January 7, 2017

2017 Episode 4 – Radiation and Cameras

Big ideas…

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  • Caroline5765

    I love how the S0 Community has its own dictionary started! 2:26 From blot echoes= hook echo on blots to Producted= a product produced. What one would think is a typo mistake actually is not- http://blog.chron.com/bookish/2010/07/producted-a-new-word-by-mistake/
    Nice! You gentlemen do have some most interesting lab tests taking place, so much passes us unseen. And as busy as both of you are, thank you for the deeper look.

  • RoxanneSumners

    The Internet can discombobulate anyone. Here’s how to recombobulate yourself: become a member of Suspicious 0bservers.
    P.S. So important to watch Ben’s “Where Were You When You First Woke Up?…”

  • RoxanneSumners

    Oops “I wish I knew this when I first Woke Up.”


    Proud 0bserver here…
    Carlos from Costa Rica.

  • Cyril Guthridge

    Great job guys. I like it when yal say “In my opinion”. Very humbling in my opinion. Keep it up.

  • Simeon Nartoomid

    Awesome info! I wonder if taking a GoPro on an airliner on a transpolar flight and shooting into a darkened cabin ceiling might produce anything visible, particularly during geomag storm or cosmic ray alerts?

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