June 17, 2017

Deeper Look – Episode 49 (2017)

In this video I am re0using old footage from 2012… because the data doesn’t exist anymore.

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  • Caroline5765

    I would bet that in the years to come your daily news, once called the 3 minute news right on up to Suspicious Observers, will have a lot of videos/graphs containing quite a few things that will come of change and cease to exist or be available. Keep a back up and one day you can publish the S0 Archive. Thank you for keeping deep and looking deeper. And Happy Fathers Day to you! Kind regards.

    • kEEpEr

      Considering where most of Ben’s data comes from (NASA) it’s very difficult to trust the data once they have been known as complete frauds in many aspects of their research. Video after video of fake nonsense discredits the data entirely.
      I just don’t believe a thing when it comes to data from NASA.

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