September 8, 2019

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  • Joningham Farms

    Just the tip of the iceberg, it’s terrifying to think of the human consequences of this with the energy cranked up enough to cause surface vitrifaction of stone like we see in so many places.

  • MPrejean

    Thank you for all you do. Great report very informative. Be safe kiss the kiddos 💋

  • Lodjia

    Thank you Ben,
    For over a year now every morning I walk barefoot outside. There are days when my feet detect heat in certain areas of the yard – regardless of the season or moisture- dew, snow, dry… I hike too and have noticed some hikes my water intake is much higher and not always because of temperature. Living here in Western NC is different from CO. When I visit my family there I really have to stay hydrated – no ambient moisture.
    Similarly my dog and cat drink more often some days, again not always because of temperature, watching them reminds me to get a drink too. They’re not distracted by “to do lists” and too busy to notice their body. I encourage my family and friends to stay hydrated and go barefoot as often as possible to be grounded, there’s a lot of energy moving through.

  • JamesH

    Thank you Ben! Very helpful. Definitely will have to keep observing to see if more events like this happen. Would be quite telling of what is happening the the sky above us.

  • Mglake8

    Does the global electric circuit have any correlation to the influx of galactic cosmic rays? In other words if in a high pressure system with our current reduced magnetosphere strength, is it possible that the downward flow of energy allows more cosmic rays to flow to the surface and thereby its effects on humans?

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