June 8, 2020

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  • Edward Rutland


  • Monka

    So a little information regarding Harvard calling for investigation into the “moon rocks”.
    When I went to school at Rensselaer (the first NASA director was from Rensselaer and an old boys society exists), there was a DOD representative on campus who classified your thesis. It could be in any science, not just aerospace. (unlike the 1991 discovery of cavitation aeronautics that brought the world the caveating torpedo and hypersonic missiles – which the student slipped out in an issue of Discover magazine.) As you couldn’t publish, you couldn’t get your masters or doctorate. So they owned you. If you have never experienced this, you may have cognitive dissonance about it. It means Berkley, Harvard, MIT may not actually be cleared for science you think.

    To see Harvard ask for a study that was performed back in 1969-70 is telling. Either they are trying to use the 4th estate to crack open the secrecy issue, or they really don’t know why they named the mission after the “sun” god. (they are really that obvious: like naming your investment company “Alphabet” when you are a collaboration between the “alphabet” agencies.)

    Most people here, including Ben et. al., likely understand this concept. (There are people in this community speaking around the issue from JPL and Los Alamos Labs were the science isn’t moving fast enough because of this limiting program.) They know the Apollo mission was the name of the “science mission”, not some ‘get-to-the moon’ p.r. stunt. They scared the money out of congress with the real mission as much as they used the “beat the U.S.S.R.” line.

    If you have kids going into engineering and science. Research this issue as it applies to your field. U of Chicago – Argonne Labs is for chemistry, Rensselaer for Aerospace, lasers, comp sci. MIT is robotics, AI. et…
    Harvard is English Lit and Old boys network Law and Business. /sarc. Never confuse elitism with intellectualism.

    • solardog

      I have seen this in other ways, at different magnitudes of our system of available institutions of education. I was in the same kind of bind. Youre pointing out things that guidance counselors in high schools should be responsible towards. Then parents and counselors could help make alot better decisions with the student.Your comment is succinct and well written. Snares are just everywhere. You made insightful points and I hope someone reads them that it makes a difference for in time. Thankyou. Solardog

  • neilwilkes

    It’s a real shame that one of the articles (https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.3847/2041-8213/ab93d5) is totally unavailable to read unless I am a member of an organization with access. I cannot join – it will not let me – so how can I read the second article please?

  • Caroline5765

    I love Doug’s work in regards. It’s another cycle we added to the list where we sit back and wonder… when. Thank you for the upload Ben.

  • TimB

    A working Stage Technician with a Liberal Arts background – read Velikovsky way back when – Astronomy and Mythology youth so embraced the premise – but conclusions lacking. Apollo, moon rock importance, et could have labeled me a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’. But after 40 years you brought me full circle – Kudos. Up to Chapter 3 – no longer “talking shit”, soon to be an informed Citizen. Thanks Ben!

    • solardog

      I know what you mean. When I left my college campus in 78 my buddies in physics and astronomy and the rest of the sciences asked me what I thought was really the happening thing and I just kept saying Immanuel velikovsky. A developing clarity of focus, every subject had a view with new considerations. I’ve heard that world’s in collision was found face down on Einstein’s reading table after he passed away. It’s reading something that speaks to that internal eternal memory we all have. THE PUZZLE we commit to solving. Absurd notions about planetary motion, with no fear of being burned at the stake. With evidence. It’s only grown. Maybe too late, but things make alot more sense now. There’s just so much more to know. The planet with the highest tech culture wins, and possibly survives if it can survive it’s self.

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