June 19, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 50 (2017)

Chart from video
This video utilized supernova footage and animations from NASA/Goddard SVS.

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  • Brad A. Whiteford

    very informative– thanks !

  • Richard Neff

    That gives you an idea of when SHTF games begin.
    April 2018.
    I base my conclusions on biblical prophecy and science.

  • Stephen P. Shaw

    Thanks Ben! Great stuff here.

  • dmamere0

    Wow! So the muon (etc.) storm is on the schedule for early next year? If muon effects penetrate deeper into human bodies, can we expect major health effects on all humans at that time? Call me Pollyanna, but I’m hoping for a mass healing to our species, as opposed to what I think I hear you saying here. In any event, sounds like things are gonna get interesting on our big blue marble.

  • KittyMac

    Nice eye candy for sure!! I guess it’s too early to determine what month in Spring that energy wave will be arriving? Some people have been having dreams about it. It’s evidently going to be a wonderful experience for mankind.
    Thanks for the heads-up, Ben!

  • Terese Nehrbauer

    Fabulous summary Ben! You break it down for fluent absorption, and with emphasis upon what we really don’t know! Beautifully intelligent video imagery! Thanks!


    vOv ^ THX Ben / SUPERNOWA Solar Love Explosion by STAR BETELGEUSE / most probably exploded in near time frame to Double Inter Galactic Radio Signals from NGC 3125 + 3125∆ in constellation Antlia ( more data soon ) / in past years shared experience w/ STAR BETELGEUSE & moment of STAR “DEATH * burstly surrendering into STAR STORM / every cycle initiated by SUPERNOVA STORM goes thru organic revolution in order to reconstruct its pure core / thru HEART CORE engine we connect & share electricity net in between humans & all organic world & cosmos in net who entered 9 Wave / last test before Ascension to elevated spiritually perception multi dimensional / beautiful PINK STAR from dreamtime / its effect on humans health is twisted – those humans who run too primitive DNA codes & have not altered them will most likely suffer inner outer earthquakes etc & stay in 4+5D / those who R already shifted to 4+5D will be able to align for shifting HEALING & EXPANDING thru COSMOS within SUPERNOVA EXTRA GALACTIC MULTI DIMENSIONAL WAVE /
    in ears holes every day ultra speed shifts even if Solar Wind is calm / sometimes SUN closes SUN hole for else humans body has not survived inner SUPERNOVA STORM already ON /

    hands shake everybody 🙂 / +®

  • Gaia

    Thank you for this very interesting information.

  • ToxikLogik

    What causes them to change direction so many times instead of just traveling straight with 1 or 2 bends?

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