June 22, 2019

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  • Counselor

    Slow and steady wins the race? Perhaps the one month at a time is nice to keep the conversations going. Catastrophe Cycle first, plasma infomentary second, then the climate change. Using your daily vids with nods to short term versus long term trends that you might explain in the climate change movie could help as a summary to those that are new. They can feel like they are keeping up as they wake up.

    • Mosiah

      The catastrophe cycle ” movie” will be the most important information for people to see. I think months of pre-release promotion would
      be advisable. This could be a big subscription driver to the site. Assuming the catastrophe is happing within our lifetimes is there anything
      more important than building mass awareness and preparing as a community?

    • richardtheturd

      I’m with the crowd, it would probably be best to do the episodes monthly. Perhaps you could use the ‘Deeper Look’ episodes between each release to further discuss the video and then tie in the next one, it might encourage more people to join up. All the best with it!

    • Darcie02

      One every few weeks: my vote.

      • neilwilkes

        I’d very much like to see these films done as films – and even made available on Blu-ray if this is feasible.
        At the very least, they should be available as one piece films too – not episodic only

  • Cosmicgoddess

    It seems like the question is: how do we handle the reaction to the information on these three topics? If the three come out at once then you can switch from creative production mode to Public Relations/Educator mode. Releasing them a month apart also gives you time to handle reaction. I would include information on your educator role as intermediary for our government.

    I was surprised by the conference in DC you attended where it became clear to me that the gov would rely on communities like SO to educate others. Someone actually asked me, “Does the government know this?” The assumption is that if the gov knew it would alert the public. The gov has made clear it is up to communities like SO to educate others, thus the gov avoids any backlash, any controversy, any accusations of “fear porn” and gets to keep its secrets.

    So PLEASE somehow make clear that what you are doing with the dissemination of this info is playing an expected role for the citizenry in the US, and encourage everyone to share it.

    Thank-you Ben and Kat!

  • Michael Durfee

    Hey Ben,

    Awesome news! I guess it depends which “Infomentry’ build off each other. Does it make sense to release the Plasma Cosmology piece first to provide context for the Catastrophe Cycle? That’s what sounds most coherent to me. Mentioning something about the daily news wouldn’t be a bad idea also.

    As far as dates, I would try and release them on days where the online community is most active. Probably Fridays later in the day (for the non-subscriber base). There is also Labor Day on September 2nd. Can’t wait!

    • Spylegion

      It’s a Triology with Plasmacosmology being the Force what connects it (despite its non existence for the agw science community), imo

      So all three at the same time feels to me as if you gave your efforts and the subjects the most honor.

      (Plus; in the comments more will see that driving force connecting all! (with some wishful thinking..))

      ((On the other hand; cant wait to see the first!))

  • laurie

    Monthly….ease them in…

    • Ellizabeth Oros

      I agree with this approach. Just like my understanding of book Weatherman’s Guide to the Sun, I like to reference back and forth to understand this topic. It takes some time for people like me to fully grasp the whole picture.

  • woody3405

    One each month would probably be the most bang for your buck. It will also give observers time to digest and discuss each one independently. Besides, it’s nice to have things to look forward to.

  • Linefeed

    People, especially new ones, will need time to digest the contents of the videos so monthly is probably best.

    • Gaia

      Yes, I agree. People do need time to digest all the info.

  • Donn

    Firstly. I look forward to these, regardless of release criterion. Agreeing with the majority here, a measured release rather than informational inundation. My thoughts are dragging me toward timing…. The viewing creates a spark, the conversations afterword fuel the fire. Releasing a few days before an event (for investigation sharing and musing), and a few weeks between releases might be the way to reach the most people. As for S0’s… The majority will watch them no matter the what, where, or when. Thank you for all your endeavors, I know I enjoy and am enriched by them.

  • Jeffrey Dolan

    I’ve heard performance coaches say multi-tasking is a myth and you should focus on no more than two things at a time. I recommend the monthly option. Keep up the great work!

  • Steve57

    monthly to avoid information overload, maybe leaving the climate change video to last as the cosmology may have relevant information to climate? relating to space weather. Thank you for your hard work and continuing efforts creating a better understanding of our environment / universe.

  • SenseofPlace

    Personally, Finish them all, screen them yourself/with a test market – re-edit as needed and release one a month.

