FOTW April 14, 2018

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  • Calvin

    Doctor Wallach has innumerable writings & videos regarding nutrition in zoological & marine environments relative to health, longevity & procreation~

  • Dave Posh

    Can’t find the animations. Am I missing something?

    RE: Last link –

    At timestamp 45:42, Ben says “Animation of the filiment structures. Wait a minute. There’s actually a link there to an animations. Oh my. All right, so if you found that, the little blue thing that says click the image to view an animation… Wow… ”

    I can’t find any animation. All I see is that when I hover over the image, I see “Click to enlarge”.

  • sean leech

    Thank you , I enjoyed the discussion especially on health and Trevor’s information about DNA and blood types. Also very interesting was the discussion on ancients and megaliths.

  • Ricky Neff

    galaxy clusters!

  • Billy Rogers

    Hello Observers With all the possible cool times do you think we should get together as a group and start a small economy/network of the group as a whole and start are own cool agrarian crop food and or ask Ben to start a group of training presentations for growing the changing earths greens for all Americas families …Have a great day everyone and if you are a part of a any group you all can do great things for your families and the people around you. Be blessed in these seemingly worrisome times and take a minute to reflect in your own life and try to find the happier times because we all have plenty of time to worry about things we cant change by worry. This consolation is given to you all in the name of our Christ, Jesus; so no offence please he loves us all.

    • sksmith

      Billy, We just renovated our attic last fall, turned it into a greenhouse. Grew greens all winter…which was easy! The hard part, the learning curve, is learning to grow veg – like tomatoes, zukini, cucumbers and green beans for example – where pollination is important. We had giant tomato plants but only 4 tomatoes, bushy bean plants – but only a plate full of beans. We realized quickly how important bees are! Guess I am trying to say – There is a learning curve! Get started now, so WTSHTF you have already figured out the way it all works. We bought some retail nursery plants at one point thinking we were taking a short cut – but unfortunately they had spider mites – which we knew nothing about – so we lost several of our planting’s – – including several containers full of plants we’d started from seed before we figured out what was going on.
      It was frustrating on many levels, but it showed us every weak leak we had. Just saying – gardening has a learning curve!

      Also- – an interesting book regarding healthy eating (low carb) is called The Plant Paradox. If you have celiac disease and must eat gluten free then you know about gluten – which is a lectin. If you have multiple food sensitivities – then read this book. Lectins are part of a plants self-defense system, and gluten isn’t the only one that can undermine your immune system. It took me about 15 years of elimination diets to end up in a keto (low carb/mod protein/high fat) diet – if only i’d had this book back then. Interesting stuff…It lays out reasons behind every elimination I had to make to maintain my health.????

  • MrToad

    This light refraction through dust is very intriguing. I tried to post a video to the chat of candle light refracting through a spherical emerald calcite crystal to show how the light is bent through the lattice grid within the crystal. Have many questions about these effects and how the light is diffused and bent. The video is posted to my fb page. Often see similar refraction through the atmosphere in halos in light. Maybe this is what STEVE is? But in the EMF of the Solar wind? I’ve also posted a comparison of light refracting through clean cut artist crystal. Very different effects on prisms. It makes me wonder so many things. It brings to mind the rear view.. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear… Something to that effect. Many many questions??? Thank you. Great FOTW today. Have a great week guys.

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