. It is like dogs vs wolves… Dogs can be programmed to kill each other but wolves know better… see? We are so programmable in our current state; the state of dysfunction in which we are definitively exploitable… we are held here by covert manipulation and have been for as long as Humans have recorded our stories, in my observation. So what good are politics then?
    … just saying; politics, who cares! lets grow up first!
    … back to listening…
    posting in case this will not go any way or is prevented…


    HOW. MUCH. LONGER. Sustaining is something you do to a note on a piano. Normal is a setting on a washing machine. HOW MUCH LONGER…… what is tip tipping point now that mst all marbles on one side of the board?

  • sativarg

    continued at Honey to sugar and then High Fructose Corn syrup …
    Covert inflation… So that is what it is… Remember when every other product quietly downsized while the price did not? Packaging began to be covertly deceptive as the bottom of oats cartons began to rise and the dents in the bottom of jars and bottles did the same. Now I am finding fake coffee beans in all the brands of beans I buy… have a close feel of coffee beans with a feel for those that are just rat turds with fingernail dents along the length. What are those things? LOL
    … back to listening…
    So you’ll be joining the regional energy grid? May I suggest providing for one or more RFI free or electromagnetic pollution control zones?
    … back to listening…
    Crops and Returning the ‘three sisters’—corn, beans and squash—to Native American farms nourishes people, land and cultures —
    self explanatory?
    back to listening…
    The three sister implementation compliments raising chickens as chickens help to reduce pests and fertilize and even help to recondition poorer soils. You may be surprised if you take a look at breeds of chicken who best adapt to certain regions. Those birds are almost as adaptable as Humans are.
    … back to listening…
    53:39 of 56:00 and LOL I’m redundant then and What he is saying rather than my feeble attempts above… Wow you guys have it covered from scoop to nuts! I know I will be stuck here for the duration. I have no delusions of inclusion as I know my limitations… still I will be celebrating as long as you keep sharing. It is a joy to watch you just go and do it.
    … back to listening…
    Could there be a pond? Fish?

    the end again and another beginning and thanks for the great inspiring session…
    as ever your friend? acquaintance?… well you know, Me
    sativarg the blind Harper
    Charles F. Tiberend
    Belleville, Illinois

  • sativarg

    One more thing… I heard about a “new” thing today
    I have been hoping for a computer laptop with hardware switches for microphone and camera for years now… It is here and even better than I could have hoped.
    check out this… if you are like me and want the computer to belong to you rather than ever belonging to any one else… or worse the computer owning you.
    Built-in hardware privacy switches give you complete control over access to the camera and microphones. Our embedded controller firmware is fully open source, and we don’t preload any extra software. You can even install a privacy focused OS on a Storage Expansion Card and take it with you.
    Shipping Summer 2021″”
    here is the home page: Framework Logo —

    I want two for parts… LOL but how much will it cost? Will it ship before SHTF?
    Hope you like this…
    as ever your friend

  • Charles

    Gates has ALWAYS been a twisted psychopath, way before the pie thing. FINALLY the rest of the world is realizing this.

    The climate fraud doesn’t matter anymore, THAT’s why they are letting the truth out, they no longer care. They have already got power over the USA, they already have everyone believing what they want, they ALREADY accomplished their socialist goals.

  • jackyjoe15

    Bill Gates is pure evil. His vaccinations have harmed and killed multitudes in Africa and he is no longer welcome in several African countries.


    Glad the ranch is coming together. I would definitely be a part of it if I were over there. Congratulations and good luck Ben 👍👍

  • John Mallary

    Y’all were talking about the State of Jefferson.
    Long history there going back to the 1800s.
    My new place in norcal is in Siskiyou county, off hwy 96, where right before WWII, armed civil checkpoints were set up and all Cali state officials and vehicles were turned away.
    The flag of Jefferson flys here! Lots of hats too…;)
    Did you know, several counties in Oregon have just voted to leave Oregon and join Idaho.
    Two adjacent california counties on the Oregon border have also voted to join. Del Norte and my county, Siskiyou. 😁

    The state legislature of idaho has agreed BTW. Seems Oregon giving the finger to their rural counting regarding Covid1984 vaccine distribution, is a big deal. Taxation without Representation and such.
    This would actually give Idaho a sea port, without creating a new state!
    The movement is called “Move Oregon’s Border”. It’s actually legit.
    I’ll tell you what. What counts is what you assert, when push comes to shove. I’d say maybe 90% or more of county residents here would happily show up, hats and flags and go to jail.

    • John Mallary

      “Greater Idaho” would become idaho’s new name.
      Google that. I like the look of that map!

      Have a great day!

  • Kevin Benham

    United Independent States of America

    Take away the power (tax dollars) of the federal government and give it to the states.


  • Mrs. Altmann

    B”H My Dad o.b.m. would have been very interested in this episode. He loved to watch pie fights on Disney G-rated famly movies. He used to laugh uncontrollably. The rest of the time he was very serious. Yes, this is is victory over women who, in our household society, are bakers of pies. No longer can it be said that the hand that bakes the pie rules the world… because the men can all go and throw pies in each other’s faces, instead of sitting politely with a fork and dessert plate, eating their respective wedges of pie and minding their p’s and q’s in light social conversation. This truly is a victory for henpecked husbands. But it is possible that in Brussels, that pie was baked by a male, as they may have many highly talented professional bakers and chefs there.

  • sativarg

    Hi S0 community,
    I am not sure about the Heart energy group from the news links today. On the surface it sounds great but some thing feels too polished in their web site.
    There are a lot of scripts running in the site… Lots of Google sort of smells and the about page is so join now and do not think too much, sort of thing?
    Just my feel on that… for whatever that is worth.
    thanks, for reading and considerations to Sativarg at Tutanota dot com… if any
    blessings chuck

  • sativarg

    Hi community,
    I’m hearing something counterintuitive and every time I hear such an animal my ears perk up.
    Polar caps and auroral zones under idealized axisymmetric magnetic fields – ScienceDirect —

    Do I hear in here that ice formations follow magnetic formations in Earth rather than depending on Earth’s orientation?
    New polar caps emerge at lower latitudes with axial non-dipolar magnetic fields.

    Axial non-dipolar magnetic fields have more polar caps and auroral zones but may cover smaller areas.

    Total area of auroral zones is larger than the area of polar caps with axial degrees larger than 3.””

    Could the current changes in the Earth’s magnetics be causing the Beaufort Gyre’s persistence?
    Is Ice formation also an electric driven phenomena? Will Billy be able to alter Ice formations with plasma and or magnetic or high charge potentials experimentally? Could reductions in field strength account for some of the observed ice melting here in Earth now?

    all the questioned then… LOL
    Thanks Mr Davidson for the great link

  • David Droescher

    “Zeaka II GMO” to fight Zeaka I GMO… I remember a song about this from grade school about getting a cat to get the mouse then a dog to get the cat, so on and so on till no room to move.

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