FOTW December 16, 2017

On the line: Ben, Billy, Xaviar, Tony, Trevor

Our streak of three straight weeks with a curse word continues… PG13 show today.

Electric Microbe
Gut Microbe Regulation
Largest Landslides

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  • Rob

    A 3 week streak. Wow. Is this a record or is the bar set higher still? 😉 Posting this before I listen.

  • krippri

    “Biologists at UC San Diego have discovered that bacteria—often viewed as lowly, solitary creatures—are actually quite sophisticated in their social interactions and communicate with one another through similar electrical signaling mechanisms as neurons in the human brain.”

  • Ralphdlugas

    Only a half gallon of raw milk in the fridge Ben? I have 6 yummy gallons right now for which I’m gratefu! Here thanks to the vermin despot tyrants that rule over us i waited 45 minutes in line for the chance to buy raw milk before the only dairy here in Salt Lake City Utah runs out. They’ve had to go to a first come ticket lottery system because of overwhelming demand. This I do every week! Thanks be to the lying crooks at the FDA & their pals in state legislatures! God bless America! Home of the “free”?

  • Lois Rasmussen

    Expect another large earthquake in the Oceania arc, possibly a deep one, no sweat. Link to swarm of shallow small quakes across Southern Australia, noticed over last couple of months…Australia is moving North!

  • Elijah Duggan

    Ben you should get kefir grains…. Kefir has very broad variety of bacterial and yeast strains with total CFU of up to 10 billion per mL. I have screwed up digestion after cesarean birth, soy infant formula (dairy allergy) and appendicitis. I drink 500mL (1 pint) twice a day to thouroughly meet all my probiotic needs. I actually use powdered milk for cost (I live in Western Australia where raw milk is more elicit than opium and organic practically doesn’t exist)

  • John Mallary

    Greenland has been experiencing record glacial growth because of increased snows borne from warmer air masses bringing temperatures close to but still below, freezing.

    I’ve not encountered anything saying that the region is elevating?

    Where did that come from???

  • blackhole

    lol 3 weeks in a row, pretty soon no one will want the streak to end

  • holicow

    I made our power company remove our smart meter because it was causing my younger child MAJOR behaviour and sleep issues. The darn thing also caused my bill to increase 20%!

  • David Droescher

    My interpretation of how low .
    Stage 1 minimum
    The reis and fall of writen record
    Stage 2
    top of the contanental shelf was the costline.
    Stage 3
    Below the bottom of the contanental shelf (Aprox 1mile) drop to the next alluvial plain. Grand Solor Minimum (100k glacial period)
    You can see the Canyons cut in the ocean floor mountains that were dry land at every major Waterway Colorado Columbia Monterey Bay San Francisco Southern California river systems Mississippi River many places along the Eastern Seaboard is also shown.
    Just how much ice do we have to have in order to expose the continental shelf?

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