June 4, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 45 (2017)

Refer to episode 36 of this year (USGS Archive Searching) for more on how to look for earthquakes on your own.

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  • carlos

    Interesting noise @ 02:12.

    We will keep an eye on it.
    Give thanks Ben,

  • 5mujiks

    So then where is all of the energy going? Looking at the data it doesn’t appear the streams’ intensities or densities are THAT much weaker than normal. Is it possible the energies are being released in all of the storms we’ve been having? I don’t know but I’ve seen a few capacitors blow in my day and it’s not pretty (and the cooked dielectric smell is horrible!). Just thought I’d throw that question out there (pointing out the elephant).

  • Caroline5765

    Could there be a shift forming from energy in earthquakes to energy in volcanoes? Just wondering out loud.

  • David Droescher

    It has been said many times that there’s approximately a 12-month delay between what happens on the star and what happens on the ground. one year and approximately 19 weeks is when the background noise level dropped below B range into A range.
    Is the intermission between sun inducted thermal expansion and thermal cooling. Thermal shock could be in our future.
    If the crust cools faster than the magma it will crack and release the pressures caused by the cooling/shrinking crust.and Yellowstone class eruptions are over due.

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