June 8, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 46 (2017)

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  • carlos

    Many thanks Ben.
    Carlos from Costa Rica.

  • Elijah

    You didn’t talk to anyone from Australia when you made this video did you? That north western area of Australia that you liked is a tropical desert (Great Sandy, Gibson and Tanami Deserts) with nothing except pastoral leases and mines. Nobody lives there…. You can’t just go move there to live, work is seasonal, itinerant and often filled by FIFO workers… The biggest towns even remotely close to that area are Broome and Port Headland, both towns have around 15000 people only. Shame on you for not doing your homework properly (Google maps? Wikipedia the Pilbara and Kimberly regions of WA?)… This is TERRIBLE advice, that is one of the most inhospitable and remote parts of our country… Much of Australia is climatically and geologically a great place to ride out a little ice age… I’d say especially in the south, the eastern highlands and maybe Tasmania might be exceptions as they can actually get cold, maybe they will get frost and snow in summer on occasion in a LIA scenario. The winter storms are not so bad, bit of wind, a bit of rain and ocassionally some damage (South Australia screwed up their energy infrastructure so that incident last year shouldn’t count).

    • mathew castle

      Yeah..I thought It was quite strange….telling us all to head bush and eat grubs…I wrote a comment similar to yours Elijah..on the yesterdays S0 news. then I thought i better rewatch this one…Thats when I saw your comment .Im in Perth now ….but grew up in Northwest…Lovely place ..but you gotta love mudcrabs,bungarra ,spinifex ,playing football on sandpit and showering with large insects …sometimes at temps. that would fry the fleas off a kangaroo’s ballsack ….and I think Marble Bar has a few “HOTTEST TOWN ON EARTH” trophy’s..proudly sharing the top shelf with Ciggies, Samboys and non matching dart flights… all faded warped like everything else trapped under its “corrugated iron roof” .. So yeah !!Great place to have a beer and bet on a camel race Ben !!
      I wonder what info he used to generate this one??? a bit too cryptic..but thats forecasting for ya.. unna?
      Cheers mate

      • Elijah Duggan

        He used the AAO/SAM in isolation for his forecast without considering the current climate, latitude or social and economic structure. Neutral or Negative SAM would generally be seen as a good thing for most of the population. Right now we are experiencing climate extremes that mean formerly predictable weather patterns are now more likely to throw us a wildcard events that increase the risk of damage to infrastructure and agriculture. But for most of Australia the risk of a crippling freeze in January is very very low, I can’t see Perth ever having less than a three month growing season in a worst case scenario. Most of the Australian mainland is above 35 South latitude (Think Northern Africa or Mexico for Northern Hemisphere analogue), we have an ocean to the south protecting us from the worst of the antarctic cold reaching us and a tropical landmass that collects rays year round. If people can live normal lives in New Zealand or England or Iceland now, then most of Australia has plenty of room to adapt to a cooler, cloudier climate with a shorter growing season. Drought is our biggest climatic concern IMO. I live in Perth too, check out our winter so far, every day above 20C and no rain yet. Last winter was the coolest in 10 years, but it was hardly debilitating, late September frost caused some loss of the wheat harvest, Perth never looked like recording a minimum temperature below freezing. I think we’re good here for a LIA, magnetic pole flip is another story but not sure we have enough info on that yet to make good decisions.

  • Kate David

    Thanks Ben, good to know I am living in the right spot in New Zealand!

  • Sonarmb

    Well Im boned! I live in the SW WA Little timber town called Manjimup.

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