June 8, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 51 (2018)

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  • Randrat

    How long have these satellites collecting this data? Why is this being life energy glow theory being advanced by the global warming crowd now? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about the plasma energy forces that glow from lifeforms. But this traditional science crowd is taking a steep turn in their approach to scientific methods. (a really good thing). I just want to know why?

  • angel1

    A Great Awakening.

  • Riles

    I see this glow over forests all the time…

  • goodtimes4days

    We need a scientific device to measure the aura precisely in 3d space. A MRI for auras that captures the data over a time scale during the observation period is ideal. Not sure if this exists, but it is critically needed. My belief is shared by others, but the aura fields appears to be prone to manipulation and impact human health significantly. Some candidates to study the auroa fields include acupuncture, Placebo Effects (influence of beliefs on the field), pranic healing, and various other forms of mystical healing claims. There is plenty of worthwhile science here, but I wonder if professionals are too scared to tarnish there names or if it us a data device collection problem. I personally observed the inexplicable in these areas, and it is quite annoying that I cannot find data to validate the mechanisms.

  • Caroline5765

    Aura you gonna speak on this further at the conference? 🙂
    Interesting, thank you Ben…. if only we had kept our 6th sense…

    • jamers

      Eye see what you did there

  • windar

    we see this property in clinic; it is related but slightly different from the aura you see with the third eye. this is the aura you see when you use your eyes correctly and the room takes on a special vibration. it is very subtle; it is called “Shen”

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