June 8, 2020

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  • Michael Durfee

    I can’t remember what the direction the sheet is comming at us from… Is that going to be from the galactic center? The repeller? Somewhere else? Because lets say its from the galactic center, and our system is swinging into the galactic center on it’s orbit we could encounter the sheet at a 90 degree angle. I can definitely see the effects at the low velocity zone being catastrophic at that point. The outer layer of our system…the heliopause?…and bow shock of our system would take a lot of it, but we undoubtedly feel those effects big time. But if our system is moving with the sheet, lets say away from the galactic center, the encounter won’t be as dramatic. It would be more of a push or a glancing brush when it first encounters our system’s outer layer, still certainly significant solar disruption though.

    That that got me thinking…What about the other side of the sheet? We’re going to have to poke through that thing twice right? Once initially, then again to exit. The other side of the wave… Would that explain meltwater pulse 1A and 1B? Could that take 1,300 years if our system is moving with the sheet? Or against it? I think its going to depend on our system’s movement relative to that sheet…

  • Visigoth

    From what I have been able to understand the sheath is coming at us from sagittarius out to gemini.

  • Frauleen

    🤯wow, getting caught up on past episodes.
    “This is the first direct and complete observation of shock wave propagation associated with the crystal structural changes recorded by high-quality time series data,”
    The new characteristics discovered pertaining to iron under immense pressure is like a lynch pin in my understanding of what you’ve been talking about all this time. Wow! Again. Ding ding ding…

    That makes me wonder now…could those elevated subterranean “seepages” be REMNANTS of previous micronova events? (Maybe you’ve covered that and I missed it.🤔)

    Excuse me, need a spoonful of sugar to get that visual down.
    Just…wow! Those waves! The explanation for their creation makes it more of a REAL possibility, and it’s making me geek a little bit.

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