Jun 16, 2018

Deeper Look – Episode 52 (2018)

Chapter 3 (Draft Version) of 2nd edition of Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun


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  • Eicee Wadder

    I like it. The entrenched line of investigation is based on money primarily and ego of masculinity in the end. Science is getting “ me too’d” by the sun. But those are hard on new relationships and topics like that require a shared and understood jargon. Thanks for your efforts Ben. I didn’t proof it at all just enjoyed the read.

  • Caroline5765

    Thanks for sharing this chapter, good caution in the end as well. I was a little confused by the Family gatherings and first impressions sentence in the caution section, but then maybe it was how I read it. Thanks again!

  • Affle78

    Well done.

  • Bill Howell

    Great summary. But “… single greatest blunder in the history of geophysics …”? – hard to tell as there is no shortage of serious contenders. In addition to the spectral components of solar radiation (others have commented on this for a long time), the chunks that have already been removed by [GHGs, clouds,etc], and [cosmic,glactic] ray leveraging of clouds, etc, there is the nagging back-of-the-envelope simple linear calculation of 0.1% TSI variance * (273 + 15) Kelvin ~= 0.3 K expected temperature impact, versus consensus T^4 Kirchoff-type blackbody calcs.

    Although grossly over-simplistic, unlike the “rigorous” approaches, this yields close to what is seen, and helps re-introduce awareness of the beyond-convective atmospheric transport phenomena. At ambient temperatures and below, one often ignores radiation transport, as other mechanisms (diffusion, convection, wall effects) can be much more important. I haven’t looked closely enough at the models, but it seems that these have been largely down-played. Perhaps the upper ends of the ionosphere or whatever the top level is called, is the main place where radiation dominates?

    With errors since Arrhenius’s first calculations plaguing GHG science, and continuing today, there’s not much incentive to spend a lot of time only to see that essentially all scientists are, once again, way off the mark.

  • RobLearning15

    In Key Point 2, do you mean to say energetic transfers of SUN TO EARTH?

  • markaxen

    hey ben i think there’s a typo in the last parting thoughts. “able” should be “about” in the family gatherings etc.

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