FOTW August 12, 2022

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  • dmallred

    Thanks Ben!!!

  • American Nurse

    Thanks Ben. Yes, everyone is batshit crazy. It’s funny… I can’t believe I’m seeing what I’m seeing but at the same time, I knew it was coming.


    Thanks Ben… in that question about houses burning down came an answer I was looking for…. Knew I had heard it before but needed reaffirmation… I now have 3 total joint replacements… violá… So with that knowledge I’ll still stay the course of preparation information etc so that my family may at some point benefit from it.
    You know if I step outside of myself and look at the whole… what a time to be alive, living history that may be erased to the extent of what the stones will talk about or survive period.
    Talk about a paradigm shift…. Suspicious 0bservers initiated that for me. 👌💫

  • Mrs. Altmann

    bs”d This was an excellent presentation. Thank you for presenting this material in a thoughtful and tactful manner. I hope your children will be in a good school and I will be praying for you (plural). Thank you for giving the example of the discovery of previous greater geomagnetism in Israel and Hawaii as an example of a study in which the empirical results are valuable, and Observers know in what way they are valuable, despite the fact that the researchers may not know that such results confirm the bigger picture we see, as they do not know the bigger picture. Honest empirical studies are always valuable, and I am glad you pointed that out, so that Observers who like to research on line will know how to benefit from a wider variety of research papers and other presentations, and not feel obliged to just stick with what you have at S0’s. Thanks!

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