    Best of Luck,


  • Ametrine Moonshadow

    For your Quality of Life, Ben, it might be better to get them done all at once so you can get back to your Life. However, given the amount of information you provide and the professional quality of your videos, I think that might suffer if you try and make all 3 videos concurrently. Unless there is an overlap in the information/science in the videos.
    For me, releasing one once a month (or so) will give me time to wrap my head around the information I have been shown, do any research I feel I have to and just get comfortable with the information. I am not well versed in any of this, I have to watch most videos at least twice to really grasp the concepts. I’ve always been interested in Astronomy, but until discovering this site it was always more, “Oh Cool!! A Planet!!” looking through a telescope.
    Take the time to get each one “right”, then release them.
    My thoughts on it anyway,
    Peggy S.
    *side note: I am at work today and just sent a coworker the link to your YouTube channel. She spent and enjoyable 2 hours investigating, texting me about how happy she was that I told her about it.


    do the right thing Ben

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    I think a month apart is best. As you mentioned, there’s so much information to absorb from each topic that allowing time for digesting between each one won’t overwhelm folks, especially those for whom it might be first exposure. Also, spacing allows for a nice momentum to build– this adds extra excitement / power; and gives adequate pause for initial comments and replies to fly back and forth, for each topic. Finally, it lessens deadline pressures for Kat and you.

  • silversteve

    I would like to see the plasma cosmology infomentary first. then the others one month apart.

  • dragorios

    If you release ‘one at a time’, you might get bogged down in comments. Such that, you can’t continue on the next project. ‘It only takes a moment of your time’, but the problem is, when you add all those moments together they equal allot of your time. My guess is, it would be best for you to release all at once.

  • Holon

    One a week might give nice momentum without overloading; MSM have used a weekly format forever and it seems to have worked for them?

  • Parveaz Anwar

    Put them all out together

  • Rathos

    In the end, I’m really not sure that it matters in which order or pace you release the videos. I’m a glutton, so I prefer as much as fast as I can sponge. Some people prefer pacing more slowly.

    Practically speaking – whether you release them in consecutive days or month by month – after they have all been released, the point is moot. If someone wanders in around November, they’ll never know the difference, so I personally wouldn’t worry too much. My vote is whichever pace allows you to be most satisfied with the end results of the material presented.

  • McMagnet

    Would suggest you get them all finished then release them 1 week apart. Maybe release a 3 film DVD or something at the end of the 3 weeks with a slightly fancy case or something so you can mark up the price a bit and call it a collectors edition.

    However most important dont rush them to hit any arbitary deadline. I trust your judgement Ben so do what you think you need to do.

  • overthedam

    My preference would be for you to post them as you finish each video. This pleases me personally…something to look forward every month or so, and I “work” this kind of info into my family and close friends with a lot of discussion. Having three together would overwhelm. Thanks Ben and team

  • Caroline5765

    I am not much familiar with YouTube stuff but did work in film industry 10 years part time, I sent you an email in regard.

  • LyonTheeves

    Post each video as they’re completed. When all 3 are complete, give them a special YouTube playlist and a special spot on Space Weather News and SO. Good stuff.

  • Crisisknitter

    I am a non scientist, new subscriber but have followed SO for over a year. Science people may understand and process faster than I did. I think for new people, it takes processing time, especially catastrophe cycles in earth history. It is really, really hard for people to grasp as the emotional part of your brain can hijack the thinking part as it begins to sink in….I am very careful and strategic on how I talk about SO. Otherwise, I am shut down pretty quickly- (my circle at work and hobbies are not from science fields or geeky IT or comfortable “out of the box” types.

    Once a week or a month seems reasonable if a primary goal is to reach neophytes.

  • nicalex

    Monthly, with a special focus the month surrounding the release on the infomentary released. The special focus being the holistic relationship on current happenings, which is something you already do well in on your daily’s.

    Aside from that, I’m stoked for these infomentaries, I’ll be eagerly awaiting their release, so much so that I want them to be done sooner!

    Keep up the good work!

  • max33

    If your intent is to grab somebody’s attention and keep it I would say once a week would be best. If are you are concerned about questions and comments then perhaps once a month is best for you

  • Messenger

    A YouTube announcement that all three movies would be released a month apart would be sufficient head’s up for those interested. The Earth’s Catastrophe Cycle should be released first. Then the Plasma Lab video be released and finally Climate Change video be released.

  • Dirk Mullikin

    Two week intervals. two weeks to mentally digest the information before receiving more, a longer duration between the releasing of such great and somewhat complicated information for some, would probably be a bit too long to remember when the next infomentry event will be posted. Just saying I have noticed many, mostly nonsubscribers have short memory spans, Ha.

  • CommonCents

    Thanks, Ben and Kat, for all you do! Many are saying “one month” to your leading question. If Plasma Cosmology is ready, please release since it could bolster your credibility for the other topics. Personally, I want the Catastrophe video asap, but clearly the world is not ready for it given the prevailing belief that CO2 is causing all changes! The Climate video is most needed today to break the trance. Hitting delusionals with the ultimate reality of Catastrophe won’t work and could backfire on you and our community. Please release that one for subscribers only for now. Thanks again for your impressive and hard work!

