FOTW April 21, 2018

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  • MrToad

    Hey guys, Just a few thoughts while listening…. Love the idea of adding the Moon to the mix because of the water element. The way the water affects earthquakes and the way the Moon affects water. Definitely on to something 🙂 Might also account for the Non-patterning in the data as the moon cycles change every 28 days and is at different points in it’s cycle when these types of storms, changes, etc, occur. Brings me back to the way the Schumann resonances bounce off the Moon. The Moon reflects the light portions of the EMS, What other frequencies does it reflect? About the honey bees and the changing biome, If bees, like many other creatures, communicate and determine their appropriate life necessities based on pheromone and chemical transmissions, then it would stand to reason that changing the chemical components of the micro biome with chemical toxins would inevitably change the structures that the creatures are reading. These changes might cause issues in the creature ability to interpret the proper signals. So happy tho hear the topic of planetary reconfiguration!!!! This is where the answers are!!! Weren’t our ancestors people too? Don’t their records deserve some reconsideration? I agree the theories that are out there are as similar as the scattered dust that is outer space but! There are so many similarities that cannot be overlooked. Icarus is a excellent correlation. Thank again for all you do and congrats on all the views! I’ll keep watching and sharinng for sure! Love and Light,

  • John Mallary

    I wanted to comment about the lack of buzz over the different yet similarly workable approaches, to explaining black hole appearances and behaviors.

    I didn’t comment on that article because I didn’t catch anything significant or unusual in its wording… It’s another mainstream look at what they call a black hole, that didn’t get into much specific detail. It didn’t strike me as a positive for plasma universe or EU cosmology, other than a vague reference to alternative theories of gravity. Thornhill’s being the ONLY theory on gravity, explained down to a rational foundation of classical physics!

    Also, I’ve been trying not to summarily dismiss with prejudice, references to what I understand foundationaly, to be merely an irrational mathematical concept, and mainstream understanding of their undefined mechanism of gravity, upon which, their most sacred theories are based.

    You can disagree with that if you want, as long as you acknowledge that irrational means, groundless, baseless, and unfounded which, a zero point singularity is. Never observed, confirmed experimentally or used to successfully predict observable, repeatable behaviors, of any object labeled black hole.

    Lol, Furthermore, it’s likely in my mind, the widespread aversion to seriously considering the body of such articles, thereby missing the informational benefits of any actual observations, stems from skepticisms raised by the realization that not only are there rational alternatives but also, frustration from knowing rational alternatives exist yet the public is not shown them by those we trusted to be our sources of objective and unbiased information.
    (Howz that for a run-on sentence?…;)

    It’s a byproduct of waking up the first time to realizing we’re breathibg in lies as we exhale Co², manifesting itself in the ability to discern and react to the scent of those lies, after our second awakening.

    So I submit, one could assign responsibility for that, to whomever it was that woke us up…

    Now such an attitude as I described, isn’t going to garner a positive response from those providing us with those observations I mentioned. Also, as armchair scientists, we tend to embrace things without full understanding, and draw premature conclusions…

    It those conclusions metastasizing into belief, which is the problem. That causes the summary dismissal of stuff labeled:

    Black hole
    Gravitational collapse, lensing or anything that incorporates gravity, into a galactic force.
    Not to mention our campfire sun.

    Perhaps the reason you’ve not heard feedback on that article in the news comments or even today on FOTW, is because I’m not the only one who has been listening to your concern over this very subject.

    Seems like it’s clear who could be considered responsible for that too…



  • Caroline5765

    We are having a hard time with our bees. Richard and I set up nucs this past week in 2 states for lost bees due to the cold and colony collapses. The life of bees are changing rapidly and on many different fronts which most people are not even aware of. This in turn will ultimately have an effect on our foods and our health as well.

  • sean leech

    Thank you . Trevor’s version of celestial events is very credible . Maybe some time in the future science may be able to quantify the amount of debris which could show if enough exists to have come from an exploding planet. Section on bee health was very different and interesting also.

  • flutemaker

    Time to get rid of this gold foil,hat and live “outside of the box”. Or deep in a cave. Caves are good. How deep does 5G go?

  • Phurf aka Mike

    Yeah SO I was referring to the DiPole. Maybe it created the Moon and Ceres.

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