FOTW April 28, 2018

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  • ElectricDragon

    Autism is inflammation of the brain. It is an environmental problem. Multiple reasons why. The gut health and immune system condition is critical.

  • Billy Rogers

    Some as got to get lucky hitten and smiien by a satellite

  • sean leech

    Thank you. This was a brilliant discussion with lots of interesting ideas and facts.

  • Johnathan Jones

    IF, Autism is inflammation of the brain, then the petroleum fatty acids and oil salts found in things like Swiffer and Bounce Dryer sheets and other petro- chemical perfumed laundry products could be what is sliding into the skin and past the blood brain barrier and embryonic sack, to cause the inflammation. I can smell that horrible stench from the street walking the dog. People can’t smell or something. It is one of those, “Can’t sue us, nobody knew” products like tobacco, pheynol-mint gums or burning gas and diesel.

    That row of Earthquakes illustrates how the Earth tears like a sheet; the tear typically starting deep and up to the surface. A hotter running Earth means faster flow tectonics and more noticeable tears. Usually Earthquakes come in at least 2s, one deep and other shallow to terminate the immediate tear.

    Sunspots could be compared to Thunderheads. Thunderheads poke thru the cold heavy air above it and the hot moist air pours up thru such openings. Tornadoes also poke thru the cold heavy layer, but they are hot pockets of air trapped by a fast moving bulldozerlike cold fronts that buries the hot air pocket, instead of where cold and hot fronts meet.
    Sunspots could also be compared to Volcanoes. Volcanoes are like a Thunderhead in the geo-weather environment of subsurface earth layers. Both are overcoming gravity to well up, spurned up by hot expansion. And both change physical form to give off or take on heat.

    Speaking of hot expansion, the Earth again snitches and proves it can cool itself as fast or faster than factors can heat it up. 50 inches or about 1.39 yards of rain fell upon Kauai Hawaii in 1 day. At this rate, if the Pinapple express turns and runs up to the arctic, it could make miles high of ice while the Equator areas remain too hot. This would explain glacial terminal moraines, which shows the glaciers ice stopped at some place instead of covering the entire Earth.( which would have killed off most of the life we still see all around us).

    Bet Mainstream Science never saw Man-made global warming take this turn down the path of the unexpected. They thought the World would just heat up. Wow, don’t they know the Earth gets more energy from the Sun then it can possibly just radiate heat back out to space as a matter of daily course? Why, without the the hydrothermodynamic, phase change, heat pumping action of the planetary refrigerate known as Water to carry the heat off the surface and up to space, all life would have burnt up long ago. The heat and cold moving storms can scale and get bigger until the oceans run out of water. That would be something to see. 3/4 of the planet is water, and life just happens to be found here. Coincidence? I think not…it’s just right.

  • Caroline5765

    Before I add a couple essential oils to the list, a reminder of caution on consumption- a whole ounce of essential oil is like consuming 6 pounds of a medicinal plant in form… which, by the way, will go into the bloodstream almost instantly.
    Helichrysum is a heavy hitter you should have on hand for nerves and about 15 other internal/external uses.
    Birch essential oil is another heavy hitter for debilitating inflammation and pain of nerve areas; usually calms it in about 15 minutes. Fantastic stuff; if given one month can almost cure joint problems completely. (Many people don’t know this but Birch twigs are chewed for gum and mouth diseases too. Xylitol) Tea tree essential oil is useful there as well and for many other things. Add tea tree to the heavy hitter list.
    Did you mention Myrrh? Another heavy hitter. Okay I have batted my way around the bases.
    Essential oils are great used on skin, aromatically or in minute doses internally, but tinctures are by far better for internal issues.
    Thank you or the upload.

    • Tony R.

      Thanks for the additions. You always have great things to share and contribute.

    • KittyMac

      Sorry for the duplication! 🙁

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