September 5, 2019

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  • Joningham Farms

    Excellent work as usual! I do have a couple suggestions, mostly around accessibility, that’s where I seem to have the most issues with conveying the material to newcomers.
    First off, a link to the plasma page from the top of the spaceweathernews homepage would be great. It may be worth considering combining the plasma link with the click-2-learn link and what is space weather link in something like a sidebar, it would make things more navigable and separate education links from the info on the data streams on the homepage.
    Secondly, I think that as the plasma page expands and the subsections each get a PDF paper and link list it would be a great idea to keep something of a synopsis of each subsection. It would be really great if this could cite some of the key papers in that sections link list. I think this would do a lot to ease newcomers way into the information and give some sort of direction. The amount of material and videos currently available are already a little overwhelming to the uninitiated, and I think keeping things as accessible as possible for those new to the topic and seeking to learn is the key if what you want to do is educate and effect a change in the way culture and science view the topic.

    • S0

      Thanks Jon – good suggestions here.

  • Cyber_Penguins

    Just search for – otf 2017 earthquake – should be the first video that pops up

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