  • Ryan Harlow

    Two weeks between releases. One per month, i feel, will be too long to hold attention. At the same time, 1 each week will be too fast.
    Two weeks would seem to be a good middle ground.

  • Dale Ellis


  • Rebecca Stuart

    The monthly presentation It’s a good idea, as many have said before, due to potential for information overload. To me it would be best do you have the plasma universe movie first as it does reinforce the idea that we are all connected or everything is connected, then the climate change movie and the last one the catastrophe movie. I feel like if you have a catastrophe movie first there may not be much interest in the other two, as some folks may see it and throw up their hands and say why be concerned about climate change or what the universe is really like when we’re all about to become extinct 🙂 ..

    I also feel like that one day, hopefully, there will be recognition and affirmation of the spirituality within science especially in regard to creation or re~creation/recreation) within Nature’s chaos…maybe one day, a fourth video?

    We all deeply appreciate your work and earnestness in your continued efforts to include us in this grand exploration and discovery The monthly presentation It’s a good idea, as many have said before, due to potential for information overload. To me it would be best do you have the plasma universe movie first as it does reinforce the idea that we are all connected or everything is connected, then the climate change movie and the last one the catastrophe movie. I feel like if you have a catastrophe movie first there may not be much interest in the other two, as some folks may see it and throw up their hands and say why be concerned about climate change or what the universe is really like when we’re all about to become extinct 🙂 ..

    I also feel like that one day, hopefully, there will be recognition and affirmation of the spirituality within science ( as the electric – magnetic – plasma universe beautifully illustrates, everything is connected ),especially in regard to creation or re~creation/recreation) within Nature’s chaos…maybe one day, a fourth video?
    We deeply appreciate all of your work and your earnestness in seeking our (very wise and astute:)) opinions/ideas.

  • jreldon

    Do they reference each other? I’d think you’d want to do so and start with the more general plasma electromagnetism cosmology, follow with the solar catastrophe cycle and wrap it up with climate science. One understands the part by understanding the whole.

  • LearningToSee

    I kinda think that releasing them 1 week apart would keep people’s attention. Release them in the order that they build on one another, if that’s how they’re done. Eager to see them.

  • Frauleen

    I concur with the monthly release. Since these movies cover such a diverse amount of material, might I suggest an introductory movie which provides an outline of content in the “trilogy”? Providing links for further info (pre-requisite reading) listing sources. Since climate change/catastrophe is the underlying theme, and most controversial, maybe start with that, and reference back to it in the plasma data and cosmology/space weather section sections. Provides a “hook”, followed by the data to reel them in with some anticipation of more supporting material. As always, extra stuff kept in premium section may help increase subscribership.

  • olduglycarl

    Perhaps it would be wise to post the info videos once a month allowing the information to sink in for those interested but a bit resistant to the real status of these subjects.
    I frequent the Gulch (Ayn Rand site) after leaving facebook and have found some incredible folks to discuss the news and a host of ideas; but even in the Gulch, we have some resisters of new knowledge,.. so it is from that view point inwhich I make this suggestion.

    Ben, I study Consciousness from the Julian Jaynes perspective and have made some incredible insights of which I have written about: The Fight for Conscious Human Life was my first book and I am working an my second book, this time, more professional: Conscience,..those that have and those that have not. It relates to the kind of creatures we find in the Deep State and why they might be the way they are.
    Would really like to share some of my work on a FOTW some day.

    A long time member and supporter.
    Carl Johnson

  • Monka

    I like the “test group” them recommendation.
    Otherwise it seems like a guess without any plan for self improvement.
    good luck it is a lot of work. We can wait.

  • EClay

    I hope you’ll release them once each is ready. Dropping 3 within a short time period would diminish their impacts and reach, in my opinion. When one comes out at a time, it’s more likely to create interest an and anticipation of the next films coming.

  • Kendall Gibson

    I’m late getting my thoughts to you and assume you’ve likely already determined your release dates.
    I agree with most that monthly (on the first of the month – easy to remember) would be best.
    I also think that Frauleen’s post on July 4 said it best
    Spend at least 1 month pre-promotion, leaving a ‘hook’. (major movie studio’s start promotions about 6 months out.)
    I think the Earth Catastrophe movie should be the last. (like leaving the BIG story for the last to keep ‘their’ interests peaked)

    Keep up the good work. EONF

  • Kendall Gibson

    OH – and how do you get them on Netflix??

  • Infinitum7

    I appreciate that you are getting feedback from the community and it looks like other members appreciate it too. So far, you haven’t disappointed me with any of your decisions and I don’t expect that you will so go with your gut, the community is behind whatever decision you make.